Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bye Bye Tierra

She's gone. Tierra has left the building. It took Sean's sister flying all the way to St. Croix to get him to realize that the girl who doesn't get along with the other girls is the red flag. Basically all that matters is that he finally put her out of her misery.
I agree with Sean. She was unhappy in that Bachelor setting. Not used to sharing, not used to having her 'sparkle' dimmed. Now Tierra can go wherever she needs to go to have her sparkle recharged. I have to stop and formally thank that girl for talking about her sparkle because it was just so priceless after all the drama and fighting in the house brought on by her. Sparkle = Catty Mean Girl
As I watched The Bachelor last night I wondered what Sean thought while watching at his home, when it took him all these episodes to see that the girl who fell up the stairs, suffered from hypothermia and was at the center of all the strife in the house was not going to be a good wife or mother to his children. When his sister Shay arrived and reminded him that he'd vowed to watch out for the girl  who doesn't get along with the other girls, I almost cried with relief. I so want Sean to end up with someone. He is not a Hollywood player, not yet. And if he gets out while he still can, he may never turn out to be on another reality show or have a sponsorship deal with a product, or attend another Bachelor reunion party to hook up with former contestants in a boozy show of Bachelor love. Sean deserves, from what I've seen, to go quietly into the night with his true love (AshLee) and disappear. To never grace the cover of US magazine.
From what we see of future episodes, Des's brother pretty much threatens to finish off Sean and his Hollywood ways so I'll go out on a limb here and say she'll be gone after next week. Catherine gets very little air time so she might be a big reveal as one of the last two. The producers love to edit the show with an 'out of nowhere' finish. But it also looked like while Sean waits to propose at that last moment, something unusual happens, someone doesn't arrive, (maybe this is Des's boyfriend finally showing up) or someone comes back. (Please stay home Tierra, you have years of therapy coming your way after this). And Lindsay, who has been a patient cutie pie since she first showed up in a wedding dress, well I'm not sure what to say. They sure do like to kiss each other but is that enough to base a lifetime of wedded bliss on? The other gal sent home last night was Lesley. The camera showed very little of their date, not much of her departure and moved on quickly. She just couldn't give enough of herself to Sean until she affirmed she would be the last girl standing. Thus, the conundrum of the Bachelor. You must love 'til you hurt and then really get devastated when he picks someone else.
Next week is Hometowns. Always fun. Looks like the siblings throw some curve balls into the dreams of several girls and Lindsay's 2 star general dad might be a stinker. Tune in next week for more drama --stuff never seen before in Bachelor history.
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What do you think about Sean's choices? Who's your pick?

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