Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol - Elton John Night

Even though I did not watch the show last night because I was not near technology, I just watched the performances and here's my pick for bottom three:  Paul, Stefano and Thia. If Scotty replaces Stefano I'll be happy but I'm skeptical because country is BIG in America. So are Disney singers but Reggae is not as popular so it might be Naima instead of Thia. Will America put Paul out of his misery and send that snazzy dressin', handsome boy home? We'll see.

Elton John Night
Casey sang 'Your Song' - Great choice, loved his sweet voice peppered with grit in the last bars. Good move for him to mix it up this week and show his soft voice. That and the hair and beard trim might get him at least a million votes.
Haley sang Benny and the Jets and should take ten steps forward to the top of the pile this week. Amazing! When she chooses the right song, she's golden. Ok, is she 'hangin' with Casey at the mansion because they are sounding like they could do their own tour this summer?
Jacob chose another song that would allow him to emote to the nth degree (Sorry Seems) but he refrained from both too much emotion and too many high notes. Yipee. I think Jacob has a job waiting for him in films, - A Gay Man Jennifer Hudson perhaps.
James worked the crowd, (Saturday Night's Alright) covered every square foot on the stage, hit notes out of the park, looked true to his genre, had a fire raging in the piano behind him and is ready for that recording contract please, now. Veneers too. Ironic that a man with Aspbergers Syndrome has the best connection with the audience.
Lauren, in all her teeness, was eerily Marilynicious with her subdued (for Lauren) makeup, dress, hair and showed off perfect vocals, as always. Never thought of Candle in the Wind as a great country song but hey, it is. Now we know.
Naima....Airie Girl, or whatever they say in Jamaica. This performance artist upped last weeks choice by turning "I'm Still Standing"into a reggae song. Brilliant. Wish you could have done a better job vocally throughout but you finished strong Naima. Top marks for showing her diversity but I fear for her longevity.
Paul..pack your suitcase please, get ready.
Pia was told by everyone to get out of balladville this week and show some sass, some life, leave her vocal coach behind and give us some real moments. But she brought in gospel singers and did "Don't Let the Sun" which was out of balladville but only just. Girl, listen to what we want from you. Next week, do it!
Scotty McCreery the country singer teen sounded great singing one of EJ's only country songs but I got bored and turned it off. Nuff said. Bet he'll stick around for another few weeks because he sang to his grandma and like I said, America loves Country.
Stefano: Ok, man, this is where I get off the Stefano fan club bus. You are fun to watch and don't sing as poorly as, say, Paul McDonald, but you're not showing us you deserve to be on that stage much longer. Sorry dude. And I love Tiny Dancer but this was the most hacked up version anyone could imagine and someone should go to music jail for even suggesting that arrangement.
Thia sang Danielle, a song that was in my own repetoire for years. It was predictably lovely, note perfect. I nodded off somewhere around the second verse.
I do not know what the judges said, what the interviews revealed or how anyone felt about last night but if two go home tonight I hope it's Paul and Thia but think it will be Naima and Stefano if the past bottom three statistics mean anything.
If Smurf Singer (Paul) stays, I'll still be amused but confused.
Stay tuned.

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