Friday, April 8, 2011

Pia Toscano Leaves Idol

It's a sad day here at Kimmy's Korner with the elimination of Pia on Idol. She was clearly a front runner for the top spot and instead got booted out in 9th place, thereby proving that it isn't talent we are voting for. America seems to be voting for something else and, as a singer, I can't tell you what. The only 3 singers who've never been in the bottom three are Lauren, Scotty and James. They are three of the youngest, with country and hard rock roots and all with family in the audience on a regular basis. I can imagaine that these three have a fan base who probably know how to multi text their votes over a 2 hour period.
The buzz online today is shock that Pia did not receive a huge chunk of Wednesday night's vote. Even Tom Hanks tweeted his amazement and mentionned he might not continue watching Idol.
Granted Pia has a huge career ahead of her, but this was just wrong and I seriously hope that Idol revisits the voting process after this. Pia was ratings for the show and having her gone, will probably loose them viewers who like to listen to someone hit the notes, look star-ready and carry herself with poise.
Which brings me to my last point about Pia. Maybe the crowd needed a granny in the front row in the wheelchair section, or a sad sack story about Pia's struggle with a disease or something that the American public could grab onto to make her ours. That and the ballad rut she fell into hurt her chances. ONstage fear translated into aloofness and we misjudged the girl.
And now i'm going to itunes to download her version of "I'll Stand By You" one of the best ever renditions of any song done on Idol.

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