Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review the Books You Read

Hey Gals and Guys!
I read every night, even if it's late, I'm exhausted, and the light isn't good.
If the book doesn't grab the lapels of my jammies and yank me against the Kindle, I usually have a hard time sticking with a story. For that reason, I read Suspense these days.
Twists are the bomb. I love being surprised, saying "I did not see that coming!"
Sometimes books do that for me, sometimes they almost do it for me. When I read, I conjure up what I think the ending will be and if it falls short of my expectations, I'm disappointed and it's hard to write a glowing review.  I try to put my disappointment aside and do it anyways. Endings are very crucial when writing a review that says "I LOVED it!"

Do you review books after you finish? If you read on a Kindle, they turn the page for you and ask you to review but who wants to do that immediately after the final scene? I don't. And who wants to type on a Kindle? I don't.

As an author with published books on Amazon, I shamelessly check my reviews at least 5 times a week to see how I'm doing with the general public. A new 5 star review makes my day. A 4 star is nice and a three star doesn't bother me much because I don't really have many and for that reason, it gives my reviews credibility to have the odd one that didn't connect with my writing or the story.

I am obsessed with reviews. Reading my own reviews, that is.

Check out this one:

on April 16, 2015
I liked the the characters, but they were SO horny!!! The plot was different from other books 
I've read (that's a good thing). Overall, plot was good, but the characters were NAUGHTY!!!

This review actually made me laugh out loud. I recently sent it to the Ellen Show!
Don't forget to review people, especially if you liked the book.
If you didn't, feel free to keep your opinions quiet especially because a lack of
reviews speaks for itself.


  1. I try to leave a review right after I finish a book, or I'll forget. Seriously, if a book is that bad that you can't give it 4 or 5 stars, why would you finish or review it?

  2. Exactly, Edie. An absence of reviews either means the book is not that good, it's 5th in the series, or there are very few sales.