Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Bachelorette - Monday May 18th

The premier of THE BACHELORETTE 2015 with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson is now less than 3 weeks away. (I'm always a little embarrassed to admit how much I like this franchise. It's just so fun to watch!)
This season The Bachelor is mixing it up, throwing in some curve balls and doing a few things differently. About time to shake things up a bit after so many years, I say!
Instead of one Bachelorette, they will start with two ladies and the men will vote for which one they want to remain.
HALT! Does anyone else think this idea just sounds like an ego-bruising endeavor for one and an ego-puffing exercise for the other? What girl in her right mind would do this? The producers had to have spun the premise differently to the girls like "It'll be great! You'll both get fantastic national exposure, one will get the sympathetic vote and be America's sweetheart when she leaves the show and the other will be the Bachelorette! Win Win!!!!" I'm imagining these producers sitting around talking about how they'll pitch it to get two girls pitted against each other in a speed dating situation where men have nothing to go on but the sexy factor and a few sentences of conversation. And you have to know that these twenty something men are not going to be thinking about who would make them the best wife.
Apparently one woman is chosen and one leaves but don't worry, the eliminated contestant has found love probably faster than the one who had to go all over hell's half acre to date all these men. If you don't want to know who gets to stay, stop reading now. I'll give you a minute to think about this while I tell you that it's pretty common knowledge who leaves. Kaitlyn remains and Britt goes but apparently the latter has a boyfriend now. Maybe even someone she met from the show. Maybe even someone who was eliminated at the beginning. Reality Steve makes his living collecting information about this show and now only has to sit back and receive tips from others instead of hoofing it all over America to spy on the show. Basically, this is where I get my info. That and Wet Paint.
The Bachelorette production just left Ireland where they hung out for awhile and they've dropped off the face of the earth temporarily which suggests that they are coming in to hometowns. Kaitlyn might be in Vancouver, Canada, no one is entirely sure. Watching social media seems to be the best way to track these people and with the names of most of the 25 bachelors on Reality Steve's list, spies report in regularly if anyone posts their location or alludes to love or a TV show or pretty much anything. Last night, I dropped in to several of the guy's twitter accounts to see nothing in particular but you know these guys will be gaining thousands of followers in the weeks to come and some may even start fashion blogs or blogs on men's grooming. It looks like a VERY handsome group that makes it past the first elimination, so this might be fun to watch.
That's all I have for now on The Bachelorette front but I'll keep you posted as I learn more.
In other news, Chris Harrison's Romance novel is out and although I haven't read it and may not, it's made a few sales. In a moment of weakness and poor judgment, I did, however, buy Courtney's Tell All book, I'm Not Here to Make Friends, or something like that. Soon, I'll do a full summary of all the juicy tidbits of her time on the Bachelor in Ben Flajnik's season. In my own defense, I was looking for a book written by a Bachelor contestant that told about what goes on from a production standpoint because I'm getting ready to write the third novella in my Husband Hunt series and want more info on behind the scenes. Melissa Rycroft, Sean Lowe and Trista's books didn't have what I was looking for.
In the meantime, let's count the days until The Bachelorette premier, shall we? 19.

Kim Hornsby writes fiction and has a novella series on Amazon Books called The Husband Hunt. The first book is free to get you hooked. :)

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