Monday, March 28, 2011

The fourth Video is not mine and other stuff

Warning: the fourth video on the bar above is someone else's but I can't get it off my page until I make another Kimmy's Korner vlog.

Stuff for Today:
Britney just released three new songs and did a live performance in Las Vegas to showcase her new CD. What has happened to the gal who used to kick ass onstage? Is she drugged, terrified of performing now or injured? Does she suffer migraines, have knee problems or worry about all this as the goes onstage because she is not the dancer/performer she was years ago. WHAT IS GOING ON BRIT? JASON? Tell us!

Sleepover parties and Giggles: My nine year old has her bestie overnight and they haven't stopped giggling for four hours. I told them when we went to pick up her brother at soccer tonight that if the car was powered by gigglies, we'd get a ticket for speeding. It's music to a mommy's ears.

Finally figured out who i think i write like: Don't laugh. Cecelia Ahern and Elin Hilderbrand. I hope anyways. I gotta write that memoir this year. I think that might be my in to the publishing world. Maybe.

Have you ever said "I could write a book"? Were you drunk at the time? Reading a terribly written novel? I did say that and I've been eating crow for years now. It's fricking hard to write a book. Don't fool yourself. It's hard and what's even more difficult is finding an agent to take you on. Then, if by some grace of God, you find one who will take a chance on a first time author, getting it published and bought is worse. Ugggh. I have 5 years into this career and I am damned well going to have a published book before I die. Growing up I remember envying a relative (who was way out on the tips of the family tree branches) because he had a book. All the family worshipped this man, which is funny because he was a missionary. Turned out his wife wrote the book (Go Girl!) and although it was inspirationally Christian, I read it and was impressed. She had a platform. She had connections. She got published. Some days i think maybe I should go to China, teach the word of God and come home 40 years later to get published. Harrumph! Tomorrow is another day but I'm leaving town with my laptop and MS for several days and hope to gain clarity on what is so horribly wrong with my query.
Time for bed. Beauty sleep and all that. Even girls with glasses need beauty sleep. Sweet dreams....

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