Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus - Twerking and Tweeting $$

Kim Hornsby is a former singer/entertainer and is now an Amazon Bestselling Author

Miley Cyrus is under media and public attack for dancing provocatively on the VMA's on Sunday night. Everyone, including me, is weighing in on her performance like we haven't seen men and women bump and grind for years on that awards show. Or other places. And Miley is a good little dancer, limber, cute and musical. (I sound like my grandmother.) She was a performer on a provocative awards show, not a guest at a society dinner party. And now, sales of her new album Bangerz are way up and twitter announced a new record after the incident. Miley Cyrus was referenced at 306,100 tweets per minute the next morning and her name was sought 4.5 million times, the next day. Great numbers if that's what you're counting, and she probably is doing just that.
And, let's face it, pop music these days is all about doing the dirty deed or getting ready to do it so why are we so surprised? Come on people! She did a stripper dance to Robin Thicke's rather rapey song about 'you know you want it' and no one is going after him, even though RT is a 36 year old Dad and should've nixed the whole duet in the pre-production stage. And to wear a prison-striped suit! I thought RT was a well respected producer, not a fame seeking (at any cost) singer. And, he had his picture taken with a fan after the event where the mirror behind them caught his hand grabbing her butt.As for the Miley duet, I thought the combo of him with an underage her, was disturbing, but not nearly as much as some people. It was the topic of conversation at a girls' night out recently and I tell you, I kept my mouth shut about how I feel. I used to earn my living as a singer and although I never did a strip tease, I did not put down anyone who did. It's a job. The thing wrong with the picture below is that Miley is underage and used to be a teen idol for young girls. Am I right? And Robin Thicke is acting like he just hit puberty himself. And it was all on prime time TV for the world to see.
Miley is barely out of her teens and known to be a bit of a loose cannon these days. She's going for shock value like a lot of young people who are finding their way. Twenty year olds think they invented the world so are we surprised that this once precocious little girl would act this way as she's discovering her own sexuality? Miley may just have a business plan in place, similar to Britney Spears when she kissed MDNA at the same show years ago. Ever heard there's no bad publicity in show business? There is career suicide but I don't think this is going to kill Miley's career. History shows that we as a public are shocked by this type of episode but the fame meteors the performer right into superstardom.
I've come up with a theory as to why Miley Cyrus is behaving like this. I might be wrong but here's my take on it.
She's mad. Maybe her failing relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her fiance, is a disappointment to her. Apparently his family doesn't approve of her 'ways'. Also, her parents are divorcing, reconciling, divorcing and reconciling and that is enough to give any kid an anxiety-filled temper tantrum. In Hollywood, kids act out by tweeting against their famous parents and embarrassing them on camera. We already know she's communicated with her Daddy, Billy Rae, on twitter in the past. They've argued through tweets in the past. Miley's mother was in the audience Sunday night without Billy Rae, and appeared to LOVE her daughter's performance. Miley is struggling to say something and it probably begins with a swear word and ends with the word 'you'.
The Sunday night awards show saw her posing for pictures for hours with her pointy tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth, in a full range of emotions from angry/badass to bored, obviously something she practiced in the mirror beforehand.
It isn't like this suddenly came on this week, either. Lately, she's been on talk shows wearing skimpy clothes, showing lots of 20 year old skin and being antagonistic. And remember, her new single is telling us frankly to butt out, she'll do what she wants. Whether she's promoting the new drug Mollie or not, in those lyrics is unclear. So is it clear what she's screaming at us in her actions these days? Not exactly. Maybe she's trying to tell us she's not a blonde Disney performer anymore, not the sweet Hannah Montana kid we first met. She told Thicke that they'd make history with this performance and apparently they were excited about that prospect.

The day after the VMA's she tweeted pics of her butt to show the world that she doesn't care what everyone thinks. And she retweeted Rolling Stone's comments that praised her performance at the VMA's,calling her performance one of the best of the night.
The night after the VMS's Selena Gomez, imitated Miley at Getaway premiere with her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth, Miley-style. Not a very nice move for another child actor struggling to make that leap to adult star. Was it intentionally poking fun at Miley? Not sure. They are not known as friends but to do that publicly was risky. But then SG is hanging with Taylor Swift who is getting meaner every year. Saying 'shut the f__ck up," as Harry Stiles took the stage, shows us that she carries grudges long after affairs die, but I guess we always knew that. Taylor insists she was telling Selena to shut the f up. Okaaaay.
Regardless of all that, let's lay off Miley and let her grow up on camera, shall we? Maybe she'll meet Justin Bieber, talk about the tribulations of being an underage performer and then Selena and Liam can hang out and share stories about being formerly coupled with rebels. I want to stop reading about twerking now. Except to watch Maile on SNL when Tina Fey hosts and maybe watch her parody her sexy dance.That should be worth staying up late for.

Update: Trouble in both relationships is possibly coincidental. Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton just announced that they are headed towards divorce court. AND Miley's engagement to Liam Hemsworth is off, according to the pairs' representatives. They've been on and off since reconciling in April and any pics of them in public like the one above, seemed forced, like they just got out of the limo from a big fight and put on their game faces. Liam is all over the tabloids these days with talk of cheating on Miley with January Jones so maybe this is the source of her angst and rebellion. Regardless, she has one less thing to prove now. No Australian family disapproving of her naughty behavior.
Leave a comment, let me know what you think. Are you kind of sick of all the attention this 5 minutes has gotten?

Kim Hornsby was a rock singer many decades ago, earned her living as an entertainer, once opening for Jamie Foxx during his days of In Living Color. She's now the author of Amazon Best Seller NECESSARY DETOUR, a novel about a retired rock star attempting to escape the media spotlight.It's on sale for .99 at Amazon right now. Kim is an Amazon Best Selling Author and her paranormal suspense novel THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE is nominated for Best Indie First Book by Indie RomCon and has 150 Reviews, most 5 Star on Amazon.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Des and Chris Publish a Book of Poems on Amazon

If you believe the media, Bachelorette sweethearts Des and Chris have broken up and Des has returned to Los Angeles.
But I'm here to tell you that it isn't true. Desiree Hartsock and Chris Seigfried recently moved to the Seattle area and are doing just fine as they plan where they want to live and how elaborate they want their wedding to be next summer. I live in the Seattle area and the two lovebirds have been spotted at the gas station, a Seahawks game, Discovery Park, the grocery store, and around the northern part of Seattle known as Ballard.
Our local TV station and NBC affiliate, KOMO interviewed them a few days ago and during the ten minute question and answer period they seemed happily in love and making plans for the future. Des has moved here permanently and is looking to continue designing her bridal collection and Chris is back at work in the Mortgage Broker business. A book of poetry was released last night (Saturday August 24th), written by the couple, titled Diamonds and Hearts.  Does this sound like a breakup is in their future? I'd say all the naysayers and the people who claim to have seen them arguing can just go eat a big cake to sweeten up a bit because there is nothing wrong with Des and Chris's relationship.
In the KOMO interview, they laughed together, finished each other's sentences and expressed an interest in eventually settling in the Green Lake area. According to Des, she's not afraid of the imminent rain and is looking forward to spending her winters here.
The couple did caution the public to not believe everything written about them and indicated that they don't even read the tabloids or pay attention to what is being said about them in the news.
From what this Bachelor Nation member could see, the new Bachelorette couple may just make it. These two seem to understand the difference between TV love and real love. Watch the interview and tell me if they don't look more grounded. Hopefully they'll double date with Jason and Molly and laugh about the crazy show they once went on to find love. Remember that the Seattle contestants usually do exceptionally well in this reality franchise and when Chris and Des made the wise choice to avoid L.A., they left behind the frills of being on the show to come north to where paparrazi don't venture.
Good luck Des and Chris from this mom in the suburbs!

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt, a novella series on Amazon that suspiciously resembles The Bachelor. The second book in the series was modeled after The Bachelorette.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Are Rockstars!

I teach a course on self-confidence in public speaking called Channeling Your Inner Rock Star. It’s a fun hour filled with tricks and tips on how to pretend to be cool and confident while you’re really shaking in your boots.
One Saturday, while teaching this course, I suddenly got very worried that the sea of faces looking at me, did not like me. Or have any interest in what I was saying. Does this sound a bit ironic? Read on…

As I gazed out on the audience of attendees who came to ‘Channeling Your Inner Rock Star’ and I cautioned my listeners how to avoid reading the audience too closely, I realized that the group in front of me looked more bored than a group of supermodels at a class about humility.
I almost broke a sweat as I worried about how the women in front of me were receiving what I said. Am I being too confident about self-confidence? Not confident enough? Can they tell I’m worried that I’m not helping them enough? Am I simply feeding my desire to be adored, by doing this class? Probably.
I stopped myself. Be confident. Assume they love you, Kim.
I followed my own advice and believed that they were praising the day they saw my name on the workshop lineup. It’s what you should do in a situation like this.
My audience was a small group, given that the AVON Romance Author live-stream online chat was five feet from our door (and they had cupcakes), but I was pleased at the turnout. I’d been prepared for one or two. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I was ready for non attendance, having been in the Bellevue Hilton bar years before, when we’d added to our group of cocktailers a gal who didn't have anyone attend her workshop. “Oh dang,” we’d said with glasses of chardonnay, “join us and you can do your workshop right here, over wine.” It was the last slot of the conference and many had hit the road early.
Not my workshop though. I had attendees! After all, it was only 11 am. These pioneers had waded through a Cherry Adair chat and Salt Caramel Chocolate confections to get to the door of the workshop that would teach them how to channel the most confident, most engaging side of oneself for self- promotion. These gals had put off other incredibly helpful classes to see if I could offer some insight to confidence. All I needed was one person in the class to need me. To need the confidence to do their own PR work.
I raged on. We covered poise, body language, speaking to the back of the room, imagining everyone in their underwear (I assured them I wasn’t doing this to them!) And it was magic.
After the class, the person who I thought was most likely to run for the door in boredom the moment I said we were done, approached me with a story to break my heart--to make this reader want to champion for her, to read everything she’s written. She’s painfully shy, cripplingly shy and got so much out of my class. And, I wondered what, in an audience of writers who worry about self-confidence, was I expecting to see? In a class about confidence, did I think the group would be a gaggle of class clowns?
The writers who attended my class, gave me confidence that day. And they gave me the knowledge that smiles and nods aren’t comfortable reactions for people who don’t want to draw attention to themselves.
There are many ways to support, to love and to champion for the women who have left the safe path to write novels. We are brave behind the keyboard.
But for those moments when we need to step out and meet the public, just remember that we totally rock. You totally rock. Just the fact that we write books, hoping to entertain and enlighten... I love us.
Singing ‘We are the champions, my friend...” Everyone hum along…
And now, in an effort to Channel my inner rock star, here is my new signature to show I’m social-media savvy...

Kim Hornsby
Commercial Women's Fiction
You only journey if you dare to leave home

Kim is the author of Amazon Best Sellers, Necessary Detour (about a retired female rock star) and The Dream Jumper's Promise

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gia Allemand Has Died

Sweet Gia Allemand, everyone's friend, a former contestant from The Bachelor season 14 and Bachelor Pad (twice), allegedly hung herself on Monday and was taken off life support two days later. Her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, a basketball player with the New Orleans Pelicans arrived at her apartment in New Orleans to find her hanging from a metal staircase by the door. His cries from inside the apartment led engineer and neighbor, Mike Simpson to run down the hall, open the door and find Ryan clutching the woman lying on the floor. According to Simpson, who spoke with People Magazine, Ryan kept saying "Why Gia? Why?" CPR began. Another neighbor rushed in with police on the line and handed the phone to Anderson. The EMT's were there in 8 minutes but it was too late by then. Allemand was rushed to the hospital and went on life support but there was no reviving the 29 year old fitness instructor and model. She'd lost organ functions at that point. After friends and family arrived to say goodbye and last rites were given, they took her off support and let her go.
Her mother, Donna Gialetti, asks the public to ignore all theories on how Gia died, although I believe it's official that she committed suicide. According to Gialetti anyone who is related to her or knew her well, is not speaking to the media. Or tweeting. The Pelican's publicist and Gia's personal publicist are the only people who are speaking with both Ryan Anderson and the family and have issued statements to say when the funeral is over, the mother will speak.
But, social media being what it is, Allemand left several clues that she was not planning this suicide attempt. Her final posts on FB, pics on Instagram and tweets were upbeat. The last instagram was a quote about when you can't sleep, you are awake in someone's dream. Her last tweet was a quote from "Proverbs 21:3 'Doing what is right and fair pleases The Lord more than an offering.'"
 Nothing to do with depression, despair, lost hope. Something happened to lead a young woman to string a rope to a staircase and take her own life in the hour that Anderson stepped out. 
Very, very sad.
I read a comment yesterday that said, "If you are about to take your life, promise yourself you can do it tomorrow. Give yourself just 24 hours more." Impulse usually loses this horrific battle when 24 hours are on the table.
If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Free stuff is good. I think we can all agree on that one. When I lived in Hawaii and taught SCUBA diving I used to say that nothing in Hawaii is free but the sunshine. Customers used to laugh and nod knowingly at that one. Every once in awhile, you run across something entirely free and wonder 'what's the catch?' sometimes there's no catch. Sometimes your email address is needed by the good folks who offered you the free beauty product or free pair of pantyhose. That's when it's handy to have an address for junk mail only. Sometimes a phone number, or a friend's email address is needed, or signing away your first born.
Here's the beauty in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Everyday the good people over at Amazon in Seattle offer the world FREE BOOKS. In every genre. Entirely free. All you need to get one, or a hundred, is an AMAZON account, which is also free. You can read these ebooks on your computer, phone, ipad, kindle, nook, and any mobile device just by downloading the Kindle App. You don't need to own a Kindle! Ever. At all! The catch has nothing to do with you. They are simply trying to generate eventual  sales by letting the publisher offer books free for a few days every 3 months.
You can even get on a list that sends you an email daily (or weekly)with free books in your favorite genre. There are about 50 sites out there that compile these on a daily basis. Check our Freebooksy, Kindle Books and Tips, Pixel of Ink, eReader Cafe, Free Book Dude, Awesome Gang, Bargain eBook Hunter.
As an author, going free is a wonderful marketing tool to generate interest in your book. Especially first time authors. Or Indie Authors. Building a readership is key to us new authors and getting 20,000 downloads on free days is going to look good for our book's ranking, as well as get reviews from people who don't expect much from something they didn't pay for. My latest review for THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE this morning said "I feel guilty for not having paid full price!" Those words were payment enough, Rhonda.

Here's my tips to authors when getting ready to go free on Kindle Select:

1. Do 3 days and save 2 for later
2.Two weeks in advance, submit your free day notice to as many sites as possible. See AuthorMarketingClub for a good start on this
3. Write some blog posts and set up several days of blogs during free days to lead readers to your book.
4. Get ready to Facebook blast and ask friends to do this by sharing. People love free stuff, don't be shy!
5. Prepare tweets on Hootsuite or another timed site, to go off every 30 minutes for hours on the first day. (Say something compelling and include #Free#Kindlefree)
6. Retweet, share on FB, and keep promo going the first day, especially from about 2 a.m. Pacific Time to noon. This is when you'll get your biggest 'sales'.
7. Set up some cheap ads for the day after you are free. Keep the book at .99 or 1.99 to avoid sticker shock for those lollygaggers who got their emails late about free days.
8. Keep the momentum going as long as you can for downloads- have a contest, do a radio interview, drop flyers from the sky.
9. Write the 2nd in the series ASAP and get it out there!
Remember free days isn't a time to make money, but to generate interest. Two to four days after the promotion ends on Select, you'll see a bump in sales and this is the golden time to keep the momentum going.
Enjoy all the free books out there, everyone and be sure to review as if you're saying this to the author's face.

Good luck Authors and You're Welcome Readers!

Kim Hornsby is the author of Amazon Best Seller The Dream Jumper's Promise

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leah Remini - Brainwashed No More

Actress Leah Remini (from King of Queens, with comedian Kevin James) left the bosom of Scientology recently and has publicly posed the question: What happened to the Scientology big cheese's wife, Shelly Miscavige? The wife hasn't been seen publicly in years and, as a matter of fact, no one is coming forward to state that they've seen her privately either. That is, until Leah filed a missing person report with the LAPD this week to question the Scientology first lady's whereabouts. The next day the report was called "unfounded" after they met with Mrs. Miscavige. The strangest thing is why the wife of the leader of the controversial religion would withdraw from the spotlight and not be seen by friends and members of the church for years and years. Especially when she was very hands-on and in the spotlight, by her husband's side. Shelly didn't even go to TomKat's wedding 6 years ago for crying out loud, and we know how important Tom Cruise is to that Hollywood religion. He probably pours drinks in the celebrity lounge on Friday night. He and the grand Poo Ba, David, are tight, religious besties. Davey was the best man at the Italian ceremony.Shelly should've been at the wedding and Leah, who was a friend, thought that very very weird. She questioned the absence and was told "You don't have the ****ing rank to ask that question," allegedly. When she asked if she could phone Shelly, she was told to write a letter and it would be given to Shelly. WHAT?
To add insult to injury for the L. Ron Hubbard religion, Leah announced (before the missing person report) she was penning a tell-all memoir about her experience in Scientology. Talk about adding fuel to the campfire! The book will probably include her conversation at the wedding of TomKat, an exchange that David Miscavige denies having. The religion defends itself by calling all recent Hollywood defectors "status obsessed" has-beens who are only out for publicity. Call me Hollywood stupid but I don't think Leah Remini is in need of publicity. Nor do I think Paul Haggis, the award winning director and screen writer who publicly left Scientology in 2009 needs publicity to get his scripts sold. They called him publicity seeking as well.
Besides, what other church resorts to name calling when a member leaves? Do Catholics do this? Buddhists?  I guess it's because Scientology courts the celebrity contingent and relies on them to pull in new members and add credibility to the organization.
 I'm not saying everyone can't worship how they see fit, but if I were in that church and told to 'back off' about Shelly's whereabouts, then shunned and treated as the enemy for years, and then heard rumors from Tony Ortega, former editor of THE VILLAGE VOICE, that Shelly's being kept against her will at a compound, I'd file a report too, just to eliminate that she's mysteriously disappeared. This week the LAPD spoke with Shelly, but did they speak with her privately? Was it in the next room of her house while David waited at the door? Or did they go to the castle/headquarters in Hollywood to meet with Shelly? Somehow, a rendezvous at Starbucks in between her charity appointments, doesn't seem like something the church would allow. I don't know. BUT if Shelly Miscavige is happy, devoted, doing well, why not have her make a statement? Why not have her meet with Remini, who is trying to determine if the wife of the King of Scientology is under duress for any reason? Knowing how they threatened Paul Haggis and Leah Remini publicly, I now wonder how angry the church (David M.) would be if his wife wanted to leave the church. Or leave him. She must know stuff that would take that religion down in a heartbeat, if what we hear about their intimidation tactics are true. Notice that John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and others are keeping relatively quiet about their religion. Unlike David Miscavige's niece, who wrote a tell all and encouraged Suri Cruise to get out while she still can.

The famous Scientology expert, Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology says this is the biggest hurdle they've had from the celebrity contingent. "They are very worried about Leah." Worried, not about her well being, but her ability to expose them perhaps. If Scientology operated on the up and up, why worry? Taking Leah's split with the 'church' public to the degree she has, ensures that Leah will not mysteriously disappear too. Imagine if you left the religion, weren't a celebrity and decided to write a tell all book. Without the public persona and celebrity, you might disappear too. Just sayin'.
This is the stuff movies are made of. The idea that Shelly is a private person and doesn't like to attend public functions doesn't fly with most free thinkers. Why wouldn't she keep in touch with friends, at the very least? Especially friends who are Scientologists, like Leah, until recently?
 Leah Remini is either the bravest thing to come out of Hollywood since Ellen announced she's gay or she's wrong about Shelly Miscavige and is still extremely brave about standing up to this bully religion. Either way, this is a woman with extreme grit and determination and who doesn't admire that? Oh, the Scientology followers, that's who.

Kim Hornsby is the best selling author of The Dream Jumper's Promise, a novel about a husband who goes missing on Maui and a determined wife who can't move on until she solves the mystery of his disappearance.

Free enovel on Amazon Aug 12-14
"Inception meets Romantic Suspense"
126 Reviews 4.6 *

(Now who is shamelessly seeking publicity?)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Des Is Engaged to Chris!

The Bachelorette Finale began last night with the possibility that, for the first time in the history of The Bachelor, there might not be a couple in love at the end of the show. As the audience, we prepared for Des to send both men home and quit the show. We also prepared for the possibility of Brooks coming back to say he'd been wrong. And we toyed with the fantasy that Des could pull it all together and fall in love with one of the remaining men. Drew and Chris had no idea what was going on with Des in the final days of Antigua and arrived at the rose ceremony, each thinking the other would be eliminated. But Brooks was a no-show and Chris Harrison addressed the men to say something was amiss but Des should be the one to tell them. As Des broke down about Brooks leaving, the two men had to stand on the other side of a native floor rug and not run to console the woman they loved. They each got a rose, poured some champagne, hugged Des and moved on to the next stage. Meeting the parents.
But first Des needed another date with each man to see if there was anything salvageable. She wasn't sure at this point.Poor Des. She couldn't hear us screaming at the TV that she must go on, find love, forget Brooks and his hair.
A horseback riding date started poorly when Des didn't even get off the horse to greet Drew, simply saying his horse's name was Judy. They rode to the beach where a bonfire and picnic was set up in a colorful picturesque setting and as the roaring fire dulled to a small flame, so did Drew's hopes of marrying Des. She broke his heart and off he went, such a wonderful young man, so deserving of something more. Really.
Next Des met Chris at the beach but when he started off the day with a joke and made her smile, the date seemed to go in a different direction than Drew's date. They boarded a catamaran and took off on a nice, normal, lovey-dovey Chris and Des date. The kissing, the hugging, the laughing, the bare skin, it all looked pretty good as we sat on our couches with our breath held. At dinner they continued to talk about his feelings for her and then they moved to the bed with some champs and Chris pulled out a journal he'd prepared for her with his own poems and a dedication. Oh yea, and he also gave her a framed poem with all his dried roses pressed into the glass. This guy is one big romantic and was giving so much to Des, she finally opened her eyes and realized that this was the real thing with Chris. Not chasing some guy who never gave back what she offered. Chris still had no idea that Drew went bye bye and even though he was the last contestant, there was still a chance she'd be too broken up over Brooks to accept his imminent proposal. Gasp!
He met the parents but it was the brother who took over the grilling of the new boyfriend. No surprise there. My hubby was joking that the Bro should be the next Bachelor and I was telling him to be quiet so I could hear what Bro said. He liked Chris well enough to let him off easy and not risk another year of not talking to his sister. The parents were silent; was there a mother?, and after a quick blessing from Des's Dad, Chris went off to prepare his marriage proposal. Notice how Des did not speak with her parents? Didn't ask them anything? She spoke briefly to Bro but the ice was so thick in the room you could barely see them.
Next day it looked like Des would suit up for the final rose ceremony and Chris went off to 'buy' a ring. When Chris exited the limo with the ring box in his pocket, we still didn't know if Des would put him through all this only to tell him she wasn't in love with him.
And, before Chris got down on one knee, she stopped him. His face went blank as he stood to hear what she had to say. Note: Chris looks most handsome when he's serious and struggling. Anyone else notice this? Wow. Des told him that Drew was gone, had left days before, Chris was the only one left and she'd been torn up about Brooks, struggling with that this week.  until she realized what she most wants is right in front of her. She loves him. They hugged, kissed, whispered to each other and he took a knee to propose. She said "A thousand times yes!" and all across America women (and some men) were cheering. I had tears in my eyes knowing that Chris is a much better fit for Des than any of the others, according to what we saw on the show.
In the after show, Brooks stated he still didn't love Des the way she had wanted, she told him she's engaged to Chris, Drew came out in a blue suit looking sweet and hurt and we all felt terrible for the kid, I mean man. Chris joined Des on stage and they look super happy. Very cuddly and sweet. She's moving to Seattle this weekend to be with him so I'm hoping for good weather to welcome the latest Bachelorette to the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully we'll see them around town and they can double date with the Mesnicks. Something about Seattle makes great fiancees. Catherine and Sean visit too.
It was a happy ending on The Bachelorette last night and now we keep our fingers crossed that they'll make it through the engagement to the wedding. Hint: Please don't have the wedding on TV no matter how much they pay you. Read my novella The Husband Hunt -Kat's Season to see how to have a happy ending and give up the limelight after the show.
Oh, and Juan Pablo is the next Bachelor but that didn't surprise me at all. America's love affair with the Venezuelan soccer player and Daddy, proved they'd be shooting themselves in the foot over at The Bachelor if they'd chosen another contestant from Des's season. January is a long way off to wait for Juan Pablo but in the meantime, check out The Husband Hunt series on Amazon. And stare a this pic of J.P.

Kim Hornsby is the author of two novels and two novellas on Amazon. Her contemporary romance series is based on The Bachelor and titled The Husband Hunt


Friday, August 2, 2013

Despicable Me 2- What the Heck?

Last night I went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2 and encountered something I've never seen before. Well, I've seen it but never to this degree. When it started, I wondered what was going on but soon realized that people loved the first movie and were ready to laugh when they bought their ticket for the second in this series.
Yes, it was laughter that I encountered. I've never heard an audience laugh so much for a full 90 minutes. Maybe I haven't been going to the right movies. The family beside me was in hysterics over everything and a huge group down at the front of the theatre hooted every time the minions came on. The group I was with laughed heartily at almost every joke. I'm a very quiet audience member and even I laughed out loud many times. It was like having our very own live laugh track and you know what purpose those things fill. Or should I say 'filled' because I don't think any self respecting comedy uses them anymore, do they?
I don't usually review movies. I leave that to my sis who writes SusieQ'sMovieReviews.  but I must mention that this movie is really funny. As well as having a terrific story line (bad guy disguised as a mall business owner wants to take over the world), the animation was superb, the characters were compelling and the voices were top-knotch. Steve Carrell does a fine job as Gru, the loveable former villain who's turned into a devoted Daddy of 3 girls. And Kristen Wiig was his partner in fighting crime and that gal is always good. I was particularly impressed with the colors and visual presentation of the movie. WOW! The purples are really purple and the reds are as red as anything you've ever seen. I think I've been staring at a black and white keyboard too much. It was a gorgeous movie in many ways and the silly minions are worth the price of admission. Even when the charming teenage boy said when he grew up, he wanted to play video games for a living, the theatre laughed. (I was sitting with an Xbox game designer and he snort laughed!).
So if you're looking for a movie this month, I highly recommend this one for all ages.

Kim Hornsby is the Best Selling Amazon author of THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE and NECESSARY DETOUR available on Amazon as well as a short story series based on THE BACHELOR - THE HUSBAND HUNT