Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol- Naima and Thia Go Home

Last night the Rio movie promotional fiasco was embarassing, I'm sure to Will i am and Jamey Foxx as well as anyone who champions for their talent.  I have performed onstage with Jamie Foxx and know the enormity of his talent so why did he defer to dancers dressed like birds last night???Fantasia wasn't much better with her corn bread song. This might be just me but if you're going to sing a song about collard greens, don't wear a red sparkly evening gown.

Naima is benched now which means we won't see any more of her inventive performances and costumes. That's ok because they are all going to be benched in a few weeks until there is only one left so we have to start getting used to the departures of talented singers. Going home now means little because everyone left is top ten and still a part of the machine that will live on after the show. 'Going home' means you just can't live at the mansion, do all the Ford commercials, have all the fun. OH and perform every week in front of an adoring crowd and I tell you, a performer gets used to that really fast! When it's taken away, it's painful.
Anyways, enough about me and my problems.
Ensemble numbers were excellent this week. I loved the pairings and song choices. Lauren and Scotty did a country tune 'I told you so", Naima and Jacob sang "Solid like a rock" (Ashford and Simpson), Thia, Pia and Haley did Katy Perry and the remaining boys did a fantastic job of Band on the Run, each behind an instrument. Their harmonies were strong which made me wonder if there was some help backstage on mic.

America got the bottom three right with Thia, Naima and Paul. Two had to leave and the girls were on the chopping block instead of the handsome boy with the dazzling smile and sheepish look that says "I can't believe I made it this far with no talent!'
Lauren was safe but devastated as a female teen might be, having made adult friends who now must move to a different hotel room and not sing next week, Stefano barely crawled into the safe zone and James made a crack about how much fan mail he gets. Ah, there's that rock star attitude! he'll lose votes if he keeps saying stuff like that.

It was a good show but i'm hoping next week they promote a movie with a better song than Rio or find performers who aren't aghast at being onstage with a cast of hundreds (can you say Rio Flashmob?) who prevent them from doing their song. Will?
Here's my wish list for next Wednesday: Pia gets her groove on, if she even has one. Casey trims more beard, Haley gets new moves besides swinging her free arm and bending her knees like she's about to fall down, Jacob hits some high notes, James sings a ballad, Paul gets more weird, Lauren starts talking again, Stefano finds a song to showcase his talent and Scotty just keeps being Scotty.
As always, I'm humbled, you read this far.

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