Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blogging and Promoting is Harder than Writing

I'm exhausted from all this writing! Truly.
It's hard work learning how to have a social imprint and keep your foot in the print. And I am the kind of person who goes at things with 100% of myself. (I wanted to say 110% but there is no such thing and like I've told a million people, I hate exaggeration.
My little book that could NECESSARY DETOUR has had a lovely week hobknobbing with some big sellers on Amazon and is holding its own in the top 25 for romantic suspense. I'm in there with Nicolas Sparks and Safe Haven, Sins and Needles and Lisa Jackson. Also an up and comer (pun intended) is a book about a Dom and those things are doing really well right now in our sexually emerging society. Poor little Necessary Detour has a few kisses and a sexy scene at the end but mostly it's a woman's journey a romance and suspense. I love my little book that could. After being told to get under the bed for 2 years, I'm now regretful that I didn't give it more credit. All I needed was to change the name! And cut out some beginning pages! Easy!
I still want an agent if anyone reads this and they are a kick ass literary agent with the certificate or whatever accreditation one needs to wheel and deal for foreign and film rights.

Today I'm blogging here and talking a little bit about taking Necessary Detours in life:
Come over to visit. You might win a cool rocker bracelet!
Over and out.

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