Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey Gets a Pardon!

Oh My God!!! What happened last night on American Idol shocked the judges into using their wildcard before the contestant sang 12 bars of his 'sing for your life' song. Casey got voted out by the American public but Paul McDonald (who looked incredulous that he would be staying), made the coveted top ten who will tour the U.S. this summer. J Lo's advice - just be true to your art. Isn't that what Casey does best? It was shocking that the bottom 3 did not include Paul but not shocking that Stefano sat in one of the cold metal stools. The judges pardonned Casey before you could say 'what the heck' and he almost had a heart attack on stage from gratitude. 'Awkward' (said in a falsetto voice).
Apparently Paul and James love to wrestle at the mansion that they just moved out of because they think it's haunted. So Hulk Hogan arrived as one of the many surprises last night and James looked like he was going to do something inappropriate (he has Asbergers). When Hulk threw Ryan into the crowd he had to quietly reassure James it was okay. Watch the playback.Maybe James isn't lying about Asbergers and Tourettes.
Stevie Wonder surprised STeven on his birthday night and Walk this Way Man was gracious as always. Sugarland was tedious with their horribly repetitive song by the lady in the green pants that stayed in a perfect V the whole 4 minutes. Jennifer Hudson pulled off an amazing performance of a powerful song - something about waiting for you and 'where you at?', and probably reinforced Pia's decision to stand behind the mic in a gown again next week.  The group number was fraught with problems (Pia shone, Jacob too) but at least they didn't let Scotty or Paul sing much. When the camera almost got a view up Naima's dress they cut to a different angle, proving once again that this is live TV. Marc Anthony, whose appeal I've never understood was on hand this week to teach the contestants how to use a headpiece properly, something that the sound man should have done. But i guess he's there anyways, hangin' waiting for J Lo so he offered stellar advice and sat backstage with them in the drab green room, around a small TV watching the performances live on Tuesday. His comments were cute, he poked fun at his wife and now i may forgive him for calling his girlfriend 'baby girl' in his hit song Need To Know.
Another great show and both my husband and I remarked that they've really taken the second night to new heights this year, keeping the surprises coming, Ryan's lost the stupid comments to the contestants(aside from letting gordon Ramsay eat Stefano's mom's pasta) and formatting it to keep the pace furious. Kudos producers, writers, everyone and special shout out to the Three Judges who rock the whole show!

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