Friday, February 22, 2019

Chocolate, Rejection & Mai Tais

Day 2 on Maui involved chocolate cake for breakfast!

Lynn practically forced me to have some by putting cream cheese icing on top so once I had my first cuppa Kona coffee, I knew I had to have a big slice of that cake calling me from the fridge.

I worked most of the day on a screenplay, taking breaks to walk in Lynn's garden where she was pulling weeds and harvesting oranges and snow peas. Things grow really easily here. No babying and tending and coddling plants--they just shoot up!

I drove Lynn to work at Kaanapali Beach Hotel where she's a cocktail waitress at the Tiki Bar and then took the doggy for a walk along the beach and boardwalk. It's law that every 200 ft or so, there has to be beach access for the public so there are these little parking spots at the major hotels for beach goers. I parked at the Hyatt, walked through and had a nice time with my buddy on a leash.

Thing was, once I took that 'lil stinker off the leash, JoJo would not let me within 20 feet of him. When it came time to take him for a sunset walk at 6:30, I couldn't get him in the car or close enough to leash him. He's a skittish rescue boy who lived on the streets of Hilo so his nature is understandable but I had plans to take him for drinks at the Tiki Bar to see his mom last night and he just wouldn't follow me to the car. Rejected by a fifteen pound dog who is mostly ears!

At the Tiki Bar, I had a Mai Tai and talked to the gentleman at the next table who'd brought his elderly mom and dad on the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. The islands are full of people who never in their wildest dreams thought they would be able to afford such a trip but find it affordable in the winter if you do a package. Just when I'm crabbing about the island being too busy and crowded, I meet someone who is just so dang grateful to be here.

As I type this the doves are enjoying the morning sun on the rooftops across the street, chattering away, a lonely dog is moaning down the street, Molokai in the distance is now bathed in the morning sun and topped with a pink puffy cloud and I'm going to get another piece of chocolate cake.
Aloha Everyone!

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