Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor's Less Than Happy Ending

Brad Womack chose Emily Maynard, the bleached blonde who fiddles constantly with her hair and talks about her daughter Ricki with every breath. Last night's final rose ceremony in South Africa was less than satisfying for viewers as we were shown the couple two months later, as a fractured couple who'd broken up then reunited and couldn't stop telling each other 'I love you'. Brad is still campaigning for this woman's devotion and she is working equally hard to repel him.
In the final date before the rose ceremony she explained how horrible fatherhood is and all but pushed him out the door. Brad obviously likes a good challenge because that didn't deter him. He chose Emily over the devoted, darling Chantal who got in he water with great white sharks for him the day before. Where was that therapist when Brad most needed him?
Then Brad went on at to explain to Chantal last night, that he was basically keeping her around until the end because she deserved a good vacation. Something like that. She challenged him on that one and fired back her own bullet that she was already in a wonderful relationship back in SEattle. She'd just wanted closure.
But, we later learned that Emily is the jealous type and Brad was not going to say on national TV that he'd had feelings for Chantal that only dissolved when Emily looked half interested at the end. REading between the lines, i heard that Emily was extremely jealous and insecure and watched every Monday night episode in spite of the pain it caused then proceeded to fight with Brad on the phone about how much he gave to the other girls. Apparently she did not know about the fantasy suite offers for everyone.
I feel badly for them but again, i think Brad chose unwisely. Chantal was a better match only in that she actually was available and open to a marriage with Brad. Emily is not. But in front of the world she did let him put the ring back on her finger and told him repeatedly that she loved him even if she didn't see marriage for them anytime soon. To put it in Brad's words..."Ouch."

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