Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pineapple, Snorkeling & Screenplays

Monday was a work day for me on Maui. I needed to get this Christmas Romance Screenplay off to a producer on Tuesday so I had to plant my butt in the chair, overlooking the ocean and get busy. It didn't seem strange to be writing about snow and mistletoe and going caroling while listening to the palm tree fronds swish together off the deck in the trade breeze. Not at all. I wrote for 2 hours before I allowed myself a break to walk around the garden and make some breakfast.

I'd bought a pineapple at the store, something I would never pay for when I lived here because of all the pineapple fields near my house, fields that went to waste, not harvested because of expense. And I'd bought a papaya, something I threw away the first time I cut one open to see the black ball seeds inside. I made a fruit salad with bananas from the garden and these two fruits.

The day was spent writing with a break for lunch and a break for beach time at 3. I went to Kapalua Bay, the place where my husband and I were married decades ago. The beach was packed with tourists, something that always surprises me when I'm remembering the island of yesteryear. It was calm, clear water, sunny skies and absolutely gorgeous.

The snorkel was fun and because I had Lynn's car and she needed to get to work, I soaked up the sun quickly and left after an hour.
I met my reader friend, Ray and his wonderful wife, Diane, from Iowa, at the Barefoot Bar at the Hula Grill and seated right beside the bar we listened to the music, talked, laughed, talked story, drank Mai Tais and ordered food to soak up the rum, Curacao, orgeet and lime juice. I had the coconut crusted calamari with salsa and it was yummy!
Such great fun with two lovely people who absolutely love the Hawaiian Islands and the culture.
Back to KBH to wait for Lynn to finish work and one more Mai Tai later, we were heading home to hit the hay early. We wake up early around here so ten o'clock bedtime is just about perfect. My plan was to spend the morning, doing a final read-through of the screenplay before sending it off, then snorkel tomorrow as my reward!

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  1. Love your blogs, I am so jelly! Hoping to get out to Maui October or November. It has been too long. :-)