Monday, February 25, 2019

Barnes & Noble Booksigning and Brussels Sprouts

Book Signing Day on Maui!

Barnes & Noble, Maui was kind enough to invite me to sign books at their new location near the Kahului Airport and although the Saturday spot was taken, the Sunday spot was not and so I toted my big honkin' banner across the Pacific to erect for the event.

The people at B&N are so lovely and dedicated to getting books to deserving people, I just love what they stand for--Jenifer, Jordan, Kelani etc. And the new spot is very nice considering they had to get out of Lahaina PDQ and find another venue if Maui wanted to have a bookstore.
Lots if familiar faces dropped in including Ray and Diane who I originally met at a booksigning years ago and Suzi O' who knows me from the days when I used to sing on Maui and a host of other people. Even Sci Fi author Charlie Magee dropped by with his lovely mother and cousin to buy books.

Book signings are strange beasts for a mid-list author and when it was time to leave, I signed any remaining books and went to lunch with a group of friends who'd come by. After a quick stop at Costco to get one of those delicious $5 chickens and some veggies, we got on the road, the three women, to drive back to Lahaina side. Somewhere around Ma'alaea traffic was backed up and we found out via our smart phone technology and tweets from friends that there was a two-hour hold up on the road due to an accident at Mile 14 marker. We didn't know what happened except a silver Mustang side-swiped a car, spun, crossed the center line and there was a head on collision. The ambulance passed us as we sat waiting to move forward a few feet at a time. No fatality.
Luckily when you are stuck in this situation with women friends like Lynn and Rebecca, we had so much to discuss the two hours flew by!
Also, it's a coastal road during whale season so you do the math on that one. Hello Whales!

Back home, Lynn took the wee doggy (who'd come with us and enjoyed my book signing event too) for a beach walk while I continued writing the screenplay I have been working on all week. As Lynn says, "You have to hand in the paper on Tuesday!"
Lynn made Brussels Sprouts with bacon and blue cheese, pasta with parm, and I sliced the chicken (big effort) and we enjoyed a wonderful meal at her new dining room table.
Bedtime found us early. By the time we finished dinner all awards had been given out for the Oscars and I watched some acceptance speeches while Lynn watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on her laptop.

Another amazing sunny, warm, friendly, awesome day also because I think I might have 20 new readers on Maui!

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