Sunday, December 25, 2016

New Kindle or Reading Device? Load it!

Hi Readers! Did you get a Kindle or reasonable facsimile this holiday season?
I love my 2 Kindles and use them for various things as well as reading. Perfect for travelling and checking email quickly if you don't like squinting at a tiny phone screen.
Jamey Dunn

I have Free and Cheap Suspense-themed books this season so if you like a mystery, a romance, a little supernatural, take a stroll over to my Amazon page to see what I have on sale this month.

Both free novels below feature the same couple Jamey Dunn and Tina Greene who first appeared in Girl of his Dream when they met on Maui.

Although this is a series, it's possible to enjoy the books out of order!
Tina Greene
For purists, here's the order:

Girl of his Dream -  99 cents on Amazon
The Dream Jumper's Promise - 99 cents on Amazon
The Dream Jumper's Secret - 99 cents on Amazon
The Dream Jumper's Pursuit - $2.99 on Amazon
Dream Come True - 99 cents on Amazon

Dream Come True 
Free Dec 26th - 29th

Christmas in snowy Carnation, Washington seems like the idyllic get away until Jamey Dunn has a prophetic dream of his father's house burning to the ground on Christmas Eve with Pops inside. Jamey leaves leaves Maui for Washington State and struggles to make sense of who's terrorizing Pops with threatening letters and phone calls. And why. Unfortunately, Jamey's telepathic abilities are at an all-time low but when his wife, Tina arrives with her newly acquired abilities they make headway. The strange new neighbors who bought the Victorian mansion across the snowy field aren't who they say they are and even though Pops is enamored with the wife, Jamey and Tina aren't buying their friendly couple act. Slowly piecing together evidence of the crimes that are getting more sinister as Christmas Eve draws closer, will the telepathic couple be able to stop the prophetic fire in time?

The Dream Jumper's Secret
Free Dec 28 - 31

If you couldn't wake from a dream, would anyone come to your rescue?
Maui Scuba Instructor Tina Greene has a strange ability she doesn't want. Entering people's dreams. When her lost love, Jamey Dunn, re-enters her life, she takes on the freakish psychic gift he's lost. And more. But the new rules of dream jumping are sketchy and Tina's ability is beyond anything Jamey has known. When Jamey leaves Maui for Seattle to visit his daughters, Tina worries that he'll return to the war in Afghanistan if he starts jumping on his own again. Circumstances soon lead her home to Seattle, to help with a family emergency and an uncovered secret has Tina doubting Jamey's love. When the military comes for Jamey, his relationship with Tina takes a dangerous turn. Dream jumping becomes life threatening and a series of events have the two trying to save each other's lives in dire circumstances. Tina finds herself in Afghanistan in the face of Taliban extremists with Jamey unable to help. And just when happiness looms, Jamey has a final secret that must be told to save Tina from Jamey's worst nightmare.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Suncadia Writers' Retreat - March 24-27 - Seattle

I organize a getaway for authors that I call The Suncadia Writers Retreat in the Seattle area.

March 24th, 2017 will be the 4th year a group of about 15 authors congregate in a stately lodge-style mansion east of Seattle to talk writing.

If you are interested in joining us this year, we write, eat, drink coffee, then wine (after 5), talk about writing, promotion, share ideas, help each other with Indie Authorship and sit by the fireplace with our laptops writing love scenes and suspense scenes. We research, talk about publishing strategies, go for walks in the woods, stare at elk on the golf course, talk about showing vs telling, go wine tasting on the last day at Swiftwater Cellars, swap promo ideas, learn to set up newsletters, ISBN's, brainstorm on titles, plots, and jump in the hot tub. Last year we had our Taro cards read by one of the attendees!

Some writers find a quiet corner of the huge lodge to write for most of the weekend, some talk writing mostly, and some write at the dining room table while listening to the rest of us exchange ideas about social media and how to manage our author careers. A wonderfully supportive group of fellow authors always forms to cast one's net wider in this pool of Pacific Northwest Authors.

If this sounds interesting, please ask for more info. The cost is $220 for three nights and loads of food.
Check out the house!
Grand Fir Lodge

We have both unpublished authors and multi-published award-winning, bestselling authors in the group.

 I am at kimhornsby @ yahoo. com  (no spaces, of course)

Kim Hornsby is the Author of Award-Winning The Dream Jumper's Promise available on Amazon Books. She is a Bestselling Supernatural Suspense Author who lives in the Seattle area where she writes during the rainy months.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Couple Next Door - Alternate Ending Offered

Recently, I read what I believed to be one of the best mysteries I'd read in years. Until the last few pages.
I was disappointed in the ending only because the rest of the book was so good, a twist of ginormous proportions was needed. The writing, the setup, the twists before the end, demanded a different end, one that didn't leave me saying "What? No!"
This is only my personal opinion. I gave the book 5 stars on Amazon because it was that good but I needed to rewrite the ending for my own satisfaction.

Reading a mystery is like playing a game. The reader plays along, guessing, working every angle to determine what the writer might end up with in the final pages to bring the whole puzzle together. It's a difficult process and I'm constantly working on how to make my writing better so that one day I'll be able to write a novel as good as The Couple Next Door.

Because I was thinking the book would end differently and I came to think my ending was pretty damn good, I decided to presumptuously pen out what I thought would happen. Lapena's ending to the story was very good, but not satisfying to me, as a reader. Hundreds (possibly thousands) of people loved the book, including many NY Times Bestselling authors. This is just my lowly opinion.

Given that the novel's title draws attention to the people who live next door, I was expecting a bigger/different tie in to the neighbors. My next words will only make sense to someone who's read The Couple Next Door, a New York Times Bestseller

Here is the outline of what I thought would happen in the last few pages:

The father takes the duffel bag of 2 million dollars to the ravine in the middle of the night and Ann follows and sees that the bag is given to a stranger. Marco has been watching the house and ends up sneaking along behind Ann and gets the car's license number. He tracks the license to Graham's secretary.

It's revealed that Cynthia was having an affair with the father, with Graham's knowledge, all as part of the plan. Cynthia and Graham were plotting this crime all along with the idea of taking the money and leaving the Father high and dry. With all 7 million dollars in their secret bank account, Cynthia leaves Ann's father with nothing. Ann's mother divorces him, and leaves him penniless but they don't turn him in for the murder of the original kidnapper in the cabin.

The baby has been thriving with Graham's secretary who retires and moves away with her own cache of money and the couple next door gets away with the rest of the money. 

OR the money is counterfeit and Cynthia, Graham and the secretary are left with nothing.

Marco and Ann decide to try to piece their marriage back together, agreeing to take it one day at a time with their precious baby.

That is the ending I envisioned, rather than the sad one that left me hanging and hopeless after developing a sympathetic relationship with Marco and Ann. Just one girl's opinion.
Phew! That made me feel better.

Kim Hornsby is the Author of Award-Winning The Dream Jumper's Promise available on Amazon Books. She is a Bestselling Supernatural Suspense Author who lives in the Seattle area where she writes during the rainy months.