Friday, July 26, 2013

Juan Pablo, the next Bachelor!

Update: August 6
Juan Pablo IS the next Bachelor!!! It's official. Women were screaming in delight at the announcement last night on After the Final Rose. Now we just have to wait until January to see what happens in September, October, November with J.P.

blog- from July 26th...

I didn't post Monday night with my take on Men Tell All but that doesn't mean I didn't see Ben look like a cornered Baboon on Monday night on THE BACHELORETTE- The Men Tell All, or watch James dig himself deeper into the "I don't understand commitment" hole. Michael got to prosecute a little more, Zak W got to sing another original song about his feelings, Hashtag Kasey got more airtime than he got on the actual show, the Fantasy Suite guy got to apologize for his misuse of what he thought would be funny,

Anyone else out there believe that Juan Pablo would make a terrific Bachelor? I do. Forget Zack W. or James (bad joke), I lurv Juan Pablo. His name, by the way, is said this way--WhoWawn Pawblow.  Blow a little on the "who" part.

This is my early prediction:
After the Men Tell All episode aired on Monday, I bet the producers of this franchise were considering the possibility of Zack W. as a Bachelor. However, once J.P. took the hot seat, it became apparent that the soccer player from Miami who happens to be a Daddy, is the biggest fan favorite in the history of The Bachelor. It might be the Latin lover thing but he is also a well spoken lovely person, something we did not get to see on Des's Bachelorette season because the producers wrote him off early. Until the tweets started to fly about J.P., I'm pretty sure the Bach powers-that-be had no idea he'd be taken into the bosom of American women everywhere and coddled like the sexy, tight jean-wearing hottie he is. Now we find out he's an interesting person on camera. The blatant omission of airtime for such a unique contender was almost as terrible as Des's impression that he's a Latin hottie. Even on Monday's show, all she could say was "Muy Caliente". It was very inappropriately timed when Des said this after the nation got to see the soft, lovely side of Juan Pablo. The men love him too. He's a definite favorite in the house and I believe he's the full meal deal with Daddyhood being the most important part of his life. Just sayin'. If he didn't go to the Ben school of Fathering, speaks English beautifully and women are intrigued, what are you waiting for Bachelor producers? Have you even looked at him through female eyes?

Here are my thoughts on Monday night, in a nutshell:

Kasey was well spoken but got too much time.
Ben was buried as a daddy on national TV by someone we didn't even know. Boy they sure hated Ben!
James just didn't get it. You don't plan future dates when you 'have a girlfriend'. You weren't in it for Des.
Zack is a sweetheart, a real man. And he can actually sing! (But please stop)
Michael is a prosecutioning player/jerk. He'll ride the Bachelor party train until he has to get off.
Bryden said nothing
Kasey said too much
Juan Pablo for president, I mean the next Bachelor. I believe that one of the reasons they taped early and aired early for Men Tell All, was not only because of what is going down on Monday with Brooks (or Drew) but because they wanted to gauge the public's opinion of both Zack and Juan Pablo to see who to offer the Golden Rose of Bachelorhood to. Filming for that will begin in a few weeks, don't cha know?
Can't wait to see who breaks Des's heart. It won't be pretty but I'm hoping it's Brooks, kinda. He doesn't deserve her love at this point.

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