Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kona Winds and The SuperBlueBlood Moon!

We are just thrilled to be here and walk outside and look over to Molokai and eat fresh pineapple.
We don't care that bad weather is blowing in.
The Scuba Dive.
Yesterday, I attempted to initiate Cresty to scuba, amid a deck stacked against us. The Kona winds had begun blowing from the south and that is never good for dive conditions. There was surf, choppy surface and wind, although the last one doesn't matter to divers. Poor Cresty was a trooper and got the good sportsmanship award.
Here's our dive in point form because that is all it deserves:

Found a relatively quiet beach with small surf.
Walking in, the waves hit us
Cresty panicked a bit
I lost a fin
Found it
My regulator malfunctioned and leaked air like nobody's business
Got tossed around on the surface practicing breathing in the regulator
Went down to 8 feet
Went back up to calm down
I ran low on leaking air
On the way in to the beach, we got pummeled by surf
Cresty lost a fin
We were tossed on all fours onto the beach
Made it out to stand on the beach
So now, what we're saying is that I called it because I ran out of air but truthfully, it was terrible conditions for an entry and my poor student was freaked out, understandably.
The rest of the day was hanging around Lynn's, talking, then out to dinner at The SeaHouse Restaurant for fresh Opakapaka!

I woke up to see the moon at 1 a.m. and when it was just an eclipsed sliver, woke the others to see the blood moon. We got lots of views of it over the deck in the Maui sky, then the wind started up again, clouds rolled in and we went to bed. Cool!!!!!!
Getting ready to head off to Hana now....
Just before the eclipse. This doesn't do it justice.


  1. So jealous! Enjoy even if there is a problem - it's not worth not having a great time! These make great stories later!