Sunday, February 24, 2019

Lanai, Tacos & Hula

I woke up on Lanai to the scent of coffee brewing. My host and good friend of over 30 years, Bill, was making coffee for us!
The Maui-Lanai Ferry
Outside the rain drizzled down on Lanai City, a village of several hundred residents who choose to live in a place with a small town feel and one grocery store and gas station. Because the town is on the highest point of Lanai and is full of trees planted long ago specifically to reach up and catch clouds for rainfall, it isn't unusual to have drizzle in Lanai City.
Bill and I talked while he made us bacon and eggs with fresh avocado on the side. I had a 10:30 ferry back to Maui to catch and after breakfast, we got in the car, Roja, and headed out of the clouds, down to the coast 7 miles to the harbor where the sun was out in full force.

View of Lahaina Harbor
The ferry ride was choppy and although there weren't as many whales out blowing and breaching as the day before, we got a few views of breaches and tail slaps. By the time we hit the calm water off Maui and pulled in to the harbor at Lahaina, my face was salty from the sea spray of sitting out on the top deck outside.

Lynn was at the library next door to the harbor so I wandered over to one of my favorite places-libraries --and took a picture of this sign on the restroom door. It says "No library books in the restroom. Pee and Poop do not Belong on Books"
Lahaina Library
We stopped in Lahaina, on our way out of town, at the taco truck for lunch of pescado burritos . According to Lynn, my husband loves this place so I wanted to try their food! Very yummy indeed. If you're in Lahaina, it's across the highway from Kaiser Permanente in the shopping center. Bright orange taco truck.
Lahaina Food Truck

Back home at Lynn's I planted my butt in the chair for the afternoon to work on the Hallmark movie script I'm revising for possible sale and then drove Lynn to work at 3:30. JoJo, the doggy, is getting more used to me now and allowed me to pet him in the car. I even convinced him to go for a sunset walk with me later (on his leash in case he took off!) and he's trusting me more and more each day.

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Hula show
At 7, we drove to Lynn's work to plant ourselves in the hula show audience, JoJo waiting patiently under the table and nursed a Mai Tai for several hours talking to people at the next table about dogs, Maui, dogs. When you travel alone,  you meet a lot of people! Or was it the dog? I talked to an actor who was a regular in the X-Files and his wife, a medium! Lucky me.

The hula show, as always was spectacular, the band one of the best Hawaiian trios on the island. They played all my favorites and then some.

Home at 10 to work on the screenplay and then slide down in the sheets for a wonderful sleep with the Maui trade wind wafting in the window, past the bed and out the far window.
From the Harbor

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