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Did Kaitlyn have a Grudge on The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette Finale began last night with a clip of Kaitlyn saying "I'm in love with two guys."
Or was she?
On one hand, she had Nick Viall, a late comer to the show, a bit of a teen-talking player who was having a second go around at this show because Kaitlyn wanted him there.
On the other hand we had Shawn Booth, a man totally in love with Kaitlyn, seemingly brimming with hatred for Nick. If you read my blog regularly, you know I have favored Shawn for the last few weeks. He fought hard to end up with Kaitlyn, even forgiving/understanding why she took it too far with Nick. More on that later.
We kick off the evening in Malibu California, in a rented house on the beach where the men will meet the Family Bristowe.
There's the mother, the father, their current spouses (the parents are divorced), and Kaitlyn's sister, Haley. Leslie, the mother is concerned to hear that one of the men in the finale is Nick. She wasn't a fan of his on Andy's season.
When Nick arrives in a guffuffle of awkward shyness and fast talking/slurring, Leslie takes him aside for the Spanish Inquisition. They cry together, both getting emotional over their shared love for Kaitlyn, basically. Hmmm? Really?
I do believe at this point that Nick loves Kaitlyn. Or thinks he does. My hubby does not. And Nick's hair suddenly looks better. The thing I like most about this man is his bracelets, though. He admits to the sister that his motivation to join the Bachelor for Andy's season was to travel and that's a shallow admission that shouldn't be spoken out loud even though it's probably true of most of the alumni.
The two lovebirds neck at the car and Nick leaves her breathless.

The next day is Shawn's turn to meet the family and he comes bearing a large flower bouquet and gifts for Haley's children, who aren't there. Looks like he even brought the Booth Family jam or something in a mason jar. Mike, Kaitlyn's father, is wearing the same shirt as Shawn, a good sign, and a toast is made at the table, by Shawn, a toast to put the Toastmasters' Club to shame.
Shawn is eloquent. He makes eye contact, he speaks from the heart, not like the day before when Nick could not look them in the eye.
By the end of the visit, the Family Bristowe all seem to be on Team Shawn. Haley tells her sister she definitely is.

A day or two later, Kaitlyn waits for Nick to board a catamaran in Marina del Rey and when he does they take off on the kissing cruise. Soon after they hit open ocean, I thought about getting myself a Dramamine or those sea band bracelets because the sailboat was riding the 12 foot waves like a son of a gun and I felt queasy. Good thing I wasn't the Bachelorette, or I'd be feeding the fish at the back of the boat. But the lovers were undaunted. There is a sweetness to their relationship, I'll admit.
Cue the romantic acoustic guitar music playing the Bachelor poignant love song, and it's suddenly dark, the ship has landed and it's time for drinks. Nick has a condo with a picturesque patio so they sit outside and drink wine and kiss. I loved Kaitlyn's sparkly/shimmery eye shadow. Did anyone notice this? Nice effect on camera.
Nick gives her a framed photo of them with a lovely poem he's written. I don't think K understood it was poetry. She kept saying they were nice words written down. Ahem. That's poetry, Canuck! It doesn't have to rhyme anymore. (Please remember that I'm Canuck and I know they don't teach this new-age poetry in Canada.)
Cut to the studio audience, (everyone must've been told to wear a colorful cocktail dress with a bold necklace,) Chris Harrison in his purple suit and pink shirt, stands by Nick's family and tells us that what's is coming up will amaze us.

The next day we find ourselves at Malibu's Saddle Rock Winery (probably owned by one of the producer's cousins) where Shawn and Kaitlyn are very awkward with each other. Aside from checking to see if he's wearing sunscreen, she looks like she's about to break up with him. Kaitlyn is in an emotional crisis, because she either loves Nick more, or loves them both and is so confused it ruins her date with Shawn.
Worry sets in on my couch. Genuine fear.
Later, they meet at a little cottage where things are slightly better. Shawn gives her a memory jar he's made in craft class the day Nick had his catamaran date (kidding) and Kaitlyn is touched. It's full of pictures of them, notes about them, and trinkets to remind them of their dates.
When we cut to the studio audience again, there is a quiet hush and C.H. let's all this sink in. Nick's little sis looks worried, especially after C.H. says "looks like the parents like Shawn better."

The next day we get to see everyone waking up. Having read the tell all book by Courtney, I know from a production standpoint how this strange morning goes down. The film crew comes over, you pretend to get out of bed, you must stare off at the scenery thoughtfully for 127 takes, then they leave until Neil Lane shows up at the men's door. I'd like to mention here that this was where we lost Nick on Andy's season. And this time, he fears the worst but no. Kaitlyn does not come to his door, it's Neil Lane!
Big sparklers are chosen, both men get dressed, Kaitlyn cleans up good, and the big night begins.
The final rose ceremony is at the mansion with the perennially wet driveway. Kaitlyn steps from the limo in a gorgeous gown and heads to the swimming pool to await two proposals. We're thinking that the object of her undying love must be Nick because he's told her to cut him loose the moment she knows it's not him and you'd have to be pretty hard-hearted to let him get to this point if it isn't him.
Or you might have a grudge against him and want to get back at him for something.
Nick arrives, cuing us to the fact that this is a death sentence for their relationship. The first one to get out of the limo always leaves. Nick has no idea, gives his speech and pulls out the ring but Kaitlyn stops him. She's crying too hard to speak. He's shocked, but gracious until they start arguing about whether Kaitlyn ever loved him or not. Long story short, Nick insists she doesn't, is pissed and leaves feeling foolish and like a ___ ing joke. Oh my. Nick's little sister is crying in the studio audience front row now.
Shawn arrives and I'm giddy with excitement. He doesn't know if he's first or second, but he's hoping. Has she told him he's the one again? Maybe. His speech about loving her is beautiful, he gets down on one knee, proposes and Kaitlyn says yes! Finally she can tell him she loves him and does, over and over. They are the two "happiest kids in all the land." PHEW!
The Final Rose comes on next and it's three months later. But if you're thinking of C.H. in that studio audience with Nick's family, it's still then. He introduces Shawn and Kaitlyn, the happy couple, and they look soooo happy and cute and in love.
People, can I say that this is why we watch this show. For this moment. Not for a feud between two men, Bachelor Producers! Although I feel badly for Nick's family, I'm excited for the happy couple. I predict they will marry by Spring.
Shawn and Kaitlyn leave the stage and Nick comes out. His teenager way of speaking is completely gone. He's expressing himself perfectly, graciously, in understandable full sentences. He's not touching his face nervously, he's not pulling at his collar, tugging his earlobe. Is that because he's not lying? Was he lying before when he was doing all that squirming with Kaitlyn and her family? C.H. asks questions but can't let Nick answer and keeps interrupting him. Is that because he feels Nick got enough TV time to clear his name from the Andy season? AND, (here's an idea!) did Kaitlyn keep him until the end to help him clear his villainous name? Maybe. Nick and Kaitlyn were telephone buddies before she became the Bachelorette. This has been explained. They had a pre-existing relationship over electronic devices. Maybe Kaitlyn said something like this: "If I get on, I'll take you to the end, dump you, and America will feel badly for you, okay, Nick?") Or, did K find out something bad about Nick when she and Shawn had their first private, off camera conversation and was stringing him along since then? With a big ole grudge.

Shawn comes out, the two men shake hands and try to not sit beside each other on the tiny couch.Nick doesn't hate Shawn with a red hot fury but Shawn hates Nick that much. I believe (from reading between the lines) that Nick said some stuff to make Shawn just plain despise his character. Maybe he admitted to all the guys that he came on the show to clear his name. Nick won't say, but he heard something. Both men admit they wasted time by being immature and should have spent less time worrying about the competition.
Shawn tells us that he spoke very little on camera about Nick but when he did, that was what the producers chose to use for his interview. He indicates the producers liked this angle instead of going with the love stories developing. And time is wasted again with C.H. going on and on talking to these men about their differences, trying to stir the pot, instead of asking Kaitlyn and Shawn, "hey, what's next?"
After the commercial break K comes out and we wonder if this new, nice Nick will be gracious or hit her with a social zinger on national TV, like he did to Andy when he revealed they slept together. K barely hugs him, looks mad, and something is going on. Kaitlyn is very mad, standoffish and strangely nervous to see Nick. It looks like she's trying to not hit him.
Probably Shawn told her what Nick said to make him hate the man and it was about her. Maybe that's why her resting bitch face is so prevalent throughout the interview.
But Nick is also mad, mad she let him almost propose again, knowing him the way she did. I was wondering about that too, thinking it wasn't nice of Kaitlyn, until he used the only ammunition he had against her by saying she told him she loved him. Twice. The world already knows they slept together so he couldn't use that zinger again. She's not supposed to say I love you and that was a hit below Kaitlyn's sparkly belt. Not nice, Nick.
Bachelorette Dating Handbook.
Rule number #7 Do not tell any of the men you love them until the proposal or you will be considered in breach of your contract.
When we come back from the commercial break, Nick's gone and the happy couple are back. They can't wait to go to Starbucks, be seen in public, be normal and Shawn can't wait to defend his woman against all the cyber-bullying that Kaitlyn has taken. Sweet!
Today's news tells us that Kaitlyn went shopping for wedding dresses and that she bet someone $1,000 that she and Shawn will not break up. And to a Canuck, that is A LOT of money!!! We are notoriously cheap.
Well done and congratulations go to both Kaitlyn and Shawn who I am sure will be married and happy in another few years. I can't wait for her tell all book to explain what exactly happened during the taping of this show. I bet we missed a lot of juicy stuff! I, for one, would like to know exactly what Nick said to make Shawn hate him. But Shawn is too much of a gentleman to say it on national T.V., I think.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Sundays and Mondays starting this weekend. Looks terrible/fascinating in a train wreck sort of a way!!!
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Theatrical Grandstanding on Men Tell All

Last night was the strangest Men Tell All in the history of The Bachelorette. It actually was!
The show featured someone getting down on one knee, someone digging himself deeper into the Villain Hole, someone peeing in the bushes and another man hogging the camera only to be outdone by a man in a pigeon mask and a heated discussion about whether Kaitlyn was a good Bachelorette.
The show began with a plug for Bachelor in Paradise, premiering August 2. Looks CRA CRA but then, did we expect anything different?
Next, Chris introduced the 20 guys and pointed out the BIP crew in the first row, leaving Carly, another woman (whose name escapes me but she was a widow on Chris Soules' season and it wasn't the narcissistic one) and Tenley. Jade, Ashley, Ashley and Claire manned the front row seats.
 Looks like some of the guys went straight to BIP from this Bachelorette. Joe, JJ, Justin, Jared and even though Tanner's name does not begin with a "J", he got to go too!
Right after the commercial break we got started on two separate topics, Ian's smack talking and J.J. and Clint's Bromance. Those two guys took the teasing well and they are clearly very good friends, even now. The Bachelorette Show made a mockery of their silliness and the two men played into it. I don't actually believe anyone popped anyone's pimples in the shower but, it turns out they didn't give the other guys a chance at friendship, they were so exclusive to each other.
Clint (who announced that he's a straight man, leaving me mistakenly thinking he meant his brand of comedy left him being the straight man) replied that he was there for Kaitlyn but didn't feel he was exclusionary. J.J. apologized for the moment he threw Clint under the bus before the rose ceremony and was really sorry he did that. Also J.J. said he slapped his own face because someone had to do it. Okay then...We get to see more of J. J. on BIP. Clint, the non-homosexual, seemed like a smart guy with a big chip on his shoulder and too much product in his hair.
As for the Princeton grad, Ian, Tanner said during the taping of the show Ian was in his room reading, didn't join in with the other men and kept himself separate. Sure they told some fart jokes but they also had meaningful conversations. To insult the other men and Kaitlyn like he did, and say he was above them all was just mean and wrong. Corey from NYC (who got very little screen time on the show but hogged the camera last night) said Ian was kind of right about Kaitlyn, though. She did some things that were in bad taste.
Ben H jumped in to defend Kaitlyn as a wonderful girl who had a depth to her if you stayed around long enough. Zing to Corey, who we don't even remember.
In response to the guys telling Ian he was wrong to not get to know them, the Princeton grad took off his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves and got down on one knee before the men to apologize--a stupid gesture to repair one's reputation. Some one asked if he was proposing because that's what it looked like.
Ian was grandstanding theatrically, and it looked about as bad as him saying he really needed sex in his exit interview. I did not accept the apology.
Then Kupah threw out the question about letting Nick join the show late. Note: Kupah was also a management problem if you remember his exit. But now he's trying to start a new fashion trend by wearing his skinny tie INSIDE his shirt collar. Good try Kupah!
The men seemed to be split 50/50 about Nick, with some defending Kaitlyn's ability to do anything she wanted on the show and others saying it was disrespectful and wrong to let Nick stay.
Hot Seat Interview Time!
J.J. took the hot seat and we watched his montage recap and ended up just as confused as we were about this divorced dad, before the evening. C.H. asked if getting so close to Clint ruined his relationship with Kaitlyn but we didn't get an answer.
Ben Z was next in the hot seat, the mountain of a man with a tender heart, Chris called him. They played his montage that showed how sweet this guy actually is and to top it all off Ben said that this experience was amazing because it taught him to open up to the possibility of a relationship. Awwww.
Jared took the hot seat next and we were thrilled to see that he shaved. Apparently C.H. called him out on his spotty beard. Although Jared went on BIP immediately after he got voted out, he said he's still trying to get over Kaitlyn. I think he left the love door open there.
Ben H. joined Chris on stage to explain the night that Kaitlyn snuck in to Shawn's room. At that time he was Shawn's roommate, sleeping on a cot, while Shawn had the King bed, Kaitlyn had snuck away escaping the cameras and jumped in to bed with Shawn. The 3 talked for 6 hours, Ben went for a shower and when he came back, Kaitlyn and Shawn were in love. The vibe in the room was different, he said.
Then Kaitlyn herself came out on stage in yet another sparkly dress. Yawn. I like Kaitlyn. Alot! I think she's spunky, funny in a smell your own feet way, and super cute. But I'm sick of sparkly dresses.
C.H. read some vicious tweets and emails addressed to Kaitlyn calling her a whore so many times I wondered if the authors of the tweets were the same person. Some body out there doesn't believe in premarital sex, I guess. Apparently there were even death threats. Nobody, not even a reality TV star deserves death threats. Or being called names that viciously. CH said it best when he said he'd trust his kids with a so-called whore before he'd trust them with this mean cyber bully.
The men had a chance to talk to Kaitlyn a bit and here's what transpired:
Jared declared he wished he had more time with her before his final cocktail party. He hadn't foreseen the end or would have fought harder for her. Done things differently. I'm not sure it mattered to Kaitlyn.
Ben H. wondered why Shawn was told about having sex with Nick but not him, or anyone else. (She said she thought having that information was crucial to Shawn staying or not.)
They talked about Nick and if he and Kaitlyn had a relationship before she was chosen for the show. She said they'd formed something and remember, she wasn't sure she'd even end up as the next Bachelorette. "Try and date this many people and have it all televised," she said.
Ryan apologized for being all "horned up" that first night, without actually saying he got really drunk and ruined his chances.
Kaitlyn mentioned that after watching the show, she wondered why Clint didn't treat her like J. J. Good point.
Then Ian got back on his knees to apologize in front of Kaitlyn and America, just in case no one saw the first time. Get the hook.
Joe wore a pigeon mask to scare Kaitlyn (she's afraid of birds) and then we saw the blooper real, which is one of the best parts of this Men Tell All show. Joe had to pee in the gorgeous gardens in Ireland, a bug flies into Kaitlyn's lip gloss and numerous shots were ruined when birds got too close to the Bachelorette. Funny stuff.
The evening ended with a trailer about the final two men and the drama that is yet to unfold. It looks good but I have to say that having the men HATE each other has taken away from the show. It's added a negativity to the experience of watching The Bachelorette that is equivalent to knowing that the Bachelorette doesn't get engaged in the end.
Let's hope there is a happy ending in sight for Kaitlyn Bristowe. If not, I'd say give Jared another go, now that his spotty beard is off the table.
Oh and Bachelor in Paradise, the stupidest show on T.V. is on Sundays and Mondays in August, thereby changing my family's schedule drastically so the Mama can be home watching T.V. those two nights with a glass of wine in hand. How about you?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Tonight's episode of THE BACHELOR began Enniskillen, Ireland with Shawn and Nick having it out in Nick's cottage/hotel room.
Nick says Shawn revealed he's Eskimo brothers with a famous country singer, having had sex with the same girl. This is the second time Nick has accused Shawn of saying this. In the urban dictionary, Eskimo brothers is just that--sharing the same girl sexually. Who knew?

The show moves to Galway, Ireland the next day where Kaitlyn has a date with Ben. Kaitlyn loves the energy between them. I do too.
They mount huge horses and meander through a deep green pasture on these behemoths to feed a bunch of adorable but persistent donkeys. The donkey's, according to Ben, have "sick haircuts". I think the urban dictionary would say that's a compliment.
After a romantic picnic by a castle overlooking a lake they kiss, talk and end up inside the castle for dinner. In front of the fire, the overnight date card appears from behind a pile of cushions and Ben is as polite as he can be on National TV when presented with the prospect of sleeping with a girl who insultingly thinks he might be a virgin. "Best sleepover ever!" Ben says.
The next morning, outside their window, a sheep gives birth symbolically and Ben heads off to his cottage after only a half hour of shut eye.

At the Lough Erne Resort, Shawn has the next date and is given a present from Kaitlyn which happens to be a shocking pink golf shirt.
They are going golfing and Shawn must be humiliated! Oh joy. Apparently golfing is a fun thing and they have a wonderful day golfing which ends in Shawn having to take off his clothes to run naked to the next green. Why must Kaitlyn try to humiliate him first with colorful clothes, then no clothes? But Shawn won't be deterred! He calls her kiddo and tells her he's proud of how well she did. Maybe she's getting back at him for talking down to her.

That night they dine at a huge mansion/castle where Kaitlyn asks about the hatred between Nick and him, ruining the date and the moment. Nice touch Kaitlyn. Shawn's feelings about Nick are very intense so Kaitlyn pulls out the fantasy suite card and they head upstairs to have a private conversation. She shuts the door on us, pretty quick.
The next morning, Shawn leaves her hotel room, pulls up his hood and creeps back to his silo cottage stealthily. But no.
 Nick is lurking in his khaki's, waiting for him to 'talk'. Shawn lets him in to his room and then talks overtop of Nick and eventually tells him to leave. Nick says, "Are you threatening me?" Ah, no dude. That's not a threat. It's telling you to go. I'm tired of this pissing match.
That night is the Rose Ceremony. Chris Harrison arrives  and questions Kaitlyn about the three remaining men.

The situation is reminiscent of when Kaitlyn was in the last three with Chris Soules. She has a mini meltdown and talks to Chris H. in the hall who supports her decision. Ben is eliminated, making me yell at the TV, "The next Bachelor!"
Ben leaves with the dignity that Jared had. Such a gentleman! "I'll miss her a lot," he says, thereby revealing that he wasn't so deep in with his Kaitlyn feelings that he can't fall in love with someone in four months, as the next Bachelor. They begin taping in September.
While Kaitlyn says Bye Bye to Ben in the driveway, Shawn and Nick guzzle champagne in the elimination room and things are super AWKWARD!

Off to Utah! Why Utah? Did I miss something? Suddenly we are in Deer Valley, Utah, and if I'm not mistaken this is not hometowns, this is meet the families in a condo. Maybe they couldn't afford to fly the Viall clan anywhere because there are a lot of them. They drove in a bus, not unlike the Partridge Family tour bus. It could happen.
I remember from Andi's season how much I like Nick's mother, and not just because she has the Robin Wright haircut from House of Cards. She makes Nick seem less smarmy. Less juvenile. He actually has a mother who loves him! His large family are seated on a sectional. Nick's 12 year old sister, who we fell in love with last go around, questions Kaitlyn and adds a few points for Nick.
Nick has mentioned to Kaitlyn that last time with Andi, he needed a leap of faith to get ready to propose to her, but there will be no leap with her. That's actually pretty sweet. Hope it's true even though his body language, according to the FBI course on body language I took, screamed LIAR! Look her in the eyes DUDE!

On Shawn's family visit, the mom couldn't come but his aunt is there with the two sisters and father and strangely, Kaitlyn actually looks like one of the sisters. They love Kaitlyn but the dad wants to know more about Shawn's feelings and how he got so emotional so fast. Up until now, Shawn hasn't told Kaitlyn that he loves her. After meeting the family and going back to her ugly condo (everything looks ugly after Ireland!), Shawn says those three words. Actually five. "I love you, Kaitlyn Bristowe."
And back in her suite, Kaitlyn is a mental mess because a) she had her mind made up to pick Nick and she's sad that Shawn has fallen so hard or b) she had her mind made up to pick Nick and now Shawn is back in the game.

Last Saturday they taped Men Tell All in Los Angeles and that's what we'll be watching next Monday. According to Mike Fleiss, the creator of this show, the men tell ALL! I can't wait to see the Bromance Brothers Clint and JJ!
In other Bachelor news, the Finals weekend is in early August in an undisclosed hotel in Los Angeles. This is where the producers interview the women in the final stage before getting chosen. They've been told to remain available from September through October in case they get chosen. It's here they are interviewed by a PI, the show's psychologist and have a blood test for STD's. They have an on camera interview and do a lot of sitting around in a private hotel room while waiting to be called on. They've been told bring something to do in the hotel room that day.
AND, Bachelor in Paradise, the abomination we love to watch, begins Aug 2nd, thereby locking down Monday nights in August for me and my hubby.

Kim Hornsby is a National Bestselling Author of Suspenseful novels with Romantic elements. She won the Chanticleer Best Mystery/Thriller Paranormal and was nominated for Best Indie First Book by Indie Romance Convention with The Dream Jumper's Promise.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprise Breakup on The Bachelorette!

It's been days since the Monday night installment of The Bachelorette and I can only account for my apathy by saying I'm disheartened to be so close to the end with Nick still in the running. His presence takes the wind out of my busybody sails. But I must press on...

We are still in Ireland, in beautiful Killarney National Park (west of Cork) where it's cold for April and Kaitlyn can wear cute boots and scarves on her dates with leather jackets. Hey, part of this is seeing what everyone is wearing right?
The remaining men are Joe, Nick, Ben, Shawn and Jared-- all good choices. Or almost all.
Ben gets his one on one date where he and Kaitlyn take a royal blue rowboat to the island across the way to play hide and seek at the ruins. Ben is a sweetheart but is he too nice for Kaitlyn who seems to like danger? More danger than hide and seek can provide.
They suit up for dinner and conversation later at a quaint old stone cottage with a fireplace that looks like a pot of gruel should be hanging over the flames, and Ben confesses he has worried in the past that he's unlovable. During this conversation, Kaitlyn thinks Ben might still have his V card and flat out asks him. His reaction is pretty cute. No, he's be around the block a few times. Phew!

The next date card says "Let Love Run Amok" and my thought is a 5K race through mud. Shows what I know. It's a three on one date with Joe, Shawn and Nick to Killarney National Park where they freeze their buns off on the picturesque grounds of yet another castle. They sit around in a vignette from Pottery Barn on the expansive and well-manicured lawn while Kaitlyn takes each man aside to talk, Joe being last. He's falling in love with her but she clearly isn't feeling the same and seems to tell him that. She kind of says sorta what's bugging her and neither us at home, or Joe, get the exact message. Is she going to work on her feelings or is this a breakup? He's not sure she's telling him to leave the show and we only figure this out when she asks for a hug and stands up. The standing hug after a conversation like that is the final stage of a Bachelorette breakup but Joe still doesn't get it and asks what he's supposed to do. Is she going to try to muster some love for him in the next week or what? I didn't understand either.Nope, she's done, and when she starts to walk away, he uses a profanity, she gets pissed, and that's that. Goodbye Joe! That was weird, I say at home. "Joe didn't understand what she was doing!!!" It was weird and cruel the way she did that!

Back at the vignette she doesn't give out the rose, chooses Shawn for the evening date, and Nick goes back to the suite with his tail between his legs. Shawn is excited for a fun evening but Kaitlyn's plans for the date are anything but fun. She drops the bomb that she slept with Nick and kind of regrets doing that too early. Shawn has a moment with himself in the GENTS, and comes back saying he still wants to give this a go. He loves this girl.
Meanwhile Nick is complaining his face off to Jared and Ben back at the Bachelor pad. Shut up, Nick!
At the rose ceremony the next night, they line up like cattle ready for the slaughter and when Shawn is offered the first rose, he takes her into the next room to ask "Why Nick?" It's a fair question but Kaitlyn tells him it's her decision and shuts him down. Shawn accepts the rose, and the only one without a rose at the end of musical roses is Jared! What??? I thought she had a great connection with him. True to Jared's character, he tells her that he only hopes she ends up happy and leaves with such dignity that when he cries in the car pulling away, we realize how sweet that guy actually is.

The show moves to Cork, a seaside, gorgeous Irish town and Nick gets the next date. They walk around Cork, end up in another church and instead of making out, they talk about religion. That is a good talk to have before choosing a man for your husband! That night, they end up having drinks at the decrepit jail/ruins where a mock bedroom has been set up in a cell for their fantasy suit date. Prank! Nick tells Kaitlyn that he loves being next to her, while chewing on his knuckles like a love sick teen, and vents about Shawn.
Cut to the next morning where Kaitlyn looks satisfied in her robe and they're drinking coffee and reading the paper. Almost. Nick admits he's allergic to dogs and that would be a deal breaker for me but Kaitlyn keeps looking at him all blurry-eyed.
I'm disappointed at this point, like when Ben Flajnik chose Courtney.
Meanwhile, later that day Shawn finds Nick's silo number with the hotel operator and stomps over to his silo cottage to confront the man he believes is his nemesis. And that's pretty much where we leave it for this week. Shawn is so lovesick he can't stand it, Nick is going in for the win and Ben hasn't a clue.
here's only one reason why I'm rooting for Shawn Booth:
Any man who can pick up a full-grown Golden Retriever in one arm, must have crazy arm muscles. (Kidding-- he loves dogs!)

AND, Men Tell All was filmed yesterday (July 11th) in Los Angeles and apparently the men tell ALL! Everyone was looking suntanned and bright-eyed in the Instagram pics I saw.

Spoiler Alert: Don't read if you don't want to know the final two!
Apparently Kaitlyn let slip in a People mag interview that she's behind Ben H as the next Bachelor, thereby alerting us to the final two.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I took a day to write this blog in an effort to get the bad taste out of my mouth from watching The Bachelorette last night.
I'm not sure why this season hasn't grabbed me like previous ones but something is very off. Things are being run differently, or Kaitlyn is crying too much, or Shawn B (is there another Shawn?) didn't read the show's description when it said "You might end up dating the same girl as 7 other men." It could still be that Nick Viall has not left the building yet. He continues to bug the bejesus out of me, (as my mother would've said.)

Let's recap last night, shall we?

The show is in picturesque Dublin or as I like to say Dooblin, to sound Irish. Shawn and Kaitlyn are having a heart to heart on her love seat and she is dying inside to think that he might know she banged Nick the night before in the next room. He doesn't know, or all you'd see of him would be the dust. And maybe smell his aftershave because I'm pretty sure Shawn is the kind of guy who has wonderful aftershave!

Tanner walks with Nick outside trash talking Shawn and leaving me to wonder why Tanner turned Team Nick all of a sudden, even revealing to Nick that Shawn cried when he didn't get the one on one. Hey, Shawn has it BAD for Kaitlyn. Haven't any of you out there had a relationship that might have made you drive for two days in diapers to go and kill your rival?

The two on one date is next with Joe from Kentucky (remember he had his left one hanging out of the sumo diaper?) and JJ, the confused father who popped his bestie's back pimple weeks before at the Bachelor mansion? Hmmm, let's see, which one is better husband material? That is such a tough one seeing Joe is funny, intelligent and is said to kiss like a dream. And JJ wears pink socks and looks like a deer caught in the headlights. And he's stupid enough to tell Kaitlyn that she needs to know he cheated on his wife. He does this just before she has to eliminate one man. It's you JJ! To rub salt in the wound, Kaitlyn leaves with Joe on the boat and JJ is left standing on the edge of the cliff, wondering if he should just jump now after he admitted on National TV that he cheated on his wife.

After this date, Shawn tromps that familiar path to his girlfriend's room while she's doing an on camera interview in her bedroom, and they sit down for their nightly heart to heart. Someone needs to take Shawn aside and feed him a chill pill. He's got weeks left to go, not to mention she's falling for about 5 other guys, even though she mistakenly told him off camera in San Antonio that he's the one. "Oops, did I say that?" Kaitlyn wonders. "I meant to say 'you're so much fun!'" Once you tell someone they are the one, you can't keep dating other guys. Not in Shawn B's book. He might have been the one two weeks earlier. Now he's the fifth or sixth. On twitter, people think he sounds drunk but I think he has a dreamy Hollywood voice. And he has an old fat dog back home so that gets him points with me.

It's the rose ceremony! We don't have to wait until next week! Ben Z is hunky and sweet, Ben H is tall and getting more interesting every week, Cupcake Chris has nice teeth, Nick is hanging around like a weed, Tanner is nothing, Jared is cute and sexy in a werewolf way, Shawn is high maintenance, and Joe has a rose already. Oh, Nick has a rose for great sex too.
I think at this point it's a nice gesture to take the losers out kindly, but no. Kaitlyn lines them up and when all the roses are gone, Ben Z and Tanner are left standing. Awww. Poor Ben Z.
The next day the Paddy Wagon Bus comes to take everyone to Kilarney, home of the Blarney Stone, but WAIT! Kaitlyn drives up in a mini, chooses Jared to road trip with her, driving on the left side and the rest of the men take the bus. SMACK. In your face men! Jared is actually pretty cute and has the best philosophy of living in the moment.
Once they kiss the Blarney Stone, Jared helps Kaitlyn check in to her castle while the men find their one size fits all suite at the Randles Hotel in town. Chris Harrison has flown in by private helicopter and recommends that Kaitlyn be fair and give all the other men (besides Nick and Shawn) some off camera/alone time with her. Nick and Shawn had their time already. New Twist: This season the overnight dates will take place BEFORE hometowns so that if you sleep with Kaitlyn on the O/N date and you do really well, you can take her to meet your nice folks.
Chris the cupcake has the first one on one and they take a helicopter ride to the Cliffs of Moher for a picnic in what looks like a Black Hawk, not a tour helicopter.
This is the golden moment for Chris to sell himself, take Kaitlyn in his arms like a man and wow her. She gives him several chances by asking leading questions about what their life would be like in Nashville and Cupcake just smiles and answers like he's on a half hour game show. Kaitlyn realizes she doesn't want to be off camera with this guy who is sweet but has no connection with her. The helicopter can't get there fast enough for Kaitlyn and her tears and the Dentist is left crying on the cliff, wondering whether he should jump or not. I'm imagining what the producers said to him to make him cry like that. Maybe your performance in Aladdin lacked a little something. Next week, we continue with one on one overnights.
Now here is an Irish joke for you: Say these words very fast several times--Whale Oil Beef Hooked and now you are swearing like a true Irishman!