Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Strikes Out in Detroit

Apparently Charlie Sheen's road show is not worth the $75 a ticket and walking out after he insults your town is trending. That's so weird that people didn't like his 'show' because I really thought he'd really give them a wonderful 90 minutes. NOT!
What did 5,000 people expect from a man who is not a comedian, is under the influence of God Knows What and uses his two live-in gals to open the show with a lip lock? Did you hope he would care what you thought beyond the paycheck he will receive from your ticket purchase? Did you think in the two weeks he had to prepare, there would be more of an entertainment factor? That he might not insult you or your town, instead opting to insult everyone else but the things you are sensitive about?
According to reports, his show last night was a disaster and at the moment he got boo'ed, he insulted the audience (but not in a nice way) and when the lights went down to show a film clip, people took that opportunity to run for the exit signs. Charlie was insulted and left the stage for a 'break' never coming back to watch the rest of the audience's mass exodus.
When 500 die-hards remained, he came back on stage to thank them for staying. How's it feel Charlie? Trying to prostitute more than the goddesses must be humbling even to a guy perpetually high because life without it is not 'normal' for him.
My advice to Mr. Sheen today....either revamp your show to include some talent (and i bet a comedic writer could help you there) or cut your losses and go home to Hollywood with your tail between your legs, admit you've been a jerk and hide out for a year before your makeover comeback. Hollywood has formulas for this sort of thing. Britney's following a plan, making a comeback and even Lindsay is trying. What say you try too for the sake of those 4 precious children who get to call you Daddy.
Just sayin'.

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