Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bachelorette Could End Right Now

This week the group that remains on this year's Bachelorette flew to Madeira (off Spain) and professed it the most romantic place in the world. If you don't fall in love here, there's something wrong with you, apparently.
But at the end of the show we heard that The Bachelorette is in love with one lucky guy and Chris Harrison asked if it's over this early. Should they stop now?
Desiree answered that she wanted to keep an open mind and to continue.
Here's what happened:
With only five men left, the group of six cruised around Madeira's coast aboard a schooner, laughing, talking, oo'ing and ah'ing then checked in to their hotel rooms overlooking a spectacular view of the ocean, pool, and red tiled buildings. Every view is a postcard in itself.
Brookes got the first date and aside from being the worst dresser in the group, he looks like a sweet man. A tan suites him. Desiree REALLY likes him. They had a wonderful drive up to the clouds, did some talkin' and drinkin' and admitted they are on cloud 9 with each other. Turns out Des more than Brookes. She's one beat shy of being in love and Brookes likes her a whole lot.
The next date was with Chris who now reminds me of Adam Levine and looks like the best one of the bunch. He's funny, charming, cute and Des seems to really like him a whole lot. They took a yacht to a rocky island and enjoyed a picnic among the wildflowers, but if they don't stop writing cheesey poetry, I'm going to have to change the channel. Oh wait. They aren't writing it for me and as long as they keep their stanza's amongst themselves, I'm okay. They co-wrote a poem, put it in a a bottle and threw it in the ocean. Cute.
The next day was with Michael, the prosecutor who doesn't stop talking long enough for us to see if he has any personality.  This was his first one on one with Des and is so far behind, I"m not sure anyone could catch up at this point. The town looked fabulous, quaint, fun, and the date was spent wandering the town. To his credit, Michael is a good dresser and is actually kind of cute but his social skills need some work. They might have edited it this way, but Des looked very bored on the date, while he talked a lot.
The last date of the night was a two on one with Zak and Drew (who has arm muscles I am now officially in love with). His face is pretty cute too. Well, let's face it, Drew is absolutely boy next door handsome/gorgeous and I'm not thinking he's not gay-ish anymore. He's a cutie pie but maybe too young for Des. Watching his arm muscles as he was kissing her was the highlight of my night. Drew is cute. Apparently Des thinks so too and gave him the rose, even though no one was going home on this two on one date. Zak was sad and confused even though he won the race track competition.
The trouble at this point is that all the men think they have a special connection with Des and aren't even considering that she has this going with all of them. They aren't considering that at least 4 of them have Des's attention. They are assuming they have the best connection with Des, over the rest. All except Brookes, who Des probably likes the most. Funny huh?
At the rose ceremony, Des wore a stunning aqua backless dress and stilletos and looked like a million bucks. She is such a photogenic gal with a sweet smile. While talking to Chris Harrison who apparently flies all over the world at the end of the week for 5 minutes on the air, Des admitted that she's in love with Brookes. This is something I've never seen before on this show-- calling the winner so early. But she also said that Brookes did not feel the same way and Chris from Seattle was basically a close second.
So, next week is hometowns which is always fun and bizarre and it looks like in two weeks Des is heartbroken and I am now thinking it's Brookes who leaves because he's just not in love. If wrinkled clothes and ugly cardigans are any indication of lack of interest, I might be wrong in calling the winner early. The Orlando Bloom/Russell Brand lookalike may not stick it out, after all.
What do you think? Next week has loads of kooky in law potential AND an added bonus in Des's brother, who marches to his own drummer and lurks in the shadows of the hotel's lobby. Can't wait.

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