Sunday, March 27, 2011

Literary Agent Search in Canada and the UK

Greetings Fellow Novelists!
How goes your search to secure an agent? I'm learning more about agents than I am about writing these days so I took a cyber journey to the friendly countries of Canada and the UK, in hopes of finding someone who really likes my writing and sees commercial potential. If you ever read that my books come to America via Bosnia, it means I worked my way through countries to find my literary agent.
I am slightly afraid of Canadian agents for the simple fact that most authors in the Great White North seem to have won a Governor General's award for literary excellence and I'm pretty sure my first book is not going to stand up next to them. It's more of a quick beach read and there are few beaches in Canada. Get my point?

But here's a list of agents who seemed open to unsolicited queries, take no reading fee, accept adult fiction (don't ever say Fictional Novel) and accept electronic submissions. Many were ruled out for "snail mail only".
Good luck and don't forget to use best manners with the British and Canadians. It goes a long way and they're used to it.

Canada - Pamela Paul - query only, literary fiction  - Dean Cooke, Query only - Amy Moore Bensen - thrillers, suspense, literary
You choose!

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