Friday, April 22, 2011

American Idol - Stefano Goes Home

OH MY GOD! I can finally blog again. My computer had problems last week, we rebooted some stuff and nothing's been the same, including my ability to blog. Can you say WHEW!Well I can.

Last night on American Idol Stefano went home after being in the bottom three for almost every week since the judges rescued him as the wildcard option. It was his time, I'm sorry Stefano fans but someone must go home every single week and this week it was him. With his usual grace and manners, the singer from Kent WA smiled through the ousting and promised it was just the beginning of his career. He was grateful to have made it this far. The other idols might have joked about thinking he's a ladies man but Stefano showed class last night. Strangely enough his final number on the big stage was his best performance ever - singing Lately, by Stevie Wonder. He rocked the house, sang almost perfectly and made me wish I voted for him this week.
I voted for James who, really, is the only one up there with the polish of a super star. True his facial ticks are distacting and Aspbergers keeps him from doing the appropriate thing sometimes but he is one hell of a singer, loves to perform, adores his audience, dresses the part (did you see his costume on Tuesday, thank you?) and deserves to win Idol.
Casey is a talented force, but I fear when the judges say to keep upping the performances every week, he has nowhere to go but more growly faces. I love the guy but i don't think he's the Idol.
Lauren could be the Idol but doesn't use her potential, looks frightened onstage and is just plain too young for all this. Scotty is ready but too cheesey. I have to say that child has grown by leaps and bounds over the weeks and is a cute little package for the country circuit.
Jacob needs to pour it on, perform like it's his concert and love us more out here in TV land. Haley has so much going for her, including style, voice, hair, smile, the cute factor, but there is just something about her that we don't either believe or love. She needs more camera time talking about her tough life to get out of the bottom three. She and Casey should join forces professionally and make a CD. Just sayin'.
With Pia gone, I'm voting for James now but the disappointment of finding another rocker boy, instead of an amazing singer girl for the Idol is setting in. I want so much for some of these fantastic girls to get their just recognition but i fear for the teenage girl texting power. For that reason next week my texting finger may be be hovering over Lauren or Haley's number as well. What about you?
Katy Perry last night lost my vote for integrity. NOt only does she use smarmy Kanye on the song ET, but she lets him take it to a level that makes me turn off the radio whenever it comes on. Katy - you are not Gaga, go back to original cute look please.
David Cook remained true to his art and sang a rock song from his upcoming album that showed us why we loved him two years ago. Sound problems did not stop him from delivering, nor did his Mama hugging Steven Tyler, which was cute. Love this guy.
As usual the group numbers last night sucked and I can't imagine the performers with integrity, enjoyed being forced to sing the currents hits as they awkwardly moved about the stage, trying to remember when to stick their hands in the air, put left feet forward, etc. Pleeeeaaase. SAve us from these numbers. Can't you think of something else?
What do you think?

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