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Moody & The Ghost - DEAD AHEAD - Discussion Questions for Book Club

Moody & The Ghost - DEAD AHEAD

Ghosts love Bryndle Moody. Until recently.
After a car accident that took her husband’s life and her eyesight, Youtube celebrity and paranormal investigator, Moody, finds she has also lost her ability to communicate with ghosts. When she mysteriously inherits a house on the Oregon Coast, Bryn and her team set out from her Seattle houseboat to investigate. The house has many surprises and as Bryn desperately tries to restore her clairvoyance, she discovers an elusive inhabitant with the ability to salvage her business and her reason for living. 
For a price.

This novel is a 4-5 hour read and is the first book in the Moody & The Ghost series, originally written as a TV pilot.

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Moody is a paranormal investigator who has recently lost her sight in a tragic accident that took her husband's life and left a large scar across her face. After months of grieving, she's ready to pull up her big girl pants and get back to helping ghosts move on to the after world. But, it's not so easy. Her clairvoyance has left her and she's left with a big hole where she used to talk to ghosts. Until . . .

If you read this novel for your book club, and I hope you'll consider it, here are some questions I've written to get the discussion going.

1. Have you ever felt or seen a ghost?

2. Moody had an unusual childhood with her mother Rachel. In what ways does Bryndle show that despite Rachel's unorthodox upbringing of her, she still loves her mother?

3. How do you feel Eve and Carlos contribute to Bryndle's acceptance of her blindness?

4. What role do you think Joan Hightower will play in this ongoing story?

5. The author uses humor to detract from Bryndle's sad situation and gain sympathy from the reader. What's an example of where humor leads the reader to identify with Bryndle?

KIM HORNSBY is an Amazon Bestselling Author best known for The Dream Jumper Series, which is optioned for film, with over 400 reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars.
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