Friday, May 15, 2015

Help Save Koko's Life!

The owners of service dog Koko, Bobby and Bessie Bourbeau, live in assisted housing on Maui. Bobby has been bedridden for twenty years, is suffering from many ailments and lives a small life compared to what he used to have. He can't leave the bed, hasn't got the use of his hands and has horrible daily seizures.
Once he was the comptroller for a well-known dairy on Maui, (the makers of POG). As a talented musician, he accompanied many of Maui's finest singers in the mega hotels during convention shows, in lounges, dining rooms and played the keyboards for countless theatrical productions at Maui Community Theater, Maui Children's Theater, MAPA and many more.

Bobby is shown here in his healthy days, wearing the black suit, beside Eric Gilliom (movie star and singer/actor) and song and dance man Bill Hensley in the white suit. Also, vocalist, Joyce Mitchell.
He's well-known on Maui as the piano player who always answered the call, whether there was money involved or it was a fundraiser. He did MANY fundraisers! A talented musician, Bobby did much of the musical arranging at the Iao Theater productions and worked with Amy Gilliom and her brother Eric, for years.
Koko is his service dog, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who answered Bobby's call to action 4 years ago when the dog displayed a special talent to predict seizures. Not only is Koko invaluable as a working service dog but he's been Bobby and Bessie's child, comfort, constant source of unconditional love and enjoyment.

In the last year Koko has developed severe Gastritis and has a difficult time eating. Bessie now has two invalids she cares for. Koko has a pinched nerve on his spinal chord and has trouble walking. Surgery is essential if Koko wants to regain any semblance of the life he once had. These days he lies in his bed, in pain, wasting away. He needs expensive medication.

Bobby and Bessie aren't asking for themselves. They are asking for money to help save Koko's life. Help save their child.

Even f you can give $10, it would help.

Either pay Bobby and Bessie directly on Paypal

Or send a check to the Reverend Suzi Osborn

Rev. Susan Osborn
346 Ku'ualoha Street
Kahului, HI 96732

Or contact Koko's vet directly. Contact me at and I will give you the vet information.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Bobby, Bessie, Koko and their friends.

This from Maui's Reverend Susan Osborn


Bobby and his wife Bessie are desperately needing some financial help for their sweet little service dog, Koko, who is currently suffering from a debilitating malady.  Koko, who is adored and cherished by them, needs meds and eventual surgery which the Bourbeau's simply cannot afford.

We all remember when Bobby used to entertain us with his talented piano-playing.  Since a catastrophic medical injury, he's lost the use of his hands resulting in a permanent loss of income, plus he has brain damage caused by his daily seizures. 
Bessie also has her own degenerative disc disease and an arthritis-riddled body to contend with, while she's caring for both Bobby and Koko.  Bobby and Bessie are subsisting on disability income, sometimes eating food-bank expired canned foods in order to give Koko his much needed medicine and some nourishing food."

I'm Kim Hornsby. Bobby once played keyboards for shows I did on Maui. He was the sweetest accompanist ever! And talented. Boy, could that man play piano. And arrange music. Although I haven't seen Bobby face to face for decades (he doesn't take visitors), we've been in touch over the years and life has been very sad for this once vibrant pillar of Maui Entertainment Life. His dear wife, Bessie, childhood sweetheart is as loyal as they come. Her life isn't easy either. Some days she lines up for hours to be the recipient of wilted vegetables at the food bank. Their lives are very sad indeed but Koko gives them a reason to keep going. They love their dog.
If you wonder about the legitimacy of this, I encourage you to contact me and I'll give you the vet number. I am a bestselling author of Suspense now, living in Seattle and will vouch for Bobby, Bessie and Koko's sad story.
Please help.

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