Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FREE NOVEL Download on Kindle!!

My novel Necessary Detour is FREE today until Sunday on Amazon Kindle! Please "buy" it and help a poor starving author reach her dream of getting this one into the top ten list for FREE KINDLE.

After a stalker's attack, rock star Goldy Crossland flees L.A. for her secluded lake house in Northern Washington. Retired from the music business, she hopes to avoid both the press and her psychotic fan. But obscurity leaves her restless, and when a mysterious--and disturbingly handsome--new neighbor moves in, she can't resist spying.

Pete Bayer is undeniably attractive, but Goldy quickly realizes there's something strange going on in the log house across the bay. Is he a member of the paparazzi? Or a much more sinister threat? Despite her suspicions, Goldy can't deny her fascination with him.

When the press discovers her hideout, it's Pete who offers an escape route, but it comes with a price. Unwillingly drawn into his dangerous world, Goldy soon learns the reason behind Pete's secrecy--and her crush on her charming neighbor takes a deadly turn.

RETIRED ROCK STAR finds trouble in the woods of Northern Washington.

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