Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm the Next Big Thing!

This is a writer blog hop and I'm answering pre-meditated questions set by an undisclosed accountant in a sound proof booth, as per Barb Mountjoy, another author who goes by the name of Alana Lorens.
Confused yet?
Not me. Read on...

What is the working title of your book?
I have two novels, both released in December  1.Necessary Detour  2. The Dream Jumper's Promise

Where did the idea come from for the book?
1. We used to rent a cottage on a picturesque lake in Canada with our kids every summer and while there, a few years ago, I wrote some passages of narrative descriptions. I had decided to do a grown-up version of Goldilocks and had already conjured up the premise of a rock star wandering through the woods and stumbling upon a cabin of bears. Thus the family, The Bayers.
2. Maui!

1. Romantic Suspense (and doing quite well in that genre, thank you very much she says, shocked by her own mini success)
2. I don't know??? I have genre confusion on this one. It's a mystery with elements of paranormal and romance and scuba diving, if that can be considered and element.

What actors would play the main characters in a movie rendition?
1. Fergie for Goldy, Josh (her husband) or Holloway for Pete
2. Ashley Greene for Tina, Not sure for Jamey?????

One sentence synopsis for your book?
1. If you go into the woods today you're in for a big surprise
2. A mysterious ability, a broken promise, a life changed forever
I know these aren't synopses but I like 'em!

Self Pub or Traditonally Pubbed?
1. The Wild Rose Press has Necessary Detour - Official release is April 5th but available on Kindle now
2. Self pubbed by my press - Top Ten Press Available on Kindle and soon with Nook, Kobo and print

How long did it take you to write the first draft?
1. Four months
2. Eight months
I write a very very crappy first draft then go back in 17 times!

What other books would you compare this story to, within your genre?
1. I don't read much in this genre exactly but I just finished Elly's Ghost by John M Kress and thought we had similarities in the story line.
2. Totally blanked on this one. I'm a women's fiction wannabe so I'd like to write like Elin Hilderbrand or Audrey Neffenegger - The Time Travelers Wife

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
1. The need to write something publishable. I got tired of 62 rejections on my first book which is women's fiction but wasn't strong enough writing for WF, so I tried my hand at romance only to be told it wasn't formulaic enough for R/S, until Ally Robertson at WRP took me on.
2. I wanted to write what I know and I know diving in Maui, having worked as a SCUBA diving instructor there for 11 years. I knew if I could capture the love of the islands, the romance, the excitement, I'd have a good book.

What else about your book might pique the readers interest?
1. Necessary Detour has several lyrics I wrote, having been an award winning lyricist many years ago. I was also a singer and had a long career on stage. In the book I tried to capture what I felt like to be able to sing and the emotional connection you have with a big audience who are cheering for you. It's a unique relationship between a performer and her audience. I loved those moments onstage! It's like for that one moment everyone in the world loves and accepts you. Like drinking in love. That's why performers often spread their arms way out during applause--to receive. No joke.
2. Diving is actually quite easy. It's a lot like flying if I can believe my dreams and the feeling I have when flying. The first time I went diving I thought I'd be claustrophobic but I had the opposite feeling and never looked back.

Both books are on sale and I challenge you to not like them!

Necessary Detour

The Dream Jumper's Promise

Over and Out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blogging and Promoting is Harder than Writing

I'm exhausted from all this writing! Truly.
It's hard work learning how to have a social imprint and keep your foot in the print. And I am the kind of person who goes at things with 100% of myself. (I wanted to say 110% but there is no such thing and like I've told a million people, I hate exaggeration.
My little book that could NECESSARY DETOUR has had a lovely week hobknobbing with some big sellers on Amazon and is holding its own in the top 25 for romantic suspense. I'm in there with Nicolas Sparks and Safe Haven, Sins and Needles and Lisa Jackson. Also an up and comer (pun intended) is a book about a Dom and those things are doing really well right now in our sexually emerging society. Poor little Necessary Detour has a few kisses and a sexy scene at the end but mostly it's a woman's journey a romance and suspense. I love my little book that could. After being told to get under the bed for 2 years, I'm now regretful that I didn't give it more credit. All I needed was to change the name! And cut out some beginning pages! Easy!
I still want an agent if anyone reads this and they are a kick ass literary agent with the certificate or whatever accreditation one needs to wheel and deal for foreign and film rights.

Today I'm blogging here and talking a little bit about taking Necessary Detours in life:
Come over to visit. You might win a cool rocker bracelet!
Over and out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hometowning Eliminates DES!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Des?! The Katie Holmes lookalike is gone, sent packing.
ean Lowe said last night on The Bachelor that he wasn't sure he was making a great decision but after the brother calling him a playboy, he just couldn't see himself fitting in with that family. Thanks Bro for ruining Des's life!
In the episode that aired last night, Sean first went to meet AshLee's parents, knowing that AshLee is madly in love with him, this is it, never before has anyone been able to get inside her guarded heart who isn't her family. AshLee is so ready for Sean to say I love you, that it hurts when he doesn't. It's going to kill us if he doesn't pick her. Forget AshLee, we will hurt for weeks.
The parents were lovely, the father recounted the moment he met AshLee who was a 4 year old girl in a foster home and I tell you, I had a tear in my eye. It was a touching story. Sean hit it off with the folks in a Christian values sort of way and then went to Seattle to throw fish at Pike Street market with Catherine. They had tons of good fun but when Catherine's sisters put a damper on the 'is she ready for kids' question, Sean was surprised. Sure, Catherine is fun and gorgeous and wonderful but is she ready to settle down and put an apron on? Maybe not. Next Sean met the 2 star general who ended up being very approachable and gave Sean permission to propose to his daughter if it ended up that way. Sean and Lindsay did lots more smooching and pushing frosted cupcakes into each other's faces and no one called him a playboy. The last stop was Des's house where things were going only okay until her brother took Sean outside for a talk and quickly dumped a pail of water on the nice little bonfire of love between Des and Sean. So much for family Christmases and going for beers with the bro in law. Sean was officially insulted and freaked out and left early. Wimp.
I think the reason Sean was so undecided about who to let go at the rose ceremony, besides the fact that he's falling in love with 4 women and ready to take things to the next level and all that Bachelor talk, is that he gave up on Des so quickly. He didn't fight for her or his right to not be a playboy. In this instance the takeaway (known in sales tactics) did not work. Sean Lowe walked away without talking it out with Des. Not fair.
Tonight we get to see real time (sort of) Sean tell us his thoughts on what's aired so far. Thought of Tierra will be in there and that's always interesting when they finally get to see their 'girlfriend' being nasty and mean.
You gotta know Tierra is being courted right now by producers to do Bachelor Pad this summer. I'm sure those smooth talking prods are saying 'it's a chance to show America who you really are'. And speaking of spin off shows, I have a great idea: Bachelor Villains Dating Show. All the former stupid contestants who said horrible things to the camera during their stint on The Bachelor get to come back and do a dating show. Oh wait, that's kind of Bachelor Pad if you added in some nice ones. Well, you see where I'm going with this and it could be called The Bachevil.
Just sayin'

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FREE NOVEL Download on Kindle!!

My novel Necessary Detour is FREE today until Sunday on Amazon Kindle! Please "buy" it and help a poor starving author reach her dream of getting this one into the top ten list for FREE KINDLE.

After a stalker's attack, rock star Goldy Crossland flees L.A. for her secluded lake house in Northern Washington. Retired from the music business, she hopes to avoid both the press and her psychotic fan. But obscurity leaves her restless, and when a mysterious--and disturbingly handsome--new neighbor moves in, she can't resist spying.

Pete Bayer is undeniably attractive, but Goldy quickly realizes there's something strange going on in the log house across the bay. Is he a member of the paparazzi? Or a much more sinister threat? Despite her suspicions, Goldy can't deny her fascination with him.

When the press discovers her hideout, it's Pete who offers an escape route, but it comes with a price. Unwillingly drawn into his dangerous world, Goldy soon learns the reason behind Pete's secrecy--and her crush on her charming neighbor takes a deadly turn.

RETIRED ROCK STAR finds trouble in the woods of Northern Washington.

I"m on a blog tour this week.
Wednesday I'm at
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Friday I'm at Linda CAroll-Bradd's site
And Saturday I'll be over at Lisa Wells

More lined up, including a blog hop starting next week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bye Bye Tierra

She's gone. Tierra has left the building. It took Sean's sister flying all the way to St. Croix to get him to realize that the girl who doesn't get along with the other girls is the red flag. Basically all that matters is that he finally put her out of her misery.
I agree with Sean. She was unhappy in that Bachelor setting. Not used to sharing, not used to having her 'sparkle' dimmed. Now Tierra can go wherever she needs to go to have her sparkle recharged. I have to stop and formally thank that girl for talking about her sparkle because it was just so priceless after all the drama and fighting in the house brought on by her. Sparkle = Catty Mean Girl
As I watched The Bachelor last night I wondered what Sean thought while watching at his home, when it took him all these episodes to see that the girl who fell up the stairs, suffered from hypothermia and was at the center of all the strife in the house was not going to be a good wife or mother to his children. When his sister Shay arrived and reminded him that he'd vowed to watch out for the girl  who doesn't get along with the other girls, I almost cried with relief. I so want Sean to end up with someone. He is not a Hollywood player, not yet. And if he gets out while he still can, he may never turn out to be on another reality show or have a sponsorship deal with a product, or attend another Bachelor reunion party to hook up with former contestants in a boozy show of Bachelor love. Sean deserves, from what I've seen, to go quietly into the night with his true love (AshLee) and disappear. To never grace the cover of US magazine.
From what we see of future episodes, Des's brother pretty much threatens to finish off Sean and his Hollywood ways so I'll go out on a limb here and say she'll be gone after next week. Catherine gets very little air time so she might be a big reveal as one of the last two. The producers love to edit the show with an 'out of nowhere' finish. But it also looked like while Sean waits to propose at that last moment, something unusual happens, someone doesn't arrive, (maybe this is Des's boyfriend finally showing up) or someone comes back. (Please stay home Tierra, you have years of therapy coming your way after this). And Lindsay, who has been a patient cutie pie since she first showed up in a wedding dress, well I'm not sure what to say. They sure do like to kiss each other but is that enough to base a lifetime of wedded bliss on? The other gal sent home last night was Lesley. The camera showed very little of their date, not much of her departure and moved on quickly. She just couldn't give enough of herself to Sean until she affirmed she would be the last girl standing. Thus, the conundrum of the Bachelor. You must love 'til you hurt and then really get devastated when he picks someone else.
Next week is Hometowns. Always fun. Looks like the siblings throw some curve balls into the dreams of several girls and Lindsay's 2 star general dad might be a stinker. Tune in next week for more drama --stuff never seen before in Bachelor history.
In the meantime, check out my free Romantic Suspense Necessary Detour on Amazon Kindle!  Former Rock Star Goldy can't stop spying on the neighbors to save her own life!
Or click on The Dream Jumper's Promise at the top right of this post. That one is only .99 today!

What do you think about Sean's choices? Who's your pick?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skin is Alive and Well at the Grammys

Many female celebrities obviously did not get the memo this week warning the attendees of showing too much skin. Hoping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction re-creation or an intentionally attention- getting skimpy costume, the Grammy powers that be issued a warning to ask award goers to dress with more taste than they should be given credit for. The idea of dressing sexy and shaking booty to attract men and attention is as old as the hills and knowing the kind of publicity JLo got with her green open to the waist dress years ago and the excitement Janet Jackson caused when her boob accidentally slipped out of it's holster on the Super Bowl show years ago, no female celebrity in their right mind (except Adele) is going to miss the opportunity to show skin on the red carpet and get talked about all over the country. It's free publicity at its finest and aside from wearing a white swan wrapped around you, wearing an outlandish outfit at an awards show is going to get you points. Album sales, movie sales, auditions, attention. Just ask Kelly Rowland who is obviously aiming to make a comeback after her Super Bowl performance with Beyonce, reuniting Destiny's Child. Tonight she wore what looked like a black cutout snowflake, barely covering her pubic area and nipples. She obviously missed the memo.
How about J Lo who will not be ignored (think Glenn Close in that movie about the stalker) and took to wearing a black satin bed sheet covering one diagonal part of her body. I personally love that she's not afraid to show her hefty legs but I almost laughed out loud to see her pose, which you gotta know was practiced in a mirror all day. Kimbra looked like a fairy in her dress which showed a lot of pale thin skin but strangely didn't seem sexy even though it was see through. Maybe it was Gotye on her arm or her strange hairdo. Rhianna, on the other hand, wore a tangerine piece of see through cloth that showed everything but what a pair of low rise jeans would hide. Going completely topless to award shows is on the horizon, I can tell. Florence of the Machine rocked a kelly green gown with what would be considered a sexy slit for England but had nothing on JLo. Katy Perry gathered 'the boys' together in a peek -a -boo mint green cutaway gown that featured her high forehead. Between she and Rhianna, I have to wonder if high foreheads aren't going to be the thing this year. Even Taylor Swift, who dates high schoolers showed more skin than she ever has in a toga that hid her frontage in two swathed columns of ecru fabric. And Alicia Keyes who never enters into that fashion show shi_ showed more skin than past years in a cutaway catwoman- like leather belt type bodice in her dress. After her display of leg and skin in the SuperBowl show, Beyonce looked like she was attending a PTA meeting tonight and I have to say that I liked it. Faith Hill rocked her invisaline braces in a gorgeous gown tastefully discreet and Carrie Underwood took the same high road.
Back to Adele who clearly does not need to show her curves for respect and publicity in any country. She wore the same dress her mother wore in 1950 to a church bake sale, looking very Mrs. Doubtfire in shoes to match and eyelashes about 2 pounds each.
 Strangely enough one of the nicest dresses of the evening was Kathy Griffin. 'Nuff said.
Question: Why do men not get the point of showing some skin? Why do they think that dressing up is putting on more clothes than usual? What year will men show up in a cutaway, peek-a-boo suit showing everything but their genitals? Or Ellen, who always wears a suit? And this year Portia had on a suit. ?
I've only watched parts of the awards at this point but enough to know that I have an opinion about the skin shown in deference to the 'memo'. Next year the organizers should either save the paper or electricity in sending the memo or ask that stars show up in as little as possible to boost ratings and then sit back to watch if it's the year that topless shows it's face at the Grammys or if women decide to cover up and leave something to the imagination.
Just sayin'...
One more thing. If, after the Grammy's you feel like reading a fantastic novel about a rock star (think Pink in 10 years, or Madonna less 10, or Fergie, given more fame) check out Necessary Detour at
Rock star Goldy, (17 Grammys total) retires and tries to hide from the media fallout only to find strange neighbors who she can't stop spying on to save her own life.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rock Star Tips

Yesterday I guest blogged and promised tips on building self confidence for public speaking (Rock Star Tips) and realized that post is no longer here. Only a silly nattering on about how I was nervous conducting my workshop Channeling Your Inner Rock Star.

Here are my tips in a nutshell (acorn, if you're wondering)

When speaking in public or just meeting your public:

1. Wear something fabulous that makes you feel extra special. Even a pedicure counts because the whole idea is to make you FEEL like you are extraordinary. Carry a small token to give you courage, like a seashell.
2. Give yourself a stage name if you don't already have a pen name. This will be how you refer to yourself in your own mind when summoning the alter ego who is fabulous in front of crowds and oozes self confidence.
3. Imagine that person has an entourage, a secretary, a personal umbrella handler (PUH) and twenty employees who handle her every need. She also has a second home in ______. You fill in where you've always wanted to live, given scads of moulah.
4. Smile, Nod, Take deep breaths. People will wait if you seem confident. Don't be afraid of dead space. It is like the period after your profound comment.
5. Imagine the group in front of you as a gathering of friends who love you. They WANT you to be fabulous, engaging, honest. There's nothing worse than trying to watch someone who is terrified of failure or rejection. If you believe you are wonderful, the audience will too.
6. Don't look directly at anyone, just scan the sea of faces, in a large crowd and play to the back of the room.
7. If they laugh at your joke, use that pause to collect yourself and proceed.
8. Try to enjoy the fact that people are listening to what you have to say. It doesn't need to be profound, only temporarily entertaining. For the moments you are speaking, you must imagine that they find you interesting, or they wouldn't still be sitting there.

There are scads more tricks but these are the essentials. Feel free to email me if you need some personal love or attention about speaking in front of a group. You are FABULOUS!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Dream Jumper's Promise #2!!

I have no problem being #2. Ever. In any situation (except love). At this point - 36 hours into a 48 hour FREE KINDLE giveway on Amazon I have 'sold' over 10,000 copies of this novel and am holding at #2 for Women's Fiction and Contemporary. I'm holding at #3 for Romantic Suspense. Strangely enough, the gal who is beating me has both books above mine. I won't put her name here and give her free publicity until my free days ends. BUT I did email her to say congrats. I'm not a total jerk, just partial. Having auditioned all my life for parts in acting, I won't help another competitor during the competition. Learned that lesson the hard way. I'm thrilled she and I are doing so well and I bet she is too although she is not a new author.
I can't pull myself away from the computer today except to get tea, drive my son to sell a soccer jersey and go to the loo. It's so exciting. Both nights I've stayed awake watching the numbers go up.
Last time I went free I got to #6 in Women's Fiction for one hour but mostly stayed below the top ten line for all 3 days. This time I did more marketing, tweeted, FB'ed to the point of nausea and changed my blurb and cover.
The cover now has more of the bronzed bodies on the front cover, darker blue in the sky and a more compelling lead line: "A mysterious ability, a broken promise, a life changed forever"
And I put Christine M. Fairchild's quote at the beginning of my description to get her opinion on the page seeing she's the Editor Devil and they keep removing her great review.
The blurb now focuses more on the romance. I didn't want it to sound like the typical romance blurb but I think it came off showing the reader that there will be some hot stuff in the pages of this book. After all, I want to represent it truthfully and also sell books. What I noticed last time I went free was that the top downloads had couples on the cover in an intimate pose. And that the blurbs were not beautifully written. So I went ahead and tried to model them.
I read a review this week for an edgy book called Sins and Needles and she rounded up many pro reviews before her free days and put them before her blurb. Her book did really well on the free listings so I copied her.
Must go now and tweet again. Maybe some last minute efforts to sell in the UK too before all the Brits go to bed!
Wish me luck