Monday, July 15, 2013

The Bachelorette - Still in Love with Brooks

This week was hometowns on the Bachelorette and we all know what that means--wacky families come out of the woodwork to ruin it for their hopeful child.
The first hometown was Zack's in Texas where the two lovebirds drove around in a Kona Snowcone truck and ended up at an elementary school to dish out snow cones to the little kids. Zack dressed up like a penguin, thereby securing the top spot as a wacky fun guy and then took her to meet the most welcoming family ever in the history of The Bachelorette. Everyone was funny, fun, handsome, welcoming, and when the bro and sis stood up at the end to sing a song that Zack wrote, it was the icing on an already 17 layer cake. The cherry on top was Zack professing he loved her and giving her a ring he'd bought when he realized that he was in love with her. I was officially in love with Zack by the next commercial. If he lives near his family, then I'd take him in a heartbeat. Can you spell PERFECT?

The next visit was to Drew's family in Scottsdale AZ. They went to pick up Drew's mentally challenged sister where she lives in a special home and then everyone converged at Drew's mom and Step Dad's house. All was fun and merry, and Des charmed the pants right off the group. That visit couldn't have gone better, including Drew telling her he loved her in a "bold" way, she said. Personally, I just saw him throw it into the conversation but I'm not The Bachelorette.

Then off to Oregon where we hooked up with Chris in a park and ventured on to hit baseballs to see if Des is the girl for him. Turned out she can catch and hit and passed the baseballing test with flying colors. At Chris's house, the parents were warm and fun and wonderful, even though the Dad, who is a chiropractor took Des to the basement to give her an adjustment on her back, then proceeded to adjust Chris's nostrils, treating America to Chris's snot closeup. Eww.
The final visit was Brooks in Utah. They canoed in a park, kind of dancing around each other conversationally and then drove over to someone's house overlooking the mountains in Utah. The large family had nametags on, teased Des and Brooks and were a lovely, welcoming group. No patriarch but lots of siblings. When Brooks kissed her goodbye, he was just starting to warm up to the idea that he really likes Des. Little does he know that everyone else is falling all over themselves in love while he isn't quite sure.

Des's brother Nate arrived in Los Angeles where the show ended up at the Beverly Hills Hotel and proceeded to creep us out with his strange threats. Des pretty much begged him to leave the guys alone if he intends to be on the family meeting date and he backed off slightly, saying he'd be mindful of her feelings and that the only reason he ruined it with Sean last time was that he knew better than her, that it wasn't a good match. He's a loose cannon for sure. Can't wait.
Again, Chris Harrison questioned Des about declaring Brooks the favorite and again, The Bachelorette voiced that she's hoping his feelings grow in the next few weeks. Chris is a close second after hometowns, in spite of the back adjustment, and that left Zack and Drew in the bottom two.
At the rose ceremony, Des cut Zack with the abs, and the fun, and the only manly one of the bunch. The others, I'm pretty sure all have pedicures. But then Zack got pretty choked up and had a lot to say in the limo, proving that he's not only manly but sensitive. Apparently he can't find a girl to love him. I'm gonna bet he watched tonight's show with a woman curled beside him or if he didn't I'll bet he'll be watching next week with a girlfriend. He's a nice man, with a great family and studly to boot. And has had national coverage.
Next week is Bachelor Tells All (kind of out of sync for the usual way it's done) and two weeks from now, I believe Drew announces something and leaves. Or Brooks. Des looks pretty broken up about something and threatens to leave the show. She's wearing the outfit from her date with Brooks if that gives anyone a hint.
Checking my calendar now to make sure I've cleared the next three Mondays. How about you? For a show that started out slow, it's gaining speed for a nice run to the finish. Who's your money on?

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt an Amazon short story book series modeled after The Bachelor.

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