Thursday, April 7, 2011

American Idol-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night

Last night the Idols chose songs from artitists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so they had plenty to choose from and most chose wisely. Will i Am was on hand for rehearsals with Jimmy Iovine and iIhave to say that Will is a riot. I can't imagine how the Black Eyed Peas get anything done with him in the band. He be funny. But what does he have to do with R and R Hall of FAme? Nada.
Starting off the night was Jacob who proved he's amazing, gave it his all but is he Idol material? Still think Broadway needs to grab that man for something wonderful. His emotion and presence onstage would be wasted with a recording career.
Then Haley did Janis Joplin, putting a little too much affected grit into her song as if someone told her to smear dirt on the song and drag it through a thick puddle. Haley has a voice that can handle Joplin but I'm not sure she was thinking about being dumped by Stefano last month when she sang. Smiling during that song should not be allowed.
Casey came next with his upright bass and did Have you Ever Seen the Rain, one of my favorites from way back. His version was gorgeous, amazing and as Randy said, he is making the upright bass cool again.
Tackling an Aretha song is never easy and Lauren only did a good job of it. She has the pipes to do so much more but stayed safe, thereby putting her in my bottom three this week. Sorry but she's a baby in this competition in so many ways.
One might think that James would go nuts with so much to choose from this week in rock and roll but instead he sang While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Although technically it was not perfect, and only really found his voice when he amped it up a bit, it was nice to see his emotional side and i really don't think he needs to worry about going home soon.
Scotty did Elvis. It was hokey, it was right on key, it was cheesey but he did a fine job and please, someone give him a bus ticket to Nashville and a recording contract.
River Deep was a fantastic choice for Pia and changing her hair,  her makeup, her song style was the shot in the arm she needed to propel her forward and keep her out of the bottom three. I fear that if America does not see some emotion from her soon, they might not support her until the end. She is still to controlled, too guarded for us to love her as a person and give her this gift of fame.
Stefano pulled up his bootstraps and tackled When a Man Loves a Woman - a difficult song because of all the words one must fit into a cadence that doesn't support them. Jimmy, Will and later Randy pointed out how to pause, wait, take a run at the phrasing but Stefano found it difficult making him another contender for bottom three this week.
Paul, Paul, Paul....America, do you really want this guy to represent what you think is an idol? Or are you voting for his smile? As he danced around last night during Folsum Prison Blues, I had to admit he did a better job with it than any song previously but smiling during this song is like humming at a funeral. It's inappropriate. Paul needs to go. Will he be in the bottom three? Maybe not. If Naima's theory is right about text voting 500 times, I fear that the teenaged girls will keep him around. And especially now that Niki Reed of Twilight is crushing on him...he's reaching celebrity status with minimal talent.
Bottom three prediction for tonight: Stefano, Lauren and hopefully Paul or Jacob.
What do you think?

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