Friday, August 2, 2013

Despicable Me 2- What the Heck?

Last night I went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2 and encountered something I've never seen before. Well, I've seen it but never to this degree. When it started, I wondered what was going on but soon realized that people loved the first movie and were ready to laugh when they bought their ticket for the second in this series.
Yes, it was laughter that I encountered. I've never heard an audience laugh so much for a full 90 minutes. Maybe I haven't been going to the right movies. The family beside me was in hysterics over everything and a huge group down at the front of the theatre hooted every time the minions came on. The group I was with laughed heartily at almost every joke. I'm a very quiet audience member and even I laughed out loud many times. It was like having our very own live laugh track and you know what purpose those things fill. Or should I say 'filled' because I don't think any self respecting comedy uses them anymore, do they?
I don't usually review movies. I leave that to my sis who writes SusieQ'sMovieReviews.  but I must mention that this movie is really funny. As well as having a terrific story line (bad guy disguised as a mall business owner wants to take over the world), the animation was superb, the characters were compelling and the voices were top-knotch. Steve Carrell does a fine job as Gru, the loveable former villain who's turned into a devoted Daddy of 3 girls. And Kristen Wiig was his partner in fighting crime and that gal is always good. I was particularly impressed with the colors and visual presentation of the movie. WOW! The purples are really purple and the reds are as red as anything you've ever seen. I think I've been staring at a black and white keyboard too much. It was a gorgeous movie in many ways and the silly minions are worth the price of admission. Even when the charming teenage boy said when he grew up, he wanted to play video games for a living, the theatre laughed. (I was sitting with an Xbox game designer and he snort laughed!).
So if you're looking for a movie this month, I highly recommend this one for all ages.

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