Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol Drops Ashton and Adam Lambert is Amazing

Yup AShton. She has lots of talent but needs to work on control of her big voice. I think her cocky attitude hurt her in the long run, even if it was cute.
OMG I love Adam Lambert's voice. I don't think I have ever loved anyone's singing voice like this guy. It's almost perfect and the high notes when he's singing soft, like at the end of his song last night. I want to watch him sing all day long but that's weird and wasteful. However i did happen to see he twitters and noticed his charity is BeHeard, which i haven't checked into yet but i forsee it's something to do with coming out of the closet or loving your gay self. The thing about AL is that he is a really well spoken, nice man. He's polite with Ryan on stage, shakes hands, seems grateful and for all that's happened to him lately is still humble, underneath all the eyeliner and lipstick. He could have done some huge number last night with his band and smoke and confetti dropping from the ceiling and licking his guitar player's face but no, he wanted to use the platform to promote a song that was written to draw attention to charity. Good career move too since the last time he was on an international platform he french kissed his keyboard player and has been too controversial to be asked back to a mega awards show.
Did not love P Diddy who is now called Diddy and Dirty MOney or something equally stupid. Maybe i just plain don't like him because he has enough money to put jewels in his teeth and is now trying to be Eminem. But i liked his piano player. She was a lovely touch to an otherwise stupid performance.
Thanks for listening, as always....

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