Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol - Top Ten Prediction

It's amazing how artists will grow and broaden given a few weeks on the international stage. Some are getting more comfortable with it and some are falling behind and that's what American Idol is all about.
Last night's studio audience was peppered with stars - think an embarassed Jennifer Beales, Aerosmith's guitar player, Liv Tyler and even a very rude Gordon Ramsay who insulted Stefano's mother's cooking. Even Ryan Seacrests gal Julianne Hough was seated beside Jimmy ionvine. He's the guy with the amazing, right-on advice to the idols about song choice. He pairs the singer with the producer and i think this new format is working because this year the singing and performances are the best ever. Ever!
First off was Casey who smoothed down his unruly hair and did a kick ass job on Grapevine. He went into the audience to sing to his 'friend' Meagan which was cute until she did a rocker tongue thing at him (Ok, even that was cute) then finished up the song in Casey Style. Keeper. Next came Thia who did spice up things but unfortunately, even though i liked what she did, it only proved she is not ready to be an idol. Loose the prom dress and controlled arm motions. Maybe age another 10 years. Next was Jacob (we can drop last names now, can't we?). He did a fantastic job, so much so that Steven got out of his judges chair to hug Jacob. He kept his song contained like that Jimmy guy told him to. The judges love him. Lauren next and she looked smashing. Aside from checking her mother's cues every few sentences during the interview, she came out of her social funk and seemed almost back to normal. I think her mom told her to cut the sassy crap onstage and no more calling Ryan 'Peaches'. Stefano. Oh Stefano. Oh dear. Who told you that Hello would be a good song? Especially when you claim you've never heard it before? James? You were lead astray. It was the worst choice all night and you murdered it. But, as my husband said 'i still like you'.Luckily we know you learned your lesson and will give us the full Stefano next week. Then Haley almost killed herself in high shoes on the stairs. Please, no. We couldn't even listen to the song for worrying about you trying to navigate those stairs. I liked the hair switch up. Nice flat-ironning Haley. But you must also try to connect with the song and audience. Amazing chops will not get you further if you are only pretending to feel the song. Scotty turned For Once in My Life into a country song and i have to say he did a dang fine job but he's coming to the end of his run. Get that boy a ticket to Nashville and let him start his teen job as a country idol. Pia came next and I couldn't wait to see her dance around and let it rip. No such luck. Yawn...Another ballad (even though i love this one) and another evening gown. Ho Hum, yes she's gorgeous and is on par with Celine Dion but comeon girl - light a fire cracker under that tooshy and have some fun. You're not going home anytime soon. The wiggling smurf-voiced idol is next - Paul. Ok, pal I stuck with you this far but this is where I open the idol bus door and let you off. You sounded terrible and on the commercial break I perfected my impersonation of your strange voice and i have to say, it's not a compliment. Forget the sincerest form of flattery and all that. Time to say bye bye to Paul's teeth. I mean Paul. Naima fights her way up the ladder to one of the top spots this week with a spectacular performance of Dancing in the STreet. She even did some african dancing at the end that sealed her as a true performance artist. I like this woman. Alot and not just cause they once showed her cleaning toilets. Well maybe. I love a good rags to riches story.  Then came James. And boy did he come! That boy loves to perform and it shows. He sang good, worked the camera (Pia take note) and secured his spot as a keeper.
The performances were top level last night and here's my prediction for the bottom three...Paul, Thia and Haley (Sorry girl but they just don't love you like i do.) Possibly Stefano but I hope not.
What do you think?

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