Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dragon's Teeth, Humpbacks & Cockatoos

No morning showers here!
Solar panels on the Maui house need a few hours to warm up the water so the first few hours of my days on Maui are spent drinking coffee in PJ's, writing and whale watching.

Every morning, humpback whales jump off shore in exactly the same spot between two palm trees in my field of vision. Not sure why but I can look to the right down the coast and see nothing, yet almost every twenty minutes there's big breaches out of the water between those trees.

For my last full day on Maui, I have to say I did one final read through of the screenplay I wrote about a caterer renting a perfect house in the snow for her parents at Christmas only to find the house occupied by an architectural team hoping to work quietly and avoid Christmas. It's not a book yet but if Hallmark picks it up, you can bet it will be by the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

Once that file was sent I went off snorkeling to watch the little fishies at Kapalua Bay. These days, that is a wonderful place to snorkel with the clarity and a nice little reef on the left that's easy to get to. I followed a sea turtle for a bit and got out of the water feeling satisfied.

Back at the house, we gardened for a few hours, working on the snow peas, the tomatoes, the weeds. Things grow well in this climate and gardening is a full-time job.

Plumeria tree in Winter

The plumeria trees are just starting to grow buds again that will turn into lush green leaves and fragrant flowers. The avocado tree has buds that will turn into baseball-sized avocados in a few months too. I'm here for snow peas and tomatoes. It started to rain, the trade winds blowing the weather in from the north so we decided to a make chicken noodle soup and put on sweatshirts.

Dragon's Teeth

The rain stopped and the wee doggy needed his last walk of the day so I took him up north to the Ritz Hotel where the Hawaiian burial ground is protected land near the golf course. We strolled around to what is now referred to as Dragon's Teeth then home for soup.
Because of the rain, I got a lovely sunset shot just as the big ball of warmth disappeared behind Lanai!

Kris, a neighbor and friend stopped by for soup for her sick husband and I ran to the store for a bottle of wine in her car that blocked the driveway. We each had a glass with our soup and Navajo fry bread and Kris went home two hours later, proclaiming her hubby was probably asleep by now.
Lynn popped in the movie Grand Budapest Hotel and that quirky story was the ending to another perfect day on Maui!

Trail Near the Burial Ground
As I type this, the woman next door is driving off to go ride her horse. Her cockatoo is calling after her, "Bye" in her exact voice. This lasts a full minute. That bird hates to be left alone.
I called over there, "Hello!" The big white bird stopped and mimicked my voice.
Now we're trading "Hellooooo's" across the lawn!

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