Friday, August 16, 2013

Gia Allemand Has Died

Sweet Gia Allemand, everyone's friend, a former contestant from The Bachelor season 14 and Bachelor Pad (twice), allegedly hung herself on Monday and was taken off life support two days later. Her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, a basketball player with the New Orleans Pelicans arrived at her apartment in New Orleans to find her hanging from a metal staircase by the door. His cries from inside the apartment led engineer and neighbor, Mike Simpson to run down the hall, open the door and find Ryan clutching the woman lying on the floor. According to Simpson, who spoke with People Magazine, Ryan kept saying "Why Gia? Why?" CPR began. Another neighbor rushed in with police on the line and handed the phone to Anderson. The EMT's were there in 8 minutes but it was too late by then. Allemand was rushed to the hospital and went on life support but there was no reviving the 29 year old fitness instructor and model. She'd lost organ functions at that point. After friends and family arrived to say goodbye and last rites were given, they took her off support and let her go.
Her mother, Donna Gialetti, asks the public to ignore all theories on how Gia died, although I believe it's official that she committed suicide. According to Gialetti anyone who is related to her or knew her well, is not speaking to the media. Or tweeting. The Pelican's publicist and Gia's personal publicist are the only people who are speaking with both Ryan Anderson and the family and have issued statements to say when the funeral is over, the mother will speak.
But, social media being what it is, Allemand left several clues that she was not planning this suicide attempt. Her final posts on FB, pics on Instagram and tweets were upbeat. The last instagram was a quote about when you can't sleep, you are awake in someone's dream. Her last tweet was a quote from "Proverbs 21:3 'Doing what is right and fair pleases The Lord more than an offering.'"
 Nothing to do with depression, despair, lost hope. Something happened to lead a young woman to string a rope to a staircase and take her own life in the hour that Anderson stepped out. 
Very, very sad.
I read a comment yesterday that said, "If you are about to take your life, promise yourself you can do it tomorrow. Give yourself just 24 hours more." Impulse usually loses this horrific battle when 24 hours are on the table.
If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).