Saturday, February 2, 2019

Beach Houses - Just Because

Beach Houses: I love 'em. I love the light blues, the wood, the palm trees, the salty breezes, driftwood, sand, hammocks.
If I had a beach house, I'd write looking at the ocean, drink gin and tonics, wear stripes, play guitar on the porch, sing scat, wear coral colored lipstick, eat salads, twirl in long skirts.
What would you do?
Here's some photos to inspire you...

I call this one Frond Cottage

                    I call this one Blue Bungalow

                     This one is The Hangin' House

                    I call this Seagull Hideaway

                               This one is Sandy Shack

            This one is Seashell Cottage

                          Begonia Cottage


This one is called New Beginnings...+

Which one would you choose if you were given a cottage? I like them all but the Hangin' House speaks to me.

I hope you were able to daydream a bit, looking at these!

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