Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tears Flow on The Bachelorette

Last night the tears flowed on The Bachelorette, not only from Des who can't take all the ulterior motives and playing for the camera amongst the men, but from James the wide as he is tall contestant who had the Red Cross date in Jersey.
But I am getting ahead of myself here. When the show opened they were in Barcelona Spain and the first date was a one on one with Drew, the boyish blonde who is quietly falling in love with Des. They explored Barcelona, ordered hot cocoa and got whipped cream mustaches (which Drew kissed off!--a bold move) and couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other. When the two love birds sat down to dinner, Drew grabbed her hand and they ran away from the cameras to neck out in the alleyway only to have the film crew catch up with their 1,000 watt light bulbs and film the whole thing. I was shocked that Drew had it in him. Shocked. Once he got her all hot and steamed up, he threw a pail of water on the scene by telling her about James' ulterior motive to be the next Bachelor if she doesn't pick him as her husband. Wow Drew! Couldn't you have waited until you ate dinner?
Needless to say that was the end of the date. Des was heartbroken but rallied for the soccer group date the next day.
I was drooling to see Juan Pablo play soccer and we got a bit of the Spanish hunk but not nearly enough. He's one of the truly manly men and I think the Bachelorette producers did a great injustice to not feature him more on camera. According to tweets, women love Juan Pablo. It was the girls against the guys at the Barcelona stadium and after the girls whupped some bachelor butt they had a party. Des took Chris to her bedroom to read poetry, thereby securing the fact that Chris is a front runner, while the rest of the men confront James about his motives on the show. What??? Michael played attorney while James played guilty and Kasey was the star witness. By the time Chris and Des got back all hell had broken loose and the party was over except for Des talking to James. Again. Just let the smooth talking charmer go! She either really likes him or won't admit that someone is not there for her. James talked his way out of elimination and returned with the men for another sleep in Barcelona. Awkward!
The next date was meant to be a break from all the drama of James and that it was with Zak the ab guy who drills for oil. If this isn't a metaphor... They have a drawing lesson and the result is drawing portraits of each other which ends up with hilarity at Zach's horrific depiction of Des. I laughed out loud. How about you? It was genuinely funny and even Des dropped to the art school floor laughing. I like Zach, even though he loves to show off his six pack. Their dinner was just the right amount of fun and romance and of course he got his rose.
Back at the hotel, James confronted Drew and there was lots of swearing and shouting and I'm beginning to wonder if the guys don't like James. Shut up already and go home!
James squeezed in between two guys on the couch and was instantly taken to the naughty room to talk, yet again. Des and James cry, hug, worry and he's sent off to endure the rose ceremony where he is eliminated along with Juan Pablo!! What was Des thinking, not even getting a kiss out of the handsome single dad/soccer player?
Michael the whiny attorney got the surprise rose and now we're down to a small amount of men with no one to fight about. What will they do?
Previews for next week show that Drew has a secret and I'm betting it has something to do with being a metrosexual. They venture to Madeira and it looks like the drama follows, Des threatens to quit and the men who are there for the right reasons (to write poetry, to let hair grow longer, to show off abs and practice prosecution skills) get all 'deer caught in headlights' and have to endure more tears.
Good stuff! See you next week...

Kim Hornsby is the author of The Husband Hunt series on Amazon books patterned after The Bachelor.http://amzn.com/B00BN1YNS0


  1. My money's on Brooks. Can't believe she didn't dump Michael. Sometimes I think Des is single for a reason. Shaking my head here and starting to think she deserves everything she gets.

  2. Yes, I think Brooks will re-surface and ride the wave to the end. (Forgive me, I'm in Hawaii right now!)