Monday, July 29, 2013

The Bachelorette Wants to Quit

The episode of The Bachelorette that we've been waiting for is over and the mystery of who dumped Des has been solved. Brooks is not in crazy love with Des and can't see himself proposing in two weeks.
But first, Drew's date on Antigua, the jewel of the Caribbean. Tucked inside a convertible jeep, the two kissing fools drove, stopped to kiss, drove some more, kissed some more. They ended up at a party (with a view), complete with drinks, souvenirs, limbo, dancing, mid-day picnic and loads more kissing. He's a cutie for sure and Des thinks he's hot. I think if you are not the mother of a teenage boy, Drew is appealing. Just sayin'. The dinner on the beach was cancelled due to torrential rain and the kissers had to proceed directly to the fantasy suite. Drew didn't seem to miss dinner too much at this point. They settled on the rose petal strewn bed to kiss, and kick the cameras out.

Next came Chris from Seattle's date, but by this point we all knew the ding dong ditch guy was Brooks. They gave it away in the opener. We sat on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen. For the next date, Chris and Des got in a helicopter, flew around the islands in the breathtaking beauty of teal, green and white fluffy clouds, and landed on Barbudo beach to have a picnic. If kissing is any indication of love, Chris has his work cut out for him in the Fantasy Suite. But, he and Des are very cute together and I think Chris might have the best sense of humor. He is a definite fan fav at this point too and if the unthinkable happens and he doesn't end up with Des, we just might be seeing more of him on The Bachelor later this year. At dinner he asked if Des could live in Seattle, offering the tidbit that they could get a cute little house on the water. Okay, I live in the Seattle area and that's exactly how my husband got me here but do I now live on the water? Nope. 15 years later, we are happy but not on any body of water. And it rains like crazy pants here from October to June. I was screaming at the T.V. to tell her this, but she ended up saying she could live in Seattle. Yes, indeedy, she could if the love was strong enough. Des and Chris had dinner on the beach while the most annoying birds (or an oil drill) squealed in the background for the entirety of their dinner and then during their fantasy suite tour.
 After loads of locking lips in the hot tub, we left them alone for the night and traveled to Idaho where Brooks was consulting his mom and sis about not being crazy in love with Des. At that point it was written in stone and all that needed to be done was for Brooks and his hair to get to Antigua and break up with the woman who was falling in love with him. He had no idea at this point that she was in love with him. He might've thought that Chris was the one. Or Drew. After a big ole heart to heart with ChrisBHarrison, he met with Des to break her heart in a twenty minute crying fest on the end of a picturesque dock. Was there any woman out there who didn't feel her pain? It brought back baaaaad memories of the same thing happening to me once and remembering that, I built a big wall around my body on my couch, metaphorically speaking. It took another 20 minutes for Brooks to walk down the road. He was so broken up too. Des wouldn't let him go and he wouldn't walk away. He wanted to make it right before he left but didn't he know the formula? You tell them it's over and leave. At that point you can't comfort them. You are the enemy. And didn't we all wonder what his idea of love is if he's missing her so much before he gets in the limo? I think Brooks is too mixed up and hope like crazy that they don't bring  him back next week because he gets second thoughts. That's just a recipe for heartbreak souflee.

Next week Des tells ChrisBHarrison she just wants to go home. She's done. It's over. The gig is up.  If I was Mike Fleiss, THE producer of this show, I'd let her take a day or two, and everyone could re-convene after that. Maybe even fly everyone back to the mansion or a new fancy spot for thinking time, have Des see a counsellor and continue if she thinks there is any hope. Seriously though, I doubt that there is any hope for the other two men after this. I wish I was a fly on the hut when the producers talked about what to do in Antigua. I wonder if Des's contract came out and a lawyer was called. Poor Des. I hope by now she's moved on from Brooks and is in love with Drew or Chris but it was hard to watch. Especially because I have the flu. This episode with so many tears and hugs and hair pulling left me feeling more fluish. At least Des's mascara didn't run.
Now all we have to do is wait another excruciating week to find out what the heck they decide to do.

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