Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Aloha Maui!

I'm HERE! And by here, I mean MAUI! Yipee Aloha!

Amid snow and rain and shivering in my sandals, I got to the Seattle Airport yesterday at 3 pm and proceeded to my gate with only 1 small carryon, a large purse and my big honkin poster/banner I take to book signings.
The flight was fine even though I was seated across from the rest room and kept getting bumped on my shoulder and head by people trying to squeeze by. The flight attendant gave me a big glass of wine and 500 airline miles to make up for my crappy (pun intended) seat!

I arrived at the Kahului airport at 10:30 last night just as a big storm was passing by. The streets were wet, the air sizzled with ions and my friend couldn't pick me up because the rain was that hard on West Maui~
The rain had stopped at the airport, I knew this because we'd just flown through the bumpy storm, and I grabbed a shuttle to West Maui.

I often tear up when I first get to the Valley Isle, thinking of all this island meant to me years ago, but I didn't last night, maybe because it was dark and I couldn't see much!
The shuttle dropped me off at my friend Lynn's house at 11:45 and after a good girlfriend chat we headed to our rooms for a nice sleep in the cool Maui air, everything washed clean by the torrential rains that had roads closed yesterday afternoon.
I slipped into 900 thread count sheets, laid my head on down stuffed pillows and fired up my Kindle to get in the mode to nod off. I'm reading Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harmon Series and you can tell this woman was nominated for a Pulitzer! Great story.

Woke to the hint of blue sky and puffy clouds and stayed in bed thinking how lucky I was to be on Maui, listening to the morning doves wake up. My coffee maker is in the attic between visits so I went up there, got the thing, washed it thoroughly and started the java. A girl's gotta have her coffee!
Lynn and her funny little dog JoJo (do you remember her rescuing him 2 years ago?) went off for their morning walk up north on the trails so I'm sitting at my laptop on the lanai (deck) and looking at revisions I need to do on a script. Today is a work day and if I'm a good girl a bunch of us girls are going to watch Crazy Rich Asians tonight on Lynn's Giant TV!

I'm hoping to get in that ocean this afternoon, maybe even meet a few fish.

Here I am trying to show you the same view in the photo above..

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I actually did today, my first day on Maui in 2019!

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