Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprise Breakup on The Bachelorette!

It's been days since the Monday night installment of The Bachelorette and I can only account for my apathy by saying I'm disheartened to be so close to the end with Nick still in the running. His presence takes the wind out of my busybody sails. But I must press on...

We are still in Ireland, in beautiful Killarney National Park (west of Cork) where it's cold for April and Kaitlyn can wear cute boots and scarves on her dates with leather jackets. Hey, part of this is seeing what everyone is wearing right?
The remaining men are Joe, Nick, Ben, Shawn and Jared-- all good choices. Or almost all.
Ben gets his one on one date where he and Kaitlyn take a royal blue rowboat to the island across the way to play hide and seek at the ruins. Ben is a sweetheart but is he too nice for Kaitlyn who seems to like danger? More danger than hide and seek can provide.
They suit up for dinner and conversation later at a quaint old stone cottage with a fireplace that looks like a pot of gruel should be hanging over the flames, and Ben confesses he has worried in the past that he's unlovable. During this conversation, Kaitlyn thinks Ben might still have his V card and flat out asks him. His reaction is pretty cute. No, he's be around the block a few times. Phew!

The next date card says "Let Love Run Amok" and my thought is a 5K race through mud. Shows what I know. It's a three on one date with Joe, Shawn and Nick to Killarney National Park where they freeze their buns off on the picturesque grounds of yet another castle. They sit around in a vignette from Pottery Barn on the expansive and well-manicured lawn while Kaitlyn takes each man aside to talk, Joe being last. He's falling in love with her but she clearly isn't feeling the same and seems to tell him that. She kind of says sorta what's bugging her and neither us at home, or Joe, get the exact message. Is she going to work on her feelings or is this a breakup? He's not sure she's telling him to leave the show and we only figure this out when she asks for a hug and stands up. The standing hug after a conversation like that is the final stage of a Bachelorette breakup but Joe still doesn't get it and asks what he's supposed to do. Is she going to try to muster some love for him in the next week or what? I didn't understand either.Nope, she's done, and when she starts to walk away, he uses a profanity, she gets pissed, and that's that. Goodbye Joe! That was weird, I say at home. "Joe didn't understand what she was doing!!!" It was weird and cruel the way she did that!

Back at the vignette she doesn't give out the rose, chooses Shawn for the evening date, and Nick goes back to the suite with his tail between his legs. Shawn is excited for a fun evening but Kaitlyn's plans for the date are anything but fun. She drops the bomb that she slept with Nick and kind of regrets doing that too early. Shawn has a moment with himself in the GENTS, and comes back saying he still wants to give this a go. He loves this girl.
Meanwhile Nick is complaining his face off to Jared and Ben back at the Bachelor pad. Shut up, Nick!
At the rose ceremony the next night, they line up like cattle ready for the slaughter and when Shawn is offered the first rose, he takes her into the next room to ask "Why Nick?" It's a fair question but Kaitlyn tells him it's her decision and shuts him down. Shawn accepts the rose, and the only one without a rose at the end of musical roses is Jared! What??? I thought she had a great connection with him. True to Jared's character, he tells her that he only hopes she ends up happy and leaves with such dignity that when he cries in the car pulling away, we realize how sweet that guy actually is.

The show moves to Cork, a seaside, gorgeous Irish town and Nick gets the next date. They walk around Cork, end up in another church and instead of making out, they talk about religion. That is a good talk to have before choosing a man for your husband! That night, they end up having drinks at the decrepit jail/ruins where a mock bedroom has been set up in a cell for their fantasy suit date. Prank! Nick tells Kaitlyn that he loves being next to her, while chewing on his knuckles like a love sick teen, and vents about Shawn.
Cut to the next morning where Kaitlyn looks satisfied in her robe and they're drinking coffee and reading the paper. Almost. Nick admits he's allergic to dogs and that would be a deal breaker for me but Kaitlyn keeps looking at him all blurry-eyed.
I'm disappointed at this point, like when Ben Flajnik chose Courtney.
Meanwhile, later that day Shawn finds Nick's silo number with the hotel operator and stomps over to his silo cottage to confront the man he believes is his nemesis. And that's pretty much where we leave it for this week. Shawn is so lovesick he can't stand it, Nick is going in for the win and Ben hasn't a clue.
here's only one reason why I'm rooting for Shawn Booth:
Any man who can pick up a full-grown Golden Retriever in one arm, must have crazy arm muscles. (Kidding-- he loves dogs!)

AND, Men Tell All was filmed yesterday (July 11th) in Los Angeles and apparently the men tell ALL! Everyone was looking suntanned and bright-eyed in the Instagram pics I saw.

Spoiler Alert: Don't read if you don't want to know the final two!
Apparently Kaitlyn let slip in a People mag interview that she's behind Ben H as the next Bachelor, thereby alerting us to the final two.

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