Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Bub Featured Deal Ad - Yay or Nay?

After 36 tries, I finally was accepted to advertise one of my Indie books on BookBub. 
My practical husband said "You have to be accepted for a paid ad?"
Yes, yes you do.

Book Bub is the tried and true nirvana of book advertising. I've submitted dozens of times with almost all of my books, getting the same rejection letter whose second sentence begins with "Unfortunately." That letter makes me pretty much cry in my soup about not being good enough like some teen trying to get in the cool crowd at high school. But, I keep trying. I liken my tenacity to Sue, a character on the TV show, The Middle, someone with the sunniest attitude I've ever seen (even if she is fictional.)
Indie Authors aren't always chosen first. The famous authors who are NYT Bestsellers are going to be way more appealing because they will definitely keep Book Bub's street cred up there. Readers will sign up to get the daily notice in their inbox because hey, they let you know when Obama's book is only .99.
Today, for example, they have the Neil deGrassie Tyson book, Rick Riordan, Alice Munro and Heather Graham. 
I understand. It's a gamble with an Indie author trying to compete with Alice Hoffman, Stephen King, Nora Roberts. BUT, so many of my author friends get these ads, it's hard to take it personally.

Certain categories are busier than others. For instance, our Romance Box Set of 12 books for 99 cents tried twice and we were told the category is super-competitive at Christmas leading us to think that we did not win something. Had we included Nora Roberts in our set or Catherine Bybee, we might have gotten the ad. As it was, we had one NYT Bestselling Author and 7 USA Today Bestselling Authors in the set. 
However, looking to the Deals site today, I see a cozy mystery that has only 8 reviews in that many years of being published and has very little success, so the skeptic in me wonders if she knows an editor at Book Bub or slipped in there with luck on her side. I'm rooting for her.
An author can try once a month to get an ad for each book and I'm getting ready to try again for Romancing the Holidays. It was this process and thinking that caught me unaware and without $748 extra dollars last week when Book Bub sent and email that did not have the word "Unfortunately" in it.
And tomorrow, I have my Complete Dream Jumper Series going live on Book Bub. How did the heavens open up and my luck change?
On the advice of Romantic Suspense superstar Kaylea Cross, I put the set at $1.99 and they accepted my offer to pay $748. to have it in the Supernatural Suspense category. (I actually had to borrow the money from a faithful and generous friend!) 
I got an acceptance email and jumped at the opportunity like a hungry puppy.

In order to make the money back, I need to sell about 1,000 books which, according to Book Bub's projections and numbers, I will. They estimate between 1,400 and 3,000 sales. I'm sending a message to the Universe that I want that last number please.
Getting ready for tomorrow's promotion, I rechecked the manuscript for formatting, added the link to signup for my newsletter, and asked readers to follow me on Book Bub. I added a list of my other books, fixed one typo, and changed the cover to look cleaner. I had the individual book covers above the titles on the side of the 3-D image and thinking that looked messy, I asked the cover artist, Novak Illustrations, to remove them. 
I have all my other books priced to make the set look particularly attractive, mentioned the books in the set are optioned for film in the description and am trying to see my book set through strangers' eyes to insure a sale.

The thing I'm worried about is that the set is multi-genre. It's Mystery/Suspense/Supernatural/Romance/Thriller/Travel/Action and appeals to readers of many genres, not just Supernatural Suspense. I want anyone seeing the ad to think the books will appeal to them if they read the above categories that but I guess beggars can't be choosers. I'll take what I get. I fixed the AMAZON description to include better wording and am keeping my fingers crossed.
Tomorrow, I will update this blog to include info about the sales and will continue to update for the few days after the ad, if you're interested in knowing how it did.
As a means of comparison, the box set has had 4 sales in the month of November and all of those happened when I reduced the price yesterday in anticipation of the ad and posted on Facebook. 
Follow this blog to hear updates.

Out for now...       BookBub Deals Here

UPDATE: The ad was Friday and this is Sunday at noon. So far I've sold 1100 books, which is fantastic but I need 1232 sales to break even from the $748 ad. Yes, I'll gain new readers probably and the exposure was wonderful (check me out on twitter to see my photos - and I took pictures of reaching #1 in several categories but I also needed to break even. I'm not so successful that I could take a hit here. I'll have to keep the series at $1.99 for another few days, I guess to catch the stragglers.
More later...

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist who lives in the Seattle area and writes books about women in dire circumstances rescuing themselves.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I'm drawing for 5 - $10 AMAZON Gift Cards Monday, December 4th!
This is a reward to my readers for reviewing my books.

Even if I sent you a free book, you got the book free on Kindle Unlimited, or a friend sent it to you, you can still review. Amazon does not need a verified purchase from your account to allow you to write a review.

All you need to do to enter the GIFT CARD DRAWING is point out to me that you've reviewed any of my books on Amazon.

Send me an email to kim hornsby @ yahoo .com  OR message me on Facebook

with the subject: I reviewed!
and I will enter your name into the random drawing for how ever many reviews you've posted.

It's easy to review.

Try my 20 second template:


Title: Name of the Book - Enjoyed! or Liked! or Page Turner or Romantic or Suspenseful

In the body of the review:

I liked this book because ___________
I'd recommend it to readers who like _____________


Here is my AMAZON Site to make it easy for you to choose a book and scroll down to the reviews to where it says Write a Review

Click on that tab and start typing. Or copy and paste from above.

That's all you need. You do not need to be Hemingway to write a review (fortunately) and they help an author SOOOO much!!!! Amazon rewards books with lots of reviews by giving it free advertising. So the rich kinda get richer.

Enter to Win! 
1. WRITE A REVIEW OR TWO! (One entry for each review)
2. Email me. 
3. Win a Gift Card!
Thanks for playing everyone!

Book Deal Alert
The Complete set of Dream Jumper Books will be discounted to $1.99 November 30- Dec 5th.

Find the series here on AMAZON

  Novels by Kim Hornsby

Dream Jumper Series – Supernatural Suspense/Romance

Girl of His Dream
The Dream Jumper’s Promise
The Dream Jumper’s Secret
The Dream Jumper’s Pursuit
Dream Come True
Necessary Detour – Romantic Suspense
Rocky Bluff – Police Procedural Mystery

Jingle Bell Love Series

Christmas in Whistler—Contemporary Romance
Maui Kalikimaka – Contemporary Romance

The Husband Hunt Series 
- Writing as Kiki Abbott

Jaxie’s Mistake – Contemporary Romance
      Kat’s Season – Contemporary Romance   


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hitting the USAT List!

I'm trying, once again, to reach USA Today Bestseller status. It's a lofty goal for any writer but not unattainable. And I believe I'm as deserving of many who've reached this milestone as a writer.
I put together a box set anthology of 12 happy Christmas Romance novellas. Some are sweet, some sexy, one is a bestselling mystery, there's a cowboy in one, a Marine, a hockey player, a juror. All have loads of Christmas spirit and at the end of the set is a wonderful collection of over 20 Holiday Recipes.
If we sell a lot of these books, USAT bestseller status might happen for the six authors of the thirteen who are not yet USAT bestselling authors.
It's hard for an Indie author to reach this status without lots of money from a publisher to buy ads. Ads sell books.
We have only $1200 to spend, not $20,000 like the big publishing houses who can pretty much buy bestseller status for their authors.
On November 14th, our box set launches everywhere and we have one week to make enough sales to reach top 150 books sold that week. We have 800 sales, so far which might seem like a lot, but we need about 4,000. Our ads that week, will hopefully make up the difference. Our fingers are crossed.

My first box set in 2015 got really close but we didn't make it. My second didn't get all that close because we made some serious mistakes. I'm hoping third time is a charm.
If you can spare 99 cents, even if you don't read romance, please consider donating to breast cancer with that money. We are donating proceeds to the Breasts Cancer Awareness Fund. The last time I did this, we gave over $1,000 to the charity.

So for 99 cents you get a Christmas Recipe Book, 12 wonderful Christmas novels and a donation to cancer.
Thanks for your support!
BUY A COPY Here...

Friday, November 3, 2017

Christmas Entertainment for Women!

I believe in entertainment.

When the world looks grim, having something to laugh at and enjoy, is worthy and necessary. I used to sing for a living. That felt like I was giving people a moment of pleasure, maybe even helping some forget their troubles for a brief time. Now I write novels. My audience can be entertained whenever it suits them, not having to come to a show of mine.

For years, I haven't admitted that I write romance novels. And some would say my books are light on the romance. I don't write formulaic romance where the hero is introduced on page 3 and the first kiss happens by page 10, etc. I write stories where the romance creeps in, almost organically.

I recently spoke at Bouchercon -- The World Mystery Conference -- on a panel about Romantic Suspense and when questioned why I write this genre, I said that love makes the world go round and I think if you are compelled to write suspense, having a romance in the story balances things out so the only message is not "Watch Out--the World is a dangerous place!" but something more hopeful.

I want women to know that the world is full of love too. And not just romantic love but familial love, neighborly love, even stranger love. I don't mean a one night stand either. Yesterday I had a conversation with a stranger where we found common ground and exchanged information that may make life better for a family member of mine. It was ten minutes of sharing information, out of nowhere, in which both the stranger and I ended tearing up. These moments are everywhere when you remain open to listening and taking time.
For that reason, I write a romantic story line in every book. No woman in need of good love is left behind. She gets her happily ever after when I'm in charge. And there are no shades of grey in my books, just plain grey. And no hiding behind fetishes and calling it love. No degrading college girls with light torture. I want my readers to feel pampered, lovely, not frightened. I want to show empowerment and possibilities.

I decided this autumn to compile a group of 12 happy, holiday romances to sell at rock bottom price, everywhere. I wanted to offer something fun and satisfying this year. We need it, Ladies. It's been a stressful year as a nation, as caregivers and as women.
On November 14th, we launch that set of 12 novellas (shorter than a novel and longer than a short story) but if you want to make sure you get your set now, feel free to go to the site where you buy ebooks and reserve your copy. It'll be auto-delivered to your inbox on the morning of the 14th and then you can start reading. And being entertained.
Our catch phrase has been "Fall in Love this Christmas"
Links at the bottom for sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I wrote a brand new novella with never-before seen main characters but borrowed Pepper from my Dream Jumper series as a best friend. My holiday romance is set on Maui and occurs during the evacuation of a community in the path of approaching lava from Kilauea's volcano. Two people end up on Maui at a mutual friend's house for Christmas and find themselves perfectly matched.

I like to write about people who've hit bottom and are trying to pick themselves up to make something of their lives.

Here's a sneak peak from the center of my novella, Maui Kalikimaka:


He’d just slipped in to the steamy water of the outdoor hot tub when Lena came around the corner in a turquoise one-piece swim suit. Even though Lena probably looked great in a bikini, she looked breathtakingly beautiful walking across the deck to the hot tub in a one-piece suit. Kalani was a sucker for long legs. She’d pinned her long hair up and carried a towel at her side and walked like a model on a runway. He had to stop himself from whistling. That would have been the old Kalani, the one who used alcohol for bravery, like a shield. The new Kalani realized he didn’t have the right to openly judge a woman’s physical appearance with his cat calls and whistles. Still, he greatly admired Lena’s physical appearance.
She didn’t make eye contact with him but slipped quietly into the steamy water. Even though the outside temperature was the low-seventies, the hot water was a nice contrast and judging from Lena’s sigh as she sank into the bubbling water, she thought so too.
“Are you one of those people that like to go from the hot tub to the pool?” He tried to not stare at her look of sheer relaxation and pleasure.
“Probably not,” she smiled. “I haven’t had enough to drink for that.” Lena looked over to him. “I’m not sure if that kind of humor is distasteful to a recovering alcoholic. I’m sorry.”
The world was so full of references to drinking alcohol, Kalani hadn’t really noticed. “Not to me. I only know that I can’t drink alcohol any more, but, like a lot of alcoholics, I have no problem with other people drinking.”

“Was it hard to give it up?” Lena swept the water back and forth in little waves towards her chest, sending ripples over the tops of her breasts.
“Yes, and no. By the time I realized that I was on a destructive path and had lost some very important people in my life, I’d hit rock bottom.” He remembered the morning he woke in a strange tourist woman’s bed at a Kona coast hotel, with no recollection of how he got there, or where his dog was. The feeling of having hit an emotional brick wall, told him he’d gone as low as he ever wanted to go. “Drinking was slowly ruining my chances for having a great life and if I wanted to make something of myself, it would have to be without alcohol. I went cold turkey, started going to meetings, and haven’t had a drop since that day. It happened two days after I told you I was hot stuff in bed, if you need a reference.”
Lena smile at him kindly. “I knew you’d had a lot to drink that night we met, but I still found something about you that was sweet.”

Their eyes locked and then Lena looked away.


I wrote Kalani as a recovering alcoholic because it's a theme of interest to me and shows great strength by overcoming an addiction. 

If you're reading this and would like to experience that feeling of falling in love at Christmas, you'll get a copy of Romancing the Holidays. I hope you feel thoroughly entertained and pampered when you read these stories!

12 Novels, 13 Bestselling Authors, plus Christmas Recipes

A portion of the proceeds goes to

Here's where to find the Box Set of Novels - Romancing the Holidays


Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Newsletter from Kim

It's that time of year when the leaves are falling, 

the fireplace crackles and we bundle in sweaters. 

This year, I'm feverishly at work to bring lighthearted entertainment to my readers. We deserve it this year.


With New York Times Bestselling Authors, USA Today Bestselling
Authors, and Award-Winning Authors, Romancing the Holidays is
sure to make your hearts light and maybe even curl some toes with
This has been a tough year for America. In an effort to provide some
 happiness and light entertainment, I decided to put together a Box
Set of Christmas Romance Stories.
NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY Bestselling, & Award-Winning Authors
The season of Mistletoe and Christmas Cookies is almost upon us and
 we are proud to bring you 12 Holiday Romances! Snuggle up by the
fire and enjoy this season like never before. From Sizzling to Sweet,
From Maui to Washington D.C., all our Romances have page-turning
love stories and Christmas at its finest.
A Portion of the Proceeds go to

Kimmy's Korner
You know I love to write about Hawaii...

My contribution to this anthology of 12 novellas is Maui Kalikimaka,
a 25,000 word novella, that guest stars Pepper from The Dream
Jumper Series.
It's the story of Lena Patterson and Kalani Shipton, who meet when
they are both invited to spend Christmas on Maui with friends because
of unfortunate circumstances.
Single mom, Lena, is lonely and needs a good distraction this
Christmas, seeing her ex-husband has the children. Kalani has
been evacuated
from his home on The Big Island as Kilauea's lava advances
towards his residence.
The two Kona residents met once before when Kalani had had more
than his share to drink at a party and when Lena was very much still
married. With his drinking days behind him, Kalani, the dashing coffee
farmer, finds himself smitten with the other single house guest in the
Maui beachfront mansion belonging to his friend and Pepper Scully's
boyfriend, Jake.  Realizing he and Lena are made for each other,
Kalani makes a sober effort to woo the pretty jewelry maker. But,
Lena is cautious and not interested in getting involved with a playboy
with a bad reputation. Especially because they'll return to the wagging
tongues of a small town at the end of the Christmas holiday.

And that is just ONE of the stories!

Check out the other stories and our descriptions at:

Barnes & Noble

The set is just 99 cents for 12 Feel-Good Christmas Love Stories!
 And we included Holiday Recipes like cookies, fail-safe turkey &
gravy and party appetizers!

Non-Holiday/Christmas Info...

I just got back from Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention,
this year held in Toronto Canada. Although I'm not a mystery writer,
per say, rubbing shoulders with Blake Crouch, Mary Kubica, Shari
LaPena, Louise Penny, Kathy Reichs, and hordes of other Bestselling Authors made me want to add more mystery to my books.
I had the opportunity to be on a panel about Romantic Suspense
with Heather Graham, the Paranormal Romantic Suspense Author,
and that was wonderful. I loved that woman's floor length cheetah
coat, probably as much as Alexandra Sokoloff loved a large gold
necklace I wore at her talk about writing dark subjects. Toronto was
fantastic and I even got to wear my movie producer hat for a meeting
to get interest in Dream Jumper - The Movie.
I went on a GHOST WALK in Toronto and while a college kid in a black
cape with a lantern told ghost stories to us under our umbrellas, I realized
how lucky Seattle is to have an underground tour and ghost hunt. We
stood outside in the pouring rain looking at buildings thought to be haunted.
It was fun to go out on a dark, rainy night to listen to ghost stories with a
bunch of librarians, but I wanted something more authentic. I'd hoped to go
 inside the buildings, at least get a little tap on the shoulder from the
beyond. The highlight of the tour was this dog fountain that shone brightly
 in the center of a dark park, from a block off. All the dogs of all breeds had
 water coming from their mouths and were eyeing a bone at the top of the
fountain. It was beautiful!
And Now...
For those dark, rainy evenings when you curl up by the fireplace with a good book.


8 fluid ounces of dark rum
3 fluid ounces of lemon juice
4 flued ounces of simple syrup (adjust to taste)
12 fluid ounces of apple cider
4 fluid ounces of water
4 fluid ounces of Club Soda
4 fluid ounces of Angostura Bitters
Add apple wheels as a garnish

For me, this month is all about promo for ROMANCING the HOLIDAYS with Crista McHugh, Jami Davenport, Kathi Daley, Misty Evans/Adrienne Girodano, Allie Boniface, Rebecca J. Clarke, Kim Hornsby,
Tess Thompson, Savanna Grey, Lori Leger, Jacki Delecki and
Carmine Valentine. We are hoping to achieve USA TODAY Bestselling
 status, and keeping our fingers crossed.

Enjoy October, everyone, with the gorgeous turning leaves, cooler
 temps, sweater season and soups and stews on the stove.
And be looking for ROMANCING the HOLIDAYS to be delivered to
your inbox on November 14th.
Just go on over to your favorite etailer to buy a presale copy or click
the above link for Amazon.

Think Happy Thoughts!
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bouchercon 2017 - Speaking & Ghost Hunting

Bouchercon is The World Mystery Conference for writers and readers held every year in a new venue. Last year it was New Orleans, this year it is Toronto, Canada and takes place October 12th to 15th, eh?

I'm going!

For several reasons:

1. I like Canada
2. I can visit my sister in Toronto
3. I need to get out of my messy house
4. I want to be surrounded by mystery/suspense writers

I was accepted to speak on a panel Saturday October 14th at 2:30 called Fraught with Romance along with Heather Graham (!) and before that hour, I intend to soak up all the information about mystery writing I possibly can. I love mystery, love to write mystery, and love to read mystery, so this won't be a bad thing at all.
I also have an important meeting on Thursday in Toronto that I can't tell you about for another week. We'll see how the meeting goes, then I can reveal what it was. Let's just say it has to do with my new career as the producer of a movie. A movie that is the adaptation of my bestseller seen to the right here...

I'm headed to TO early, to spend Thanksgiving with my sister, will write on Tuesday and Wednesday to finish my Christmas Romance that goes into my newly published-for-presale box set Romancing the Holidays. 
Then Thursday, I'll hit the subway, head to the Sheraton Center with a box full of books and attend workshops. Insert important meeting here at 3 pm.
Thursday night, I'm thinking of going to U of T for Hart Hanson's event for his hit crime novel --The Driver. The talk is called Scribbling for a Living. I loved the book, and Hart is a great speaker, having loads of interesting things to say as the show runner/creator of the TV show Bones.

Ghost hunting in Seattle
Friday, back to the Sheraton Center to soak up anything that's leaking.
Saturday is my big day back at the conference, including the talk at 2:30 and a book signing after. I'm not sure I have any Canadian fans but I'll be there with a pen in hand.
That night, I'm signed up for the ghost walk tour and I'm excited about that! You know I love that stuff. I'll report back if I get any taps on the shoulders. Or feel an entity enter my body.

Things to remember in Canada:

16 degrees is 60 F
Loonies are dollars, Twoonies are two dollars. The Canadian dollar is worth only .80 US so yes, have that extra drink, buy a T shirt.
Be extra polite. They will be.
Toronto is NOT the country's capital but still pretty cool.
Asking for a toilet or bathroom? Say washroom.

If you're going to Bouchercon2017, have fun and be sure if you see and recognize me, come up and say hi. I look like this:

KIM HORNSBY is a Canadian who now lives in Seattle, writing Suspense and Romance. Find her on Amazon at her Author Site and read how she once opened shows for Jamie Foxx and The Smother's Brothers.
While there, consider supporting by buying Romancing the Holidays.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dancing With The Stars- Armchair Dance Judge!

I used to mourn the absence of The Bachelor and curse the beginning of Dancing With the Stars but I've done a flip lately. I'm not sure what that says about me maturing or growing into being a dance fan, but when DWTS began last night, I was jubilant.
Continue if you don't care that I got the names wrong on this first night of figuring out who is who.

I hadn't really researched the lineup ahead of time so was surprised to see Debbie Gibson from the 80's, the guy from Hamilton, the Lachey's (being treated like one person,) and that tiny gal with the violin who my teenage daughter watches on YouTube.

I'm going to love this season, I know.

Cheryl Burke is back and being punished for some reason.
Vanessa Lachey and Maks
Last night they scored her partner (one of the only guys with dance chops) Terrell Owens really low and as we sat sipping our chardonnay, my hubby and I wondered WTF. He's good. Granted, he went first but come on Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno! Next week, he'll earn at least a 7 or 8, I'm sure.
Did anyone notice that Barbara Cocoran of Shark Tank, sounded like she was trying to deflect lack of dance talent with cougar fun? Too much. She did what women have been fighting against for years. She objectified someone to gain favor. She went for her pro, Keeto, as a sexy object. BC did everything but take him down in the missionary reverse right there on the dance floor in a display of horny promo. Tone it down, Babs. Please. No deal to you.
Nick Lachey was in the boy band that couldn't dance, he said, and it kind of showed, but time will tell. He's funny and fun and might stick around long enough, just to see his wife, Vanessa Lachey go to the finals because she's that good and a proud MAMA of 3 children!

Lindsey Stirling, the elfish violinist who tours and dances and wears crazy costumes and hair, was a delight to watch as well. Matched with the returning genius of Mark Ballas, she's destined to go far.
Victoria Arlen and Val
I loved watching the gal who was basically in a vegetative state for years, came out of it and ended in a wheelchair for many more years and now walks. Not only walks but she's on DWTS! Victoria Arlen will be a fan fav for sure. I love these stories of determination and so do the producers on this show. Watch Victoria Arlen.
Can't wait to see what next week brings! Nikki Bella, Derek Fisher, Terrell Owens, Debbie Gibson, Frankie Muniz, Drew Scott, Sasha Pieterse and more!
I can't critique everyone but as people get eliminated, this armchair dance judge and her hubby will be able to keep up.

Go here for real names and info on last night's show.