Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals

We are down to three couples competing for that ugly mirror ball trophy after losing Hope Solo to bad sportsmanship, I mean poor dancing, I mean low popularity, this week.
Hope never deserved to get this far and it was only her gold medal and Max's unpredictability that got her this far. In a perfect world David Arquette or Chyna Phillips would have been in the top 4. And both would have been in the top 5 instead of Nancy Grace. Especially after Nan's remark about her not being a 'war hero' which made her look like the bitter middle-aged woman she probably is. (not that its bad to be middle aged!)
I was disappointed in Hope's departure, which sounded like so much sour grapes my mouth pursed to listen. Yes, Hope, you just go get you one of those soccer gold medals again because that mirror ball that you got tricked out of because the judges hate you, is stupid and plastic. Note to Hope Solo: Great name but it serves no purpose to be snarky on national TV and Max does not set a great example.
Now we have JR, Rob K and Ricki Lake. Let's just take Rob out of the mix unless something absolutely amazing happens over the weekend. He's come a long way baby but no match for the other two.
JR looks like his candy has been taken away and he needs to get his confidence back on, in spite of his ankle injury. Doctors, do something quick for that ankle. Karina, do something for his confidence.
Ricki is deserved of the win but her dancing is not as fluid and gorgeous as JR. Her shoulders continue to stay in a tense, hunched position and her arms aren't as graceful as they should be.
JR deserves the win and not because he's a war hero who has overcome such horrors to deserve anything, but because he is a beautiful dancer. If his ankle does not give him a break this week though, we may end up seeing Ricki with the mirror ball, tight shoulders and all.
JR needs to assume the win, keep smiling, keep dancing and show us the dancing we've come to expect. Come on Man, you can do it. We'll see on Monday and Tuesday nights for the Two Night Finale.