Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kona Winds and The SuperBlueBlood Moon!

We are just thrilled to be here and walk outside and look over to Molokai and eat fresh pineapple.
We don't care that bad weather is blowing in.
The Scuba Dive.
Yesterday, I attempted to initiate Cresty to scuba, amid a deck stacked against us. The Kona winds had begun blowing from the south and that is never good for dive conditions. There was surf, choppy surface and wind, although the last one doesn't matter to divers. Poor Cresty was a trooper and got the good sportsmanship award.
Here's our dive in point form because that is all it deserves:

Found a relatively quiet beach with small surf.
Walking in, the waves hit us
Cresty panicked a bit
I lost a fin
Found it
My regulator malfunctioned and leaked air like nobody's business
Got tossed around on the surface practicing breathing in the regulator
Went down to 8 feet
Went back up to calm down
I ran low on leaking air
On the way in to the beach, we got pummeled by surf
Cresty lost a fin
We were tossed on all fours onto the beach
Made it out to stand on the beach
So now, what we're saying is that I called it because I ran out of air but truthfully, it was terrible conditions for an entry and my poor student was freaked out, understandably.
The rest of the day was hanging around Lynn's, talking, then out to dinner at The SeaHouse Restaurant for fresh Opakapaka!

I woke up to see the moon at 1 a.m. and when it was just an eclipsed sliver, woke the others to see the blood moon. We got lots of views of it over the deck in the Maui sky, then the wind started up again, clouds rolled in and we went to bed. Cool!!!!!!
Getting ready to head off to Hana now....
Just before the eclipse. This doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Waking Up on Maui!

I love Maui!
Who doesn't?

Today I woke on Maui without a care in the world except what time to go diving.
It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day as the sun creeps over the West Maui mountains behind the house to show its face.

Here's Day 1 of my Adventure:

Checked in by 4:45 a.m. with my friend Cresty, at SeaTac airport in Seattle. It was raining. We didn't get a coffee before the flight, hoping to sleep on the plane. The airport was empty and we sailed through security after Cresty had an early morning pat-down. Two flights later, (In which I slept a total of five hours!) we landed on the Valley Isle. I usually get a bit choked up when I see Maui out the plane window and yesterday was no different. I love this place and have so many happy memories of living here in the 80's and some of the 90's.

Lynn was waiting at the curb with her little rescue dog, JoJo, who did not want us getting in the car and tried to escape if we were getting in. Six months ago, I had found him at a petfinder event and forced him on Lynn who'd just lost her beloved Spaniel, Spencer, so having JoJo terrified of me was a bit disheartening. I jumped in the driver side so Lynn could hold her devoted buddy who kept looking at me and Cresty like we were airport carjackers.
We drove Lynn to work, then had a quick swim off Kaanapali Beach to reflect on the beauty of Black Rock against a cerulean sky and turquoise ocean. Ahhhh.
We then checked out the Lahaina Tennis Ranch for Cresty to play there this week and then went grocery shopping. Safeway Lahaina has things like fresh ahi poke, coconuts, and taro chips but other than everyone wearing their beach clothes (including some guys in only board shorts and flip flops) it looks a lot like my neighborhood Safeway.
I have parking Karma. I'm sorry but I'm that car that gets the spot right near the door of anything and my parkarma was working everywhere we went yesterday.

Two bottles of wine and a cart full of food later, we returned to Lynn's house to have dinner on the deck. But not before her fearful little doggie (who was still looking at us like we were trying to eat him for dinner) ran away! When I offered him a piece of chicken, he shot out of the house and down the street disappearing from view. I imagined telling Lynn that her sweet pet was lost, as I got in the car and started down the street to look for JoJo, knowing he wouldn't come for me even if I did find him. Apparently, when he saw me drive away, he returned and Cresty closed all access doors to the street. Phew!
After that we needed a drink and found ourselves at Kaanapali Beach Hotel (with a fearful JoJo) on his leash, which was a feat in itself, getting him in the car and leashed. But, he had a great time under the table at the Tiki Bar, especially to see his mom was our cocktail waitress. While he ate a hamburger by my feet, Cresty and I had a drink then we all drove back to Lynn's house for sleeps.

Today, is dive day. I plan to teach Cresty to scuba dive. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow when I check in!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Maui in a Half Sleep!

I'm leaving for SeaTac airport in Seattle in a half sleep.
I'll get up at 3 to catch a 6 a.m. flight so the sleep only counts for half a night, assuming I'm able to sleep because it will be one of those nights where I lie awake thinking about what I might have forgotten to pack for 9 days on Maui.

You'd think I'd be pretty good at packing in my long life but you always forget something, right?

Here's some obscure things I'm packing.

1 snorkel
10 Print Books of The Dream Jumper's Promise
1 huge retractable sign
4 dresses
dirty running shoes
10 pounds of costume jewellry
1 dive card

I'll be blogging daily with photos of my escapades so be sure to follow this blog to see what I'm doing.
I promise to try to bring you along with my words and descriptions.

Maui No Ka Oi (is the best)

National Bestselling Author, KIM HORNSBY, is a suspense novelist who loves to travel, talk and read. Follow her on her Amazon Author Page to see some fun stuff!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review the Books You Read

Hey Gals and Guys!
I read every night, even if it's late, I'm exhausted, and the light isn't good.
If the book doesn't grab the lapels of my jammies and yank me against the Kindle, I usually have a hard time sticking with a story. For that reason, I read Suspense these days.
Twists are the bomb. I love being surprised, saying "I did not see that coming!"
Sometimes books do that for me, sometimes they almost do it for me. When I read, I conjure up what I think the ending will be and if it falls short of my expectations, I'm disappointed and it's hard to write a glowing review.  I try to put my disappointment aside and do it anyways. Endings are very crucial when writing a review that says "I LOVED it!"

Do you review books after you finish? If you read on a Kindle, they turn the page for you and ask you to review but who wants to do that immediately after the final scene? I don't. And who wants to type on a Kindle? I don't.

As an author with published books on Amazon, I shamelessly check my reviews at least 5 times a week to see how I'm doing with the general public. A new 5 star review makes my day. A 4 star is nice and a three star doesn't bother me much because I don't really have many and for that reason, it gives my reviews credibility to have the odd one that didn't connect with my writing or the story.

I am obsessed with reviews. Reading my own reviews, that is.

Check out this one:

on April 16, 2015
I liked the the characters, but they were SO horny!!! The plot was different from other books 
I've read (that's a good thing). Overall, plot was good, but the characters were NAUGHTY!!!

This review actually made me laugh out loud. I recently sent it to the Ellen Show!
Don't forget to review people, especially if you liked the book.
If you didn't, feel free to keep your opinions quiet especially because a lack of
reviews speaks for itself.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Getting Your Novel Optioned for Film

Tonight I'm speaking on getting optioned for film.

I'm using this blog to organize my thoughts but seeing I just open my mouth when I give a talk and spew on and on, I may or may not use these key points listed below. It works out better if I just have a few areas I need to address during a one-hour talk and just talk and talk and talk, in between those key points. I usually stay on topic. I usually stay focused although once I had dental work that had me spitting and slurping and that was distracting.

I try to not laugh at my own jokes when I speak. I also try to say interesting things to keep the room from emptying. Fingers are crossed that I can achieve this tonight at the Whatcom Writers and Publishers Dinner this evening in Bellingham, Washington.

With a background in entertainment and stage work, I am not usually nervous to speak but more like a racehorse at the gate, waiting to run. My over confidence helps in these situations.
Playing Sugar on Stage
My 3-book Dream Jumper Series is optioned for film and although many books get optioned (reserved contractually) I think that the first film will actually get made. When my super agent negotiated the contract, I asked to be a contributing producer and after promises to not interfere and be obnoxious on the set, I got the concession. I'm doing everything I can on my end to help get this movie made.

Here's my points to touch on tonight and a peek at my talk about how to get optioned:

-Write a compelling novel with a unique story that answers a burning question the general public will be interested in
-Make your characters as real and 3-dimensional as possible, with flaws, idiosyncrasies etc
-Have it professionally edited
-Write a one-page synopsis
-Write a three-page synopsis
-Publish your novel and promote the hell out of it, get reviews, have a compelling cover, make the blurb sound like a movie trailer.
-Write a movie tag line
-Learn how to write a treatment and then write one showing marketability of your story
-Make a Pinterest board if you need visuals, Choose A-List actors in the leads
-Get an agent who specializes in book to film or who has connections in film and tv (send the query, the treatment and even the screenplay if you wrote one!)
-Learn to write for tv and screen
-Learn the Hollywood market, see where your book fits in and will sell

-Hollywood likes novels, especially if they have a built-in following
-You don't need fame to sell an idea, it just helps
-Go for a big agency, find who's taking clients, go for the intern or lowest on the totem pole
-Be easy to work with
-Send your treatment to film companies, producers, directors, agents to a)get representation b)get a producer interested
-Take workshops on writing, improve your craft, watch tv, watch movies, learn the craft
-Pitch like your book is the next Harry Potter
-Don't be rude or aggressive, just be available and interested
-Build up your brand and your book concept online
-Be patient
-Be confident

I was lucky to find an agent with connections who knew a producer and the next thing I knew, we were meeting, talking, negotiating, planning and then a contract arrived. More negotiations, more talk and signing.
My 3 book series belongs to a reputable production company that has awesome connections in Hollywood, I trust the company president, and I'm excited.
Right now, I'm waiting for my project to get out of development and into pre-production and that looks like about 6-9 months. My movie is second in line with this film company and it looks like they are filming project number 1 soon.
I wrote the screenplay hoping that someone who is REALLY talented as a screenwriter, will take the thing and make it awesome. My version is the spec screenplay and every day I hope it's good enough to sell this concept to an A list director who will then attract the A list actors and money. That's how it works apparently. The director comes first.
While waiting for someone to get back to you, dream over here at IMDb to check out actors, directors, producers, film companies etc.

So People, keep perfecting your craft, keep writing, keep hoping, and maybe one day you'll get that call that Dreamworks wants your book and Natalie Portman and Chris Pine are starring in the movie version. It could happen. Why not?

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist who lives in the Seattle area and writes books about women in dire circumstances rescuing themselves. Her book series, Dream Jumper, is optioned for film and now in development.

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