Thursday, February 28, 2019

Goat Fish, Headbands & Queen

Yesterday was Leave Maui Day but not until eleven p.m. so I had the whole day to think about making my flight and whether I packed everything. On the day you leave a vacation, you wake up partly gone. It's a strange day.

I leave clothes and shoes and toiletries on Maui at Lynn's house so after sorting out what needed to bring home, and throwing my sheets in the laundry, I jumped in the car and went up to Kapalua Bay for a snorkel. I have good parking Karma, wherever I go, which means I get spots close to where I'm going and that morning was no different. Sure, I listened to three songs on the radio before someone left their spot, but that's how I roll.
I set up my towel and chair in the glorious sunshine and went straight in the water. This time of year, it's coolish at 80 degrees but once in, the temperature feels perfect! The water was calm in the bay and I headed out on the left side watching the schools of goat fish lazing happily in their groupings, drifting with the swell of the ocean, all going in to shore three inches, all going out from shore three inches.

I saw an enormous Parrot Fish, the bright blue and pink coloring and a strong beak-like mouth to chomp on coral. It must've been 15 pounds at least! At the mouth of the bay, way far out from shore, it was choppy and I started feeling motion sick riding up and down on the surface, so I headed in and laid in the sun for 20 minutes.
After buying 2 salads to go at the Honolua General Store in Kapalua I returned to Lynn's house to have lunch with Lynn on the deck and watch whales.
Having not strolled Lahaina's Front Street for a year, Lynn suggested we head downtown and walk the three blocks of famous old buildings that now house T-shirt shops and skin care salons of all things. Lahaina was really windy and my hair was driving me crazy so I bought a hippy headband to keep everything from blowing into my lipgloss. The wonderful thing about being older is that you don't care what you look like most of the time. Not really.

We drove to the other side (the airport side of Maui) at 6 with very little traffic, grabbed a taco at this little hole in the wall we always go to and I had Lynn drop me off at the newly renovated and extremely confusing airport. I'd hoped to sleep on the plane but eventually gave up trying and watched Bohemian Rhapsody, a movie about Queen that was really good. I had no idea that Freddy Mercury was really named Farouk and had such an overbite. The actor who played him was amazing.
I arrived first in Portland, changed planes, then Seattle, and by the time I got home I was ready for bed, happy to be home from my visit with Lynn but still, missing Maui, as I always do. A little less every time I go back since I moved from Maui 25 years ago.

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dragon's Teeth, Humpbacks & Cockatoos

No morning showers here!
Solar panels on the Maui house need a few hours to warm up the water so the first few hours of my days on Maui are spent drinking coffee in PJ's, writing and whale watching.

Every morning, humpback whales jump off shore in exactly the same spot between two palm trees in my field of vision. Not sure why but I can look to the right down the coast and see nothing, yet almost every twenty minutes there's big breaches out of the water between those trees.

For my last full day on Maui, I have to say I did one final read through of the screenplay I wrote about a caterer renting a perfect house in the snow for her parents at Christmas only to find the house occupied by an architectural team hoping to work quietly and avoid Christmas. It's not a book yet but if Hallmark picks it up, you can bet it will be by the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

Once that file was sent I went off snorkeling to watch the little fishies at Kapalua Bay. These days, that is a wonderful place to snorkel with the clarity and a nice little reef on the left that's easy to get to. I followed a sea turtle for a bit and got out of the water feeling satisfied.

Back at the house, we gardened for a few hours, working on the snow peas, the tomatoes, the weeds. Things grow well in this climate and gardening is a full-time job.

Plumeria tree in Winter

The plumeria trees are just starting to grow buds again that will turn into lush green leaves and fragrant flowers. The avocado tree has buds that will turn into baseball-sized avocados in a few months too. I'm here for snow peas and tomatoes. It started to rain, the trade winds blowing the weather in from the north so we decided to a make chicken noodle soup and put on sweatshirts.

Dragon's Teeth

The rain stopped and the wee doggy needed his last walk of the day so I took him up north to the Ritz Hotel where the Hawaiian burial ground is protected land near the golf course. We strolled around to what is now referred to as Dragon's Teeth then home for soup.
Because of the rain, I got a lovely sunset shot just as the big ball of warmth disappeared behind Lanai!

Kris, a neighbor and friend stopped by for soup for her sick husband and I ran to the store for a bottle of wine in her car that blocked the driveway. We each had a glass with our soup and Navajo fry bread and Kris went home two hours later, proclaiming her hubby was probably asleep by now.
Lynn popped in the movie Grand Budapest Hotel and that quirky story was the ending to another perfect day on Maui!

Trail Near the Burial Ground
As I type this, the woman next door is driving off to go ride her horse. Her cockatoo is calling after her, "Bye" in her exact voice. This lasts a full minute. That bird hates to be left alone.
I called over there, "Hello!" The big white bird stopped and mimicked my voice.
Now we're trading "Hellooooo's" across the lawn!

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pineapple, Snorkeling & Screenplays

Monday was a work day for me on Maui. I needed to get this Christmas Romance Screenplay off to a producer on Tuesday so I had to plant my butt in the chair, overlooking the ocean and get busy. It didn't seem strange to be writing about snow and mistletoe and going caroling while listening to the palm tree fronds swish together off the deck in the trade breeze. Not at all. I wrote for 2 hours before I allowed myself a break to walk around the garden and make some breakfast.

I'd bought a pineapple at the store, something I would never pay for when I lived here because of all the pineapple fields near my house, fields that went to waste, not harvested because of expense. And I'd bought a papaya, something I threw away the first time I cut one open to see the black ball seeds inside. I made a fruit salad with bananas from the garden and these two fruits.

The day was spent writing with a break for lunch and a break for beach time at 3. I went to Kapalua Bay, the place where my husband and I were married decades ago. The beach was packed with tourists, something that always surprises me when I'm remembering the island of yesteryear. It was calm, clear water, sunny skies and absolutely gorgeous.

The snorkel was fun and because I had Lynn's car and she needed to get to work, I soaked up the sun quickly and left after an hour.
I met my reader friend, Ray and his wonderful wife, Diane, from Iowa, at the Barefoot Bar at the Hula Grill and seated right beside the bar we listened to the music, talked, laughed, talked story, drank Mai Tais and ordered food to soak up the rum, Curacao, orgeet and lime juice. I had the coconut crusted calamari with salsa and it was yummy!
Such great fun with two lovely people who absolutely love the Hawaiian Islands and the culture.
Back to KBH to wait for Lynn to finish work and one more Mai Tai later, we were heading home to hit the hay early. We wake up early around here so ten o'clock bedtime is just about perfect. My plan was to spend the morning, doing a final read-through of the screenplay before sending it off, then snorkel tomorrow as my reward!

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Monday, February 25, 2019

Barnes & Noble Booksigning and Brussels Sprouts

Book Signing Day on Maui!

Barnes & Noble, Maui was kind enough to invite me to sign books at their new location near the Kahului Airport and although the Saturday spot was taken, the Sunday spot was not and so I toted my big honkin' banner across the Pacific to erect for the event.

The people at B&N are so lovely and dedicated to getting books to deserving people, I just love what they stand for--Jenifer, Jordan, Kelani etc. And the new spot is very nice considering they had to get out of Lahaina PDQ and find another venue if Maui wanted to have a bookstore.
Lots if familiar faces dropped in including Ray and Diane who I originally met at a booksigning years ago and Suzi O' who knows me from the days when I used to sing on Maui and a host of other people. Even Sci Fi author Charlie Magee dropped by with his lovely mother and cousin to buy books.

Book signings are strange beasts for a mid-list author and when it was time to leave, I signed any remaining books and went to lunch with a group of friends who'd come by. After a quick stop at Costco to get one of those delicious $5 chickens and some veggies, we got on the road, the three women, to drive back to Lahaina side. Somewhere around Ma'alaea traffic was backed up and we found out via our smart phone technology and tweets from friends that there was a two-hour hold up on the road due to an accident at Mile 14 marker. We didn't know what happened except a silver Mustang side-swiped a car, spun, crossed the center line and there was a head on collision. The ambulance passed us as we sat waiting to move forward a few feet at a time. No fatality.
Luckily when you are stuck in this situation with women friends like Lynn and Rebecca, we had so much to discuss the two hours flew by!
Also, it's a coastal road during whale season so you do the math on that one. Hello Whales!

Back home, Lynn took the wee doggy (who'd come with us and enjoyed my book signing event too) for a beach walk while I continued writing the screenplay I have been working on all week. As Lynn says, "You have to hand in the paper on Tuesday!"
Lynn made Brussels Sprouts with bacon and blue cheese, pasta with parm, and I sliced the chicken (big effort) and we enjoyed a wonderful meal at her new dining room table.
Bedtime found us early. By the time we finished dinner all awards had been given out for the Oscars and I watched some acceptance speeches while Lynn watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on her laptop.

Another amazing sunny, warm, friendly, awesome day also because I think I might have 20 new readers on Maui!

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Lanai, Tacos & Hula

I woke up on Lanai to the scent of coffee brewing. My host and good friend of over 30 years, Bill, was making coffee for us!
The Maui-Lanai Ferry
Outside the rain drizzled down on Lanai City, a village of several hundred residents who choose to live in a place with a small town feel and one grocery store and gas station. Because the town is on the highest point of Lanai and is full of trees planted long ago specifically to reach up and catch clouds for rainfall, it isn't unusual to have drizzle in Lanai City.
Bill and I talked while he made us bacon and eggs with fresh avocado on the side. I had a 10:30 ferry back to Maui to catch and after breakfast, we got in the car, Roja, and headed out of the clouds, down to the coast 7 miles to the harbor where the sun was out in full force.

View of Lahaina Harbor
The ferry ride was choppy and although there weren't as many whales out blowing and breaching as the day before, we got a few views of breaches and tail slaps. By the time we hit the calm water off Maui and pulled in to the harbor at Lahaina, my face was salty from the sea spray of sitting out on the top deck outside.

Lynn was at the library next door to the harbor so I wandered over to one of my favorite places-libraries --and took a picture of this sign on the restroom door. It says "No library books in the restroom. Pee and Poop do not Belong on Books"
Lahaina Library
We stopped in Lahaina, on our way out of town, at the taco truck for lunch of pescado burritos . According to Lynn, my husband loves this place so I wanted to try their food! Very yummy indeed. If you're in Lahaina, it's across the highway from Kaiser Permanente in the shopping center. Bright orange taco truck.
Lahaina Food Truck

Back home at Lynn's I planted my butt in the chair for the afternoon to work on the Hallmark movie script I'm revising for possible sale and then drove Lynn to work at 3:30. JoJo, the doggy, is getting more used to me now and allowed me to pet him in the car. I even convinced him to go for a sunset walk with me later (on his leash in case he took off!) and he's trusting me more and more each day.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Hula show
At 7, we drove to Lynn's work to plant ourselves in the hula show audience, JoJo waiting patiently under the table and nursed a Mai Tai for several hours talking to people at the next table about dogs, Maui, dogs. When you travel alone,  you meet a lot of people! Or was it the dog? I talked to an actor who was a regular in the X-Files and his wife, a medium! Lucky me.

The hula show, as always was spectacular, the band one of the best Hawaiian trios on the island. They played all my favorites and then some.

Home at 10 to work on the screenplay and then slide down in the sheets for a wonderful sleep with the Maui trade wind wafting in the window, past the bed and out the far window.
From the Harbor

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Whales, Cats and Gin!

Lahaina Harbor as we left Maui
Day 3 on Maui started with a cup of Kona coffee on the lanai, watching whales jump off shore.
So much nicer than coffee at home, looking at all the housework I should be doing!

I worked at my "desk" for a few hours until it was time to drive in to Lahaina (means merciless sun) and check in at the harbor for the ferry across the ocean to the closest island--Lana'i, which used to be the Pineapple Island. The ride across was full of whales everywhere you looked. So many baby whales, the size of a canoe shooting up off the water for a slap breach on the surface. Everywhere you looked on the 45 minute ride to Lanai, were whales blowing, breaching, tail slapping. I got a lot of photos of slightly disturbed water after the breach was over, but nothing of the whales themselves!
Lanai is now privately owned by some rich dude named Larry who does not care if there is tourism or not. He's had the island for 5 years must have a plan of what he wants but it's hard to tell when you see very little tourism and few people. Prices for hotel rooms are extraordinarily high at the Manele Bay Resort, the only big hotel on the island, and the pineapples are long gone.
The ferry costs $30 each way and was a fantastic Whale Watch Tour as well as delivering me to the dock where my friend Bill waited in Roja, his little red "sports car" that purrs like a kitten (a lion cub) and runs like a charm. It's 7 miles from the ferry dock to the town where Bill lives so having a showpiece car that costs an arm and a leg is so not necessary for life on Lana'i.

First, we drove to the beach where I decided I did not need to swim, instead choosing to go get a burger at The Views, the restaurant at the exclusive golf course associated with the Resort. $500 can buy you a round of golf, or $40 can buy you and a friend lunch with an unrivaled view of Sweetheart Rock at the Lana'i harbor.

Next, it was off to the Lana'i Cat Sanctuary, a place that left me speechless and humbled. Five hundred cats live at the sanctuary and apparently there's a whole night shift that plays in the dark if you ever happen to wear night vision goggles and spy on the felines at midnight.

Baskets in trees, cat houses, perches, toys, lazing around platforms, bowls of kibble and plenty of shade from enormous trees, make this property heaven for cats. There is even a senior center for the elderly cats and separate living quarters for cats with communicable diseases. It costs nothing to visit, wander around, pet the cats, play with their toys, but of course, the care givers won't turn down a donation  if you choose to help on your way out.

The proprietors were kind enough to let Bill (who wrote a children's book on the sanctuary--Kingdom for Cats) and I in after hours. Apparently when the humans leave for the day, the cats get more playful, even if some cats never stray too far from the Catfurteria Feeding Station in fear of never getting another meal.

All the cats have beautiful coats, soulful faces and seeing that many cats of all colors in one spot was something I will never forget, even if I can't take a cat home with me. I petted more than a few who rubbed up against my legs and meowed at me.

Next stop after Bill's cute little Lanai house was the newly renovated Hotel Lanai in Lana'i City (a small village not unlike Yosemite or Jasper, Canada in the olden days) for a drink and pu pu's, which are appetizers in Hawaiian. The hotel is a charmingly renovated boutique hotel done in the traditional plantation style with only 10 rooms for rent. It looked gorgeously quaint and affordable for a splurge night on Lana'i!
For food, I had humus with veggies, crackers and cheese, Bill had fish soup and we split a designer vegetable salad with a sweet vinaigrette. Delicious! You can't dance in the restaurant, even if the duo plays such good music that it's almost impossible to sit still.

Their liquor license doesn't allow dancing so when my dancing shoes started tapping, and my shoulders started moving to the beat, Bill whisked me back to the Off Seasons Hotel (Bill's place) to watch one of the many free movies my actor friend is sent for the SAG award voting privilege. We chose to watch VICE, a movie about Dick Cheney. I didn't fall asleep because the movie was boring or bad but more because a gin and tonic at dinner told me it was an excellent time to close my eyes.
I woke up with a blanket over me and Bill gone to bed. The soft rain on the top most part of Lana'i fell gently outside while I went back to sleep to wait for first light.
Another perfect day in Hawaii!

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary can be found at this web site: CATS

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Friday, February 22, 2019

Chocolate, Rejection & Mai Tais

Day 2 on Maui involved chocolate cake for breakfast!

Lynn practically forced me to have some by putting cream cheese icing on top so once I had my first cuppa Kona coffee, I knew I had to have a big slice of that cake calling me from the fridge.

I worked most of the day on a screenplay, taking breaks to walk in Lynn's garden where she was pulling weeds and harvesting oranges and snow peas. Things grow really easily here. No babying and tending and coddling plants--they just shoot up!

I drove Lynn to work at Kaanapali Beach Hotel where she's a cocktail waitress at the Tiki Bar and then took the doggy for a walk along the beach and boardwalk. It's law that every 200 ft or so, there has to be beach access for the public so there are these little parking spots at the major hotels for beach goers. I parked at the Hyatt, walked through and had a nice time with my buddy on a leash.

Thing was, once I took that 'lil stinker off the leash, JoJo would not let me within 20 feet of him. When it came time to take him for a sunset walk at 6:30, I couldn't get him in the car or close enough to leash him. He's a skittish rescue boy who lived on the streets of Hilo so his nature is understandable but I had plans to take him for drinks at the Tiki Bar to see his mom last night and he just wouldn't follow me to the car. Rejected by a fifteen pound dog who is mostly ears!

At the Tiki Bar, I had a Mai Tai and talked to the gentleman at the next table who'd brought his elderly mom and dad on the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. The islands are full of people who never in their wildest dreams thought they would be able to afford such a trip but find it affordable in the winter if you do a package. Just when I'm crabbing about the island being too busy and crowded, I meet someone who is just so dang grateful to be here.

As I type this the doves are enjoying the morning sun on the rooftops across the street, chattering away, a lonely dog is moaning down the street, Molokai in the distance is now bathed in the morning sun and topped with a pink puffy cloud and I'm going to get another piece of chocolate cake.
Aloha Everyone!

KIM HORNSBY is the bestselling Amazon Author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, Book    1 in a Supernatural Suspense series. She lives in the Seattle area and writes stories for        women about overcoming tragedy, adversity and coming out the other end.
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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Gold Toes, Typing and Turtles

Day 1 on Maui and it was a DOOZY!

Because I lived here for over a decade and stay with my GF, I do not do the luaus, the tours, the boat trips when I come to Maui, but instead do a lot of staring out at that gorgeous ocean. At whales!

From my deck desk, I watched a ton of humpback whale activity yesterday. Yes, it was distracting from the task at hand (requested revisions on a screenplay) but who can resist watching whales breaching on the ocean's surface? Not moi.

While the day was spent trying to imagine my latest screenplay changes and how they would affect the plot, character development etc, I took time to BE on Maui. I also watched the ring-tailed doves in the plumeria trees in front of the railing, I drank Kona coffee, I ate those rich Macadamia nuts, and I went for a pedicure. Yes, you heard me.
My friend Lynn was waiting for her pedicure appointment until I arrived, so off we went with the dog who sits quite nicely during a pedicure, I must say. I'm not sure why I chose gold for my toes but the Academy Awards are on my mind so maybe that was it.

After lunch of cheese, fruit, crackers, veggies and a naughty Diet Coke, on the lanai (deck), I wrote all afternoon. fixing, changing, thinking, substituting and made great headway. Then I walked down to the little beach near the house and had a dip in the ocean. Because of the rains, the shoreline water is a bit murky so I didn't take snorkeling equipment. Just swimming/floating around with a 15 minute lie in the sunshine on a towel break between swims. It was glorious. A sea turtle came up for a bit of air just ten feet away near a group of rocks. Kids were out on surfboards for the gentle break off the point seeing it was after school. That's Hawaii for you.

The wee doggy needed his sunset walk so off we went to Fleming Beach to watch Jo Jo sniff every square foot of the park which must have some great mongoose smells. I remembered the day a man exposed himself to me in the bushes at this park and my dog chased him off.

Back home, we set the table and Kris and Lucy came for chicken pasta salad which had been marinating in Italian dressing all day (Lynn is a GREAT cook and Italian!), chocolate cake from scratch and then we watched Crazy Rich Asians on her giant TV. Fun movie. I laughed out loud alot. We all agreed how colorful the visual was and how gorgeous the women were.

Today is cloudy but one never knows when a trade wind will come in to blow away the clouds and show that robin's egg blue sky.

It's a work day anyhow -- writing!
I love this place and it's wonderful smells, sounds and sights...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Aloha Maui!

I'm HERE! And by here, I mean MAUI! Yipee Aloha!

Amid snow and rain and shivering in my sandals, I got to the Seattle Airport yesterday at 3 pm and proceeded to my gate with only 1 small carryon, a large purse and my big honkin poster/banner I take to book signings.
The flight was fine even though I was seated across from the rest room and kept getting bumped on my shoulder and head by people trying to squeeze by. The flight attendant gave me a big glass of wine and 500 airline miles to make up for my crappy (pun intended) seat!

I arrived at the Kahului airport at 10:30 last night just as a big storm was passing by. The streets were wet, the air sizzled with ions and my friend couldn't pick me up because the rain was that hard on West Maui~
The rain had stopped at the airport, I knew this because we'd just flown through the bumpy storm, and I grabbed a shuttle to West Maui.

I often tear up when I first get to the Valley Isle, thinking of all this island meant to me years ago, but I didn't last night, maybe because it was dark and I couldn't see much!
The shuttle dropped me off at my friend Lynn's house at 11:45 and after a good girlfriend chat we headed to our rooms for a nice sleep in the cool Maui air, everything washed clean by the torrential rains that had roads closed yesterday afternoon.
I slipped into 900 thread count sheets, laid my head on down stuffed pillows and fired up my Kindle to get in the mode to nod off. I'm reading Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harmon Series and you can tell this woman was nominated for a Pulitzer! Great story.

Woke to the hint of blue sky and puffy clouds and stayed in bed thinking how lucky I was to be on Maui, listening to the morning doves wake up. My coffee maker is in the attic between visits so I went up there, got the thing, washed it thoroughly and started the java. A girl's gotta have her coffee!
Lynn and her funny little dog JoJo (do you remember her rescuing him 2 years ago?) went off for their morning walk up north on the trails so I'm sitting at my laptop on the lanai (deck) and looking at revisions I need to do on a script. Today is a work day and if I'm a good girl a bunch of us girls are going to watch Crazy Rich Asians tonight on Lynn's Giant TV!

I'm hoping to get in that ocean this afternoon, maybe even meet a few fish.

Here I am trying to show you the same view in the photo above..

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I actually did today, my first day on Maui in 2019!

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist who lives in the Seattle area and writes books about women in dire circumstances rescuing themselves. She tweets her dreams most mornings on Twitter under the hashtag #StrangeDreams
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Saturday, February 16, 2019



I'm headed to Maui on Tuesday evening and plan to write my daily escapades on the blog starting Wednesday!
I do this every year, but this year things will be slightly different. I will also do daily Vlogs, video blogs, to show you where I am, what I'm doing, and how lovely Maui is.

If you're interested in tuning in, make sure you follow this blog (Click FOLLOW on the sidebar) and make sure you are a Beach Club member on Facebook over here:

This is a group of people interested in my books and me as an author. I'm always looking to add more people to the Kim Hornsby Beach Club. Even people who have just met me. It's a big beach where everyone looks fantastic in their bathing suit!

I'll show you some locations on Maui where The Dream Jumper's Promise (my optioned for film book series!) takes place. And take you with me on a ferry to Lanai, the pineapple island to cruise around with my friend Bill. Then I'm off to sign books at Maui's Barnes & Noble!

It's Humpback Whale season so I just might have some whale footage too.

I hope you'll join me on Maui!

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist who lives in the Seattle area and writes books about women in dire circumstances rescuing themselves. She tweets her dreams most mornings on Twitter under the hashtag #StrangeDreams
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Monday, February 4, 2019

COMING ABOUT Launch Day!!!

Who doesn't love a handsome pirate rising from the sea like a newly formed island during a volcanic eruption?

"I woke the next morning from a delicious dream in which Caspian was carrying me out of the ocean, our bodies dripping with sea water, looks of lust shooting between us, his muscles probably rippling under his captain clothes."

In Coming About, the love story between Bryndle Moody and the Ghost--Caspian Cortez, the soft-hearted ghost hunter is put to the test of time when Caspian disappears.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, in this case.
In a planned series of 8 books, that takes after a TV pilot screenplay, Book 3 begins immediately after Book 2 when Caspian has kissed her and said, "Remember me."

If you like a bit of romance, ghost action and some humor with your entertainment, try a few free pages of the first book -- DEAD AHEAD and see if you want to read more. I keep the books affordable so everyone can buy them and today I plodded along with the print book formatting to try to offer those to my readers as well.
Check out Moody, the 28 year old widow who has a wicked sense of humor.

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist who lives in the Seattle area and writes books about women in dire circumstances rescuing themselves. She tweets her dreams most mornings on Twitter under the hashtag #StrangeDreams
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