Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Waking Up on Maui!

I love Maui!
Who doesn't?

Today I woke on Maui without a care in the world except what time to go diving.
It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day as the sun creeps over the West Maui mountains behind the house to show its face.

Here's Day 1 of my Adventure:

Checked in by 4:45 a.m. with my friend Cresty, at SeaTac airport in Seattle. It was raining. We didn't get a coffee before the flight, hoping to sleep on the plane. The airport was empty and we sailed through security after Cresty had an early morning pat-down. Two flights later, (In which I slept a total of five hours!) we landed on the Valley Isle. I usually get a bit choked up when I see Maui out the plane window and yesterday was no different. I love this place and have so many happy memories of living here in the 80's and some of the 90's.

Lynn was waiting at the curb with her little rescue dog, JoJo, who did not want us getting in the car and tried to escape if we were getting in. Six months ago, I had found him at a petfinder event and forced him on Lynn who'd just lost her beloved Spaniel, Spencer, so having JoJo terrified of me was a bit disheartening. I jumped in the driver side so Lynn could hold her devoted buddy who kept looking at me and Cresty like we were airport carjackers.
We drove Lynn to work, then had a quick swim off Kaanapali Beach to reflect on the beauty of Black Rock against a cerulean sky and turquoise ocean. Ahhhh.
We then checked out the Lahaina Tennis Ranch for Cresty to play there this week and then went grocery shopping. Safeway Lahaina has things like fresh ahi poke, coconuts, and taro chips but other than everyone wearing their beach clothes (including some guys in only board shorts and flip flops) it looks a lot like my neighborhood Safeway.
I have parking Karma. I'm sorry but I'm that car that gets the spot right near the door of anything and my parkarma was working everywhere we went yesterday.

Two bottles of wine and a cart full of food later, we returned to Lynn's house to have dinner on the deck. But not before her fearful little doggie (who was still looking at us like we were trying to eat him for dinner) ran away! When I offered him a piece of chicken, he shot out of the house and down the street disappearing from view. I imagined telling Lynn that her sweet pet was lost, as I got in the car and started down the street to look for JoJo, knowing he wouldn't come for me even if I did find him. Apparently, when he saw me drive away, he returned and Cresty closed all access doors to the street. Phew!
After that we needed a drink and found ourselves at Kaanapali Beach Hotel (with a fearful JoJo) on his leash, which was a feat in itself, getting him in the car and leashed. But, he had a great time under the table at the Tiki Bar, especially to see his mom was our cocktail waitress. While he ate a hamburger by my feet, Cresty and I had a drink then we all drove back to Lynn's house for sleeps.

Today, is dive day. I plan to teach Cresty to scuba dive. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow when I check in!

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