Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus - Twerking and Tweeting $$

Kim Hornsby is a former singer/entertainer and is now an Amazon Bestselling Author

Miley Cyrus is under media and public attack for dancing provocatively on the VMA's on Sunday night. Everyone, including me, is weighing in on her performance like we haven't seen men and women bump and grind for years on that awards show. Or other places. And Miley is a good little dancer, limber, cute and musical. (I sound like my grandmother.) She was a performer on a provocative awards show, not a guest at a society dinner party. And now, sales of her new album Bangerz are way up and twitter announced a new record after the incident. Miley Cyrus was referenced at 306,100 tweets per minute the next morning and her name was sought 4.5 million times, the next day. Great numbers if that's what you're counting, and she probably is doing just that.
And, let's face it, pop music these days is all about doing the dirty deed or getting ready to do it so why are we so surprised? Come on people! She did a stripper dance to Robin Thicke's rather rapey song about 'you know you want it' and no one is going after him, even though RT is a 36 year old Dad and should've nixed the whole duet in the pre-production stage. And to wear a prison-striped suit! I thought RT was a well respected producer, not a fame seeking (at any cost) singer. And, he had his picture taken with a fan after the event where the mirror behind them caught his hand grabbing her butt.As for the Miley duet, I thought the combo of him with an underage her, was disturbing, but not nearly as much as some people. It was the topic of conversation at a girls' night out recently and I tell you, I kept my mouth shut about how I feel. I used to earn my living as a singer and although I never did a strip tease, I did not put down anyone who did. It's a job. The thing wrong with the picture below is that Miley is underage and used to be a teen idol for young girls. Am I right? And Robin Thicke is acting like he just hit puberty himself. And it was all on prime time TV for the world to see.
Miley is barely out of her teens and known to be a bit of a loose cannon these days. She's going for shock value like a lot of young people who are finding their way. Twenty year olds think they invented the world so are we surprised that this once precocious little girl would act this way as she's discovering her own sexuality? Miley may just have a business plan in place, similar to Britney Spears when she kissed MDNA at the same show years ago. Ever heard there's no bad publicity in show business? There is career suicide but I don't think this is going to kill Miley's career. History shows that we as a public are shocked by this type of episode but the fame meteors the performer right into superstardom.
I've come up with a theory as to why Miley Cyrus is behaving like this. I might be wrong but here's my take on it.
She's mad. Maybe her failing relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her fiance, is a disappointment to her. Apparently his family doesn't approve of her 'ways'. Also, her parents are divorcing, reconciling, divorcing and reconciling and that is enough to give any kid an anxiety-filled temper tantrum. In Hollywood, kids act out by tweeting against their famous parents and embarrassing them on camera. We already know she's communicated with her Daddy, Billy Rae, on twitter in the past. They've argued through tweets in the past. Miley's mother was in the audience Sunday night without Billy Rae, and appeared to LOVE her daughter's performance. Miley is struggling to say something and it probably begins with a swear word and ends with the word 'you'.
The Sunday night awards show saw her posing for pictures for hours with her pointy tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth, in a full range of emotions from angry/badass to bored, obviously something she practiced in the mirror beforehand.
It isn't like this suddenly came on this week, either. Lately, she's been on talk shows wearing skimpy clothes, showing lots of 20 year old skin and being antagonistic. And remember, her new single is telling us frankly to butt out, she'll do what she wants. Whether she's promoting the new drug Mollie or not, in those lyrics is unclear. So is it clear what she's screaming at us in her actions these days? Not exactly. Maybe she's trying to tell us she's not a blonde Disney performer anymore, not the sweet Hannah Montana kid we first met. She told Thicke that they'd make history with this performance and apparently they were excited about that prospect.

The day after the VMA's she tweeted pics of her butt to show the world that she doesn't care what everyone thinks. And she retweeted Rolling Stone's comments that praised her performance at the VMA's,calling her performance one of the best of the night.
The night after the VMS's Selena Gomez, imitated Miley at Getaway premiere with her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth, Miley-style. Not a very nice move for another child actor struggling to make that leap to adult star. Was it intentionally poking fun at Miley? Not sure. They are not known as friends but to do that publicly was risky. But then SG is hanging with Taylor Swift who is getting meaner every year. Saying 'shut the f__ck up," as Harry Stiles took the stage, shows us that she carries grudges long after affairs die, but I guess we always knew that. Taylor insists she was telling Selena to shut the f up. Okaaaay.
Regardless of all that, let's lay off Miley and let her grow up on camera, shall we? Maybe she'll meet Justin Bieber, talk about the tribulations of being an underage performer and then Selena and Liam can hang out and share stories about being formerly coupled with rebels. I want to stop reading about twerking now. Except to watch Maile on SNL when Tina Fey hosts and maybe watch her parody her sexy dance.That should be worth staying up late for.

Update: Trouble in both relationships is possibly coincidental. Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton just announced that they are headed towards divorce court. AND Miley's engagement to Liam Hemsworth is off, according to the pairs' representatives. They've been on and off since reconciling in April and any pics of them in public like the one above, seemed forced, like they just got out of the limo from a big fight and put on their game faces. Liam is all over the tabloids these days with talk of cheating on Miley with January Jones so maybe this is the source of her angst and rebellion. Regardless, she has one less thing to prove now. No Australian family disapproving of her naughty behavior.
Leave a comment, let me know what you think. Are you kind of sick of all the attention this 5 minutes has gotten?

Kim Hornsby was a rock singer many decades ago, earned her living as an entertainer, once opening for Jamie Foxx during his days of In Living Color. She's now the author of Amazon Best Seller NECESSARY DETOUR, a novel about a retired rock star attempting to escape the media spotlight.It's on sale for .99 at Amazon right now. Kim is an Amazon Best Selling Author and her paranormal suspense novel THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE is nominated for Best Indie First Book by Indie RomCon and has 150 Reviews, most 5 Star on Amazon.


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