Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hometowning Eliminates DES!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Des?! The Katie Holmes lookalike is gone, sent packing.
ean Lowe said last night on The Bachelor that he wasn't sure he was making a great decision but after the brother calling him a playboy, he just couldn't see himself fitting in with that family. Thanks Bro for ruining Des's life!
In the episode that aired last night, Sean first went to meet AshLee's parents, knowing that AshLee is madly in love with him, this is it, never before has anyone been able to get inside her guarded heart who isn't her family. AshLee is so ready for Sean to say I love you, that it hurts when he doesn't. It's going to kill us if he doesn't pick her. Forget AshLee, we will hurt for weeks.
The parents were lovely, the father recounted the moment he met AshLee who was a 4 year old girl in a foster home and I tell you, I had a tear in my eye. It was a touching story. Sean hit it off with the folks in a Christian values sort of way and then went to Seattle to throw fish at Pike Street market with Catherine. They had tons of good fun but when Catherine's sisters put a damper on the 'is she ready for kids' question, Sean was surprised. Sure, Catherine is fun and gorgeous and wonderful but is she ready to settle down and put an apron on? Maybe not. Next Sean met the 2 star general who ended up being very approachable and gave Sean permission to propose to his daughter if it ended up that way. Sean and Lindsay did lots more smooching and pushing frosted cupcakes into each other's faces and no one called him a playboy. The last stop was Des's house where things were going only okay until her brother took Sean outside for a talk and quickly dumped a pail of water on the nice little bonfire of love between Des and Sean. So much for family Christmases and going for beers with the bro in law. Sean was officially insulted and freaked out and left early. Wimp.
I think the reason Sean was so undecided about who to let go at the rose ceremony, besides the fact that he's falling in love with 4 women and ready to take things to the next level and all that Bachelor talk, is that he gave up on Des so quickly. He didn't fight for her or his right to not be a playboy. In this instance the takeaway (known in sales tactics) did not work. Sean Lowe walked away without talking it out with Des. Not fair.
Tonight we get to see real time (sort of) Sean tell us his thoughts on what's aired so far. Thought of Tierra will be in there and that's always interesting when they finally get to see their 'girlfriend' being nasty and mean.
You gotta know Tierra is being courted right now by producers to do Bachelor Pad this summer. I'm sure those smooth talking prods are saying 'it's a chance to show America who you really are'. And speaking of spin off shows, I have a great idea: Bachelor Villains Dating Show. All the former stupid contestants who said horrible things to the camera during their stint on The Bachelor get to come back and do a dating show. Oh wait, that's kind of Bachelor Pad if you added in some nice ones. Well, you see where I'm going with this and it could be called The Bachevil.
Just sayin'

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