Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Dream Jumper's Promise #2!!

I have no problem being #2. Ever. In any situation (except love). At this point - 36 hours into a 48 hour FREE KINDLE giveway on Amazon I have 'sold' over 10,000 copies of this novel and am holding at #2 for Women's Fiction and Contemporary. I'm holding at #3 for Romantic Suspense. Strangely enough, the gal who is beating me has both books above mine. I won't put her name here and give her free publicity until my free days ends. BUT I did email her to say congrats. I'm not a total jerk, just partial. Having auditioned all my life for parts in acting, I won't help another competitor during the competition. Learned that lesson the hard way. I'm thrilled she and I are doing so well and I bet she is too although she is not a new author.
I can't pull myself away from the computer today except to get tea, drive my son to sell a soccer jersey and go to the loo. It's so exciting. Both nights I've stayed awake watching the numbers go up.
Last time I went free I got to #6 in Women's Fiction for one hour but mostly stayed below the top ten line for all 3 days. This time I did more marketing, tweeted, FB'ed to the point of nausea and changed my blurb and cover.
The cover now has more of the bronzed bodies on the front cover, darker blue in the sky and a more compelling lead line: "A mysterious ability, a broken promise, a life changed forever"
And I put Christine M. Fairchild's quote at the beginning of my description to get her opinion on the page seeing she's the Editor Devil and they keep removing her great review.
The blurb now focuses more on the romance. I didn't want it to sound like the typical romance blurb but I think it came off showing the reader that there will be some hot stuff in the pages of this book. After all, I want to represent it truthfully and also sell books. What I noticed last time I went free was that the top downloads had couples on the cover in an intimate pose. And that the blurbs were not beautifully written. So I went ahead and tried to model them.
I read a review this week for an edgy book called Sins and Needles and she rounded up many pro reviews before her free days and put them before her blurb. Her book did really well on the free listings so I copied her.
Must go now and tweet again. Maybe some last minute efforts to sell in the UK too before all the Brits go to bed!
Wish me luck

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