Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skin is Alive and Well at the Grammys

Many female celebrities obviously did not get the memo this week warning the attendees of showing too much skin. Hoping to avoid a wardrobe malfunction re-creation or an intentionally attention- getting skimpy costume, the Grammy powers that be issued a warning to ask award goers to dress with more taste than they should be given credit for. The idea of dressing sexy and shaking booty to attract men and attention is as old as the hills and knowing the kind of publicity JLo got with her green open to the waist dress years ago and the excitement Janet Jackson caused when her boob accidentally slipped out of it's holster on the Super Bowl show years ago, no female celebrity in their right mind (except Adele) is going to miss the opportunity to show skin on the red carpet and get talked about all over the country. It's free publicity at its finest and aside from wearing a white swan wrapped around you, wearing an outlandish outfit at an awards show is going to get you points. Album sales, movie sales, auditions, attention. Just ask Kelly Rowland who is obviously aiming to make a comeback after her Super Bowl performance with Beyonce, reuniting Destiny's Child. Tonight she wore what looked like a black cutout snowflake, barely covering her pubic area and nipples. She obviously missed the memo.
How about J Lo who will not be ignored (think Glenn Close in that movie about the stalker) and took to wearing a black satin bed sheet covering one diagonal part of her body. I personally love that she's not afraid to show her hefty legs but I almost laughed out loud to see her pose, which you gotta know was practiced in a mirror all day. Kimbra looked like a fairy in her dress which showed a lot of pale thin skin but strangely didn't seem sexy even though it was see through. Maybe it was Gotye on her arm or her strange hairdo. Rhianna, on the other hand, wore a tangerine piece of see through cloth that showed everything but what a pair of low rise jeans would hide. Going completely topless to award shows is on the horizon, I can tell. Florence of the Machine rocked a kelly green gown with what would be considered a sexy slit for England but had nothing on JLo. Katy Perry gathered 'the boys' together in a peek -a -boo mint green cutaway gown that featured her high forehead. Between she and Rhianna, I have to wonder if high foreheads aren't going to be the thing this year. Even Taylor Swift, who dates high schoolers showed more skin than she ever has in a toga that hid her frontage in two swathed columns of ecru fabric. And Alicia Keyes who never enters into that fashion show shi_ showed more skin than past years in a cutaway catwoman- like leather belt type bodice in her dress. After her display of leg and skin in the SuperBowl show, Beyonce looked like she was attending a PTA meeting tonight and I have to say that I liked it. Faith Hill rocked her invisaline braces in a gorgeous gown tastefully discreet and Carrie Underwood took the same high road.
Back to Adele who clearly does not need to show her curves for respect and publicity in any country. She wore the same dress her mother wore in 1950 to a church bake sale, looking very Mrs. Doubtfire in shoes to match and eyelashes about 2 pounds each.
 Strangely enough one of the nicest dresses of the evening was Kathy Griffin. 'Nuff said.
Question: Why do men not get the point of showing some skin? Why do they think that dressing up is putting on more clothes than usual? What year will men show up in a cutaway, peek-a-boo suit showing everything but their genitals? Or Ellen, who always wears a suit? And this year Portia had on a suit. ?
I've only watched parts of the awards at this point but enough to know that I have an opinion about the skin shown in deference to the 'memo'. Next year the organizers should either save the paper or electricity in sending the memo or ask that stars show up in as little as possible to boost ratings and then sit back to watch if it's the year that topless shows it's face at the Grammys or if women decide to cover up and leave something to the imagination.
Just sayin'...
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