Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Author's Celebrity Image or I'll Have What She's Drinking!

With the expectation for authors to self-promote, it's increasingly important for a quiet, reclusive writer to now learn the art of presenting oneself properly in public. Granted, it's very difficult to go from spending every day in your robe with hair unbrushed, coffee breath, no human contact, to Rock Star Ready. Besides, we chose to be writers because we communicate best on the page, not by mouth, right?
Luckily there's hope for anyone too shy to step out from behind their PC or Mac. Miss Kimmy has developed a workshop to help you emerge with the image you want to convey to your readers, whether it's that of a sassy, brazen romance writer or a polished business woman.
Channeling Your Inner Rock Star or  I'll Have What She's Drinking is a 3 week course conducted online for anyone needing help in getting themselves ready for that inevitable book tour. It will include guidelines on how to find your image, your style, how to voice yourself, pose for photos, accept a compliment, how to promote yourself without sounding presumptuous, tricks for the red carpet and we'll conclude with how to vlog on camera with all the confidence you deserve.
When the call comes and you need to get yourself dressed, poised and ready to present the wonderful you, do you want to be floundering on what to wear, what to say, how to get through it and whether they'll like you? Of course not. At the end of this course you will assume they'll like you with all the confidence of a rock star because you'll have the tools to summon what you need to pull it all off!
Stay tuned for more details on when the course starts...

$30.00 for 3 weeks
In May 2011
Lessons twice a week by email and Skype (video chat)

Kim Hornsby
Professional Singer/Entertainer
Recording Artist
Public Speaker
Stand up Comic
PHD in Confidence

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