Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol - Cream Rises

This is the moment in the mega contest where cream rises and the singers with no 'fat' start to sink. All singers left have enough ooompf to be on that huge stage at this point but as in any race, or contest, the stronger ones are going to pull ahead now.
Song choice is just as much a part of the contest as knowing your style, hitting the notes, timing, connecting with the audience and presenting yourself as a star onstage.
With that said, here's my advice to anyone left after tonight.
1. You must choose songs that show your strengths, not showcase your weaknesses. Don't do Whitney Houston just because you love the song. It's better to sing a little known song and blow everyone out of the water with your talent than satisfy the known song demand and crash on stage.
2. Dress for success (Jacob did, why can't everyone).
4. Do not skip your way behind the judges desk if you're going to loose notes or breath in doing so. It's too risky and you'll notice that the front runners don't do it.
5. Don't look like a deer caught in the headlights up there even f you have the flu. Have fun. It's painful to watch someone who thinks they might not be good enough.
My predictions for tonight...Front Runner is still Pia but burn the white jammies, I love Casy for kooky reasons but not sure he's Idol material, Jacob is singing just too sharp still - he needs better control of his own voice, Hailey is gifted but may get left behind because she can't find her style, Adaima is out of her league now (back to blues please), Stefano was awesome last night in every regard, the Disney singer has a beautiful voice (forgetting her name is a very bad sign), Paul surprised me sounding better with a cold -still sounds like a dead cat but i like it, James Durbin sang the wrong song for his voice but pranced around like a seasoned rock star and i loved him, next week he will do better, Scotty improves every week but is not my favorite, Lauren is sick but i think she's getting scared and it shows in her interviews - buck up Lauren, your voice is amazing, Karen did an amazing job of a horrendously difficult song to sing. She gained points in my book last night.
Who will go tonight?   Probably Naima or the Disney singer. i hope it isn't Hailey.
American idol...Fox 8pm, thursday.

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